Monday, July 23, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Time To Post Our List of the "Top 3 New TV Shows That We Just Can't Wait To See"

When you work for a company whose company motto is "This Beats Working," you know you're in the right place when it comes to employment.  Two such companies that look to follow this particular motto to a "T" are Pixar / Disney, the makers of such movies as "Brave" and "Toy Story 3," and Aces Casino Entertainment (AKA 'Pixar West'), the makers of the best orange county casino night party events in southern California.

Now, we don't want to make it sound like we sit around all day playing "Words With Friends" all day.  (Ed. Note: No, just SOME of the day.)  Quite frankly, there isn't ANY other casino party company that goes the extra mile anywhere NEAR Aces Casino.  From their tireless itinerary work, to providing top-flight dealers and gaming equipment, there IS no one better, believe me.  They don't have to pay me to say that, because it's true, but I digress.  If you've never brought Aces Casino to one of your events, you should.  You'll be hooked, we promise.)

But, after all the exhaustive work our Aces crew puts in each day here at the Aces Offices, there's always time for a little fun after work, and this crew simply LOVES goofy TV shows.  But not just ANY TV shows - We love GOOFY TV shows.  Reality shows tend to be our faves, but we can adapt.  The goofier, the better.  Maybe that should be the new Aces Casino motto!  (Ed. Note: Uhhh, no.  We like 'This Beats Working,' thank you very much.)

So, in true Aces Casino / orange county casino party company fashion, here, in reverse order, are our latest entries into the Aces Casino Entertainment "Top 3 New (or just New To Us) TV Shows That We Just Can't Wait To See!"

First: "The Also-Rans" (Almost made the cut)

"The Great Escape" (Do ALL of the contestants bicker?), "America's Got Talent" (I'm still ticked that Jackie Evancho didn't win that other time), "Celebrity Apprentice" (It's already OVER, and the reruns just don't work), and "Tanked" (Almost made the top 3.  Maybe next time, they're VERY creative with their fish tank-artwork)

#3 -- "Airplane Repo"

This lil' ditty that can be found on the Discovery Channel had us hooked from the minute that we caught an episode a while ago.  It seems that DSC found out that a man named Nick Popovich is, as they tell it, "the Ernest Hemingway of super repo men," a gentleman that is considered the best in the business of repossessing luxury airplanes.  Here's a warning, though -- It's NOT a fake show, like that other repo show with the heavy-set woman and that bald bouncer-dude.  Popovich isn't a camera-lover, and had to be talked into doing the show.  Check out a Chicago Sun-Times story about Popovich and his all-female team of office assistants here.  It's a good show and fast-paced for a one-hour TV spot, check it out next time, you won't be sorry.

#2 -- "Baggage Battles"

This is one of the Travel Channel's newer shows.  Picture "Storage Wars" with a different hook (lost airplane luggage) and a different cast than Storage Wars (these guys and gals seem slightly more believable).  I've got a buddy that works in the airline industry, specifically with passengers with baggage problems; I knew about HIS end of the industry, but not the actual auctioning off of the lost baggage-end of things.  This show looks pretty real, and the people thatthe show highlights have their quirky moments, something that makes shows like this sizzle.  I'm all-in, gimme more. 

Let the "Baggage Battles" begin.

#1 --  "Revolution"

I must have wasted one of my three wishes sometime last year when I wished that the guiding force behind TV shows like "Lost" and feature films like "Cloverfield" would come up with a brand new TV show with the same intensity, creativity and suspense like those past achievements.  Yep, I got my wish.  J. J. Abrams looks like he's produced another winner with his newest creation, "Revolution,"  an NBC / Universal project slated to hit our satellite dish sometime this September.  Boy, does THIS one have some promise.

This is just too tasty.  Thank you, J. J.

September can't come fast enough for us.  We were so sad when "Lost" wrapped up.  Looks like we're getting another kick at the can.  Abrams rocks, and we'll be wasting still more time around the offices in two months talking about the weekly exploits of a new cast of characters that is trying to figure out who shut off the lights.  

This is an EASY #1 on our list.  Can't WAIT to see this one.

OK, that's it for another parakeet paper-blog here at the best casino night party company in SoCal.  We'll be back on Thursday, July 26th with yet another crack at a Pulitzer with more time-wasting material.  Take care, we'll see you then!

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