Monday, August 13, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: "We're Back!" (Not That That's a GOOD Thing, But We're Back, Just The Same)

Ahh, it's SO good to be back behind the keyboard as we move past this very hot summer, and on into the months of August and September.  (Ed. Note: he doesn't mean any of that.  He's just sad that his vacation ran out.  It IS good to be back, though.  Vegas was not kind to the editor of this rag.)

Some crazy things have been happening this month while the gang from this orange county casino party company were off on va-ca.   We'll just touch on a few things before we move on...

-- We had two pretty good earthquakes, and actually suffered a little damage to one of our "chip walls" during the second one.  (Ed. Note: Great, now we have to re-paint.)

Multiply this by 1000, and you'll have the mess in the back room.

-- The Olympics have come and gone.  Pouring thru all of the DVR recordings, we found a few gems among the mass of Olympic humanity, specifically, the US Women's two-person volleyball, the Women's soccer gold medal game, and the Mens' hoops gold, as usual...

-- The Poker Stars purchase of Full Tilt Poker (Ed. Note: YES!!!)  Hopefully, this might get the DOJ and PS together and on the same wave length, so we can see the return of online poker play here in the United States.....

So, we'll scoop up all the loose chips on the floor of the facility, watch the DVR's Olympics until we explode, and ready our bank accounts for the return of our money from the FTP "Black Friday."  We'll also return on Thursday of this week with another "real" installment of the Aces Casino Blog.  (Ed. Note: You got THAT right.  This one shouldn't count, it doesn't say anything.)  

So, thanks for hanging in there while we did the "Greatest Hits" thing here at the leader in orange county casino night parties.   We'll catch up with the mail while most of the missing members of the team return from parts unknown, and post our usual drivel in three days, ain or shine.  Upcoming blog posts will include our usual fantasy football pre-season rants, as well as our favorite vacation stories as told by our soon-to-be-returning staff members.  Take care, and we'll see you on Thursday!

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