Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Yes, We DO Love The Holidays. That's Why We're STILL Giving Out Party Discounts!

Here at Aces Casino, the place that's well-known as the top Orange county casino party company in southern California, our team of crazies just LOVE the holidays.  That's why we're making this special offer to all of our many blog-buddies that are looking for deals on casino party rentals. 

So, taking into account the motto that we love to live by ('Tis better to give than to receive), here's a little gift from all of us to all of our favorite event planners -- Call Aces Casino before the end of 2012 and book a party with us, and we'll knock $100 off of your package cost!  Pretty cool, huh?  That's us, my friends... "Cool Aces Casino."  OK, I'll go and sit by the telephones, so I can help you when you call...

Oh, yeah, before I go, make sure and check out the Aces Casino Blog next Tuesday.  At that time, we'll have "Entry #2" in our "Aces Casino Blog Tough Trivia" series, and It's a goodie -- "Raiders of the Lost Ark."  We'll see you then!