Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: We Had No Idea That Our Crazy, Irreverent Spin Had Such An "International" Flavor

Now, believe me when I tell you that we had no idea that we'd post a quick "Blog-Ette" today.  We weren't going to come in to the office today, for, shall we say, "over-partying reasons," but we HAD to.  Hey- When you're the top orange county casino party company in the biz, you go the extra mile.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, that, and they could earn a full day's pay while working only one hour on this dumb blog.  Smart move.)

So, here is the official Aces Casino "Blog-Ette" that we had to write.... Reason?  Well, when scouring our Blogger in Draft stat board, we saw something very unusual on the 4th of July stat sheet - For some reason, we're not only a 'hit' here in the United States for our irreverent spin on life in the casino night party company fast lane, but for some reason, we're also a big hit internationally!  

We checked out our audience stat line on July 4th, and found out that in just the last week of visitors to our goofy Aces Casino Blog, we've had large groups of visitors from the following countries -- Israel, Russia, Germany, Canada (we're big in Canada), the Ukraine, China (?), France, India and South Korea.  (Ed. Note: What, no North Korea?  And you call yourself an international hit.)

 I wonder if they're reading us in there...

And, we find all of this out on, of ALL days, July 4th, 2012!  Here we are waving our countries' flag, and find out at the same time that we are GLOBAL.  And, to that, I say, Welcome to all of our many readers, wherever you may be!  Thanks for checking in with us, and please, to all of our subscribers, send us pictures, questions, comments, anything you want us to blog about!  We'd love to hear from ALL of you!

OK, that's all for now...My hour's up, pay me!  (Laugh)  We'll be back on Monday with a Blog about our infamous visit to Universal Studios Hollywood during our July 4th vacation time.  It's typical orange county casino night drivel, you'll love it.  We'll chronicle it all for you on Monday's blog - Take care, and we'll see you then!

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