Monday, July 16, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: We Answer the Question, "What ARE Those 3 Towers Being Built Near State Line?"

Anyone that knows the crew from Aces Casino, A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, knows this -- We are a CURIOUS bunch.  Any time we see something out of the ordinary, we always ask ourselves that burning question, "OK, what IS that, and why is it there?"  Sometimes, our investigations can end up getting us in hot water, so we now quench our curiosity thirst more carefully than in the past.  (Ed. Note: Someday, we'll tell the story of the filming of that TV miniseries in Las Vegas a while back.  Fortunately, THIS is not THAT day.)

As we've mentioned before, the Aces Casino team decided to send a few reps out to Sin City to pick up some gaming equipment for our biz recently (Yeah, like we need a reason to travel to Vegas).  So, a few of us hopped in the ol' car, and off we drove last week.  In our many travels by car to Glitter Gulch, we've seen just about everything that could possibly be seen on the I-15 North, heading towards Las Vegas....

Then, we approached State Line.

Just before reaching the California / Nevada border, on the left side of the road as we drove in, there they were; Three huge, tall, thin towers that looked like 3 elevator shafts, with nothing else around them.  These three leviathans looked like they were each about a half-mile apart from each other in a fairly straight line, and seemed incredibly out of place out in the middle of nowhere, out in the desert.

We figured they weren't part of some hotel development, because of their location (where it's about 130 degrees in the shade, and on the California side of the border), but the question remained -- What in Hades ARE those things?

We got a small hint at state line, at about 10pm on a Tuesday night, when we wandered into Whiskey Pete's Casino and Hotel.  The parking lot was jam-packed full, but inside the casino, it was just me, my Craps dealer-buddy, John, and about 10 more visiting guests.  From the looks of the parking lot, you would have thought that Garth Brooks must have been putting on a concert in the Whiskey Pete Showroom, but, no, nothing like that.

Then, we wandered into the barren coffee shop, and when the waiter (Leo, I believe) came over to us, we asked him, "Hey, Leo - Why all the cars outside, and no one in the casino INSIDE?"  His answer was a clue to the three towers down the road in California... "Well, I think most of those cars belong to the people working on the Project."

OK, I'm hooked, now.  What project?  Unfortunately, nobody knew what "the Project" was, except "a lot of people are working out there.  We came home the next day with all of the necessary casino equipment we were looking for, but no answer as to what the mysterious "project" is.

Then, we got a lucky break.  By chance (which is just the way we roll here at Aces Casino, the number one orange county casino night party company, and expert in games of chance), we just happen to have a very good friend that works in the construction industry.  Mark definitely knows his stuff, and I thought I once heard him tell me that he was getting involved in some work near the California / Nevada border..... Could it be?

We did the Facebook thing, caught up with him, and sure enough, he IS working on the very same "project" that we were so curious about.  He calls it "Ivanpah," which (I think) is the name of the city / indian reservation that is currently under construction.  Surprisingly, Mark and his construction co-horts are in the process of building the world's largest solar plant.

Boy, it sure sounds interesting to me.  But, of course, what usually sounds like a very good idea turns out to be ruffling some VERY big environmental feathers.  Here are a few pics of the new digs out at Ivanpah....

Looks like the Trop's sun pool to me, without the pool.

"The middle tower," where my buddy Mark is currently workin'.

From what I've read about it, this monster solar plant has been considered by some (of what I call the "Green People") to be a menace to the environment, because of the impact on the desert tortoise population.  (Don't get me started.)  Here's my take -- The last time that I held a desert tortoise was at a turtle race in Garden Grove, California.  He won, I gave him strawberries, so we're even.  Move over, turtles, and make way for the world's largest solar plant.  Not a green guy here, unless my kids plaster me with more green silly string.

You can find two links to what Mark's up to out in the desert at Ivanpah here and here.  I'm glad my friend is working out there.  He's a good worker, takes pride in what he does.  I'm sure we'll have solar-powered stuff sometime next year, because of him.

And the best part?  We actually found the answer to our leviathan riddle.  Good thing, too -- We were hoping it wasn't a relocation of some Area 51-type facility.  I didn't even like "E. T.," so this is much better.  

(Ed. Note: Please send all anti-turtle hate mail to Mr. Stephens, C/O Aces Casino, P. O. Box 11206, Whittier, CA., 90603.  I'm not dealing with his mess.)

That's all for today.  We'll see you on Thursday with another scintillating, yet irreverent blog from the Aces Casino useless facts file.  This time, the subject will be a touchy one -- Just what's going on in the world on USA online poker, specifically, the latest on the "Poker Stars" possible purchase of our old poker engine, Full Tilt Poker, and what that might mean to the re-launching of online poker in this great country of ours.  Take care, we'll see you then!

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