Monday, June 25, 2012

Aces College of Casino Game Knowledge: The Fire Bet in Craps Adds Some Excitement To The Game

You don't become the top orange county casino party company in southern California by sitting around the offices playing "Words With Friends," and NO ONE knows that more than Aces Casino Entertainment.  Without question, the team here at Aces Casino has brought more exciting innovations and additions to the orange county casino night party industry than all of the other companies COMBINED. 

That's why we were so excited recently when Las Vegas gaming inventor Perry Staci of Team Shuffle-Master contacted us to mention that his new creation was in the process of making it's appearance on Craps table layouts around the Las Vegas Strip at prominent casino locations like Harrah's and the Rio Suite Hotel and Casino.  He calls it the "Fire Bet," and after seeing it, we deemed it to be PERFECT for the orange county casino party scene.

Perry - Do we have to shoot around that big sign?

The fire bet is a somewhat uncommon craps bet. Usually this is a special craps side-bet that players can make over a multi roll period. The payouts are enormous and not all casinos will allow this kind of bet, as the actual term "Fire Bet" is copyrighted and licensed strictly thru Perry's gaming company (Shuffle-Master) only.  You have to have purchased the actual craps layout that shows this "Fire Bet" on the layout itself.  Perry's no dope, he knows the deal. Congrats to a great gaming innovator...

OK, let's dissect the Fire Bet.  It's pretty simple, actually.... Class is now in session at the world-famous Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge..... (Don't worry, it's an open-book test.)

The goal is to have the shooter go on a hot streak, a "long roll." Players may wager a single chip when the casino allows this bet to be placed (normally the come-out roll for a new shooter). First, a shooter must consecutively roll a number of different points. After each point has been rolled, the dealer will put a "fire" marker on that number. Remember, there are only 6 possible point numbers available: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If three of these numbers became established as point numbers and the dealer rolled and completed those points, there would be three markers on each number. Players still would not win yet.

Once the fourth point has been made, the player will win at 24:1 odds. If the fifth point is made, then the payout increases to 249:1, and finally when the last and sixth point number has been made by the shooter, the player will win the entire fire bet and a 999:1 payout. That means $1000 on a single $1 bet. If you wagered $100, you could actually win $100,000!

A few things to note: The shooter must clear the point on each of all six individual numbers. If the shooter kept establishing and making the point on the number 4, even for 10 times in a row, that will only count as one point number. Also, if the shooter rolls a 7 after a point has been created, everyone loses the fire bets, the fire markers get replaced and the game starts over again.

Odds against the player on the Fire Bet range in the 20 -to-25-to-1 area code,  so it's a big winner for the casino.  But - Here's the good news - You can play this "Fire Bet" at will at your next Aces Casino orange county casino party event!  We spread the Craps Fire Bet on our free-play tables, along with all of the other innovations that you've seen in Las Vegas and all other points of casino gaming interests across this fine nation of ours. 

That's all for today....We'll be back on Thursday with a report on our visit to the 2012 WSOP.  (Ed. Note: We're actually there right now, as you read this.  21st-century technology - It's a wonderful thing.)  You KNOW that's going to be chock-full of interesting, yet worthless tidbits, courtesy of the top orange county casino night party company in the biz.  Take care, and we'll see you then!

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