Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and the Dept. Of Justice - Will We EVER See Online Poker?

When you work for the top orange county casino party company in southern California like we do, you find that almost everyone has a favorite game that they like to play when visiting their favorite Las Vegas casino.  And, here at Aces Casino, it seems that almost everyone employed here either considers the game of No Limit Texas Hold-'Em to be their favorite game, or darned near the top of their list.  (Ed. Note: That's no surprise.  Some of the top poker dealers that frequent the storied World Series Of Poker in Vegas come from Aces Casino.  We're LOADED with top gaming talent here.)

We had an intern join us late last December, one that was partaking of a conversation amongst the Aces crew before an event at the Pelican Hill Hotel and Golf Club.  When the subject of "Black Friday" came up, she thought the crew was talking about the day after Thanksgiving, that wild and crazy shopping day that signals the holiday rush.  She soon found out that the crew wasn't discussing shopping.

They were discussing the Department of Justice's shut-down of all online poker in the United States.

Now, before we go any farther, this is a subject that we could EASILY blog about for the next six months, but, in the interest of irreverence, we will not be going there.  But, in a way, there HAS been some news hitting the poker blogs and news desks recently concerning the possibility of this 15-month cloud over online poker play in the United States finally dissipating --

Word is that our friends at Poker Stars, the U.S.A's #1 online poker site (that is, before the April 10, 2011 crash), is possibly in discussions with the United States Department of Justice and the "owners" of Full Tilt Poker (re: Ray Bitar and his co-horts), discussions that might culminate in PS gaining ownership of the troubled FTP franchise, paying off the debts to the many players (including us) that have money on the Full Tilt site, and re-launching online poker play in the USA.

If a bottle washed up on shore in front of me, and a magic genie popped out and granted me three wishes, I'd immediately use one of them to request that the United States Department of Justice, Poker Stars, and all the other players involved in the current stalemate holding up online poker play in the U.S. get together, hash this out, figure out how to tax it, and let us get back to playing online.  We need another fix of videos from Party Poker's ace, Mr. "Tuff Fish!"  If you're not privy to who this gentleman is, here's a lil' "Instant Reminder," courtesy of our friends over at YouTube....

I miss seeing this guy.  Tuff Fish, where are you?

Fortunately for the poker world, two of the best online poker periodicals on earth that are currently discussing this VERY hot Online poker dispute can be found right here, with Bluff Magazine, and Card Note: Yes, there are many more, but we're on a tight schedule here, and cannot list them all.)  Anyone interested in staying up on the latest in regards to the PS / FTP / DOJ nightmare can easily find the latest info on the subject with them.  In the meantime, we'll be back next week with another edition of the Aces Casino "Top 3 TV New TV shows that we just CAN'T stop watching."  That's us here at Aces Casino -- We always take on the "hard-hitting new stories here."  That's all from the orange county casino night blog desk - Take care, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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