Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: You Would Think That Crossing Niagara Falls on a Tightrope Would Be Exciting....

Here at Aces Casino, the company widely recognized in the industry as the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, we LOVE crazy stunts.  Every time we see a vid on TruTV showing some dope trying to skateboard across a metal handrail, we stop and watch the result.  (Ed. Note: It's NEVER a good thing.)

So, when word started spreading thru the offices that Nick Wallenda (of the old 'Flying Wallendas') had some sort of a TV special scheduled for June 17th over at ABC-TV, well, we HAD to check it out.  Word was, this great-grandson of Karl Wallenda was planning to tightrope-walk across NIAGARA FALLS, of all things.

Yeah, THAT Niagara Falls.

As a group, we said, "No WAY," and made it a point to record this little escapade, so we could see it together when all of us returned from our various events that night.  I mean, what a STUNT!  Tightrope-walking across the home of the "Maids of the Mist."  'I have to see it to believe it' was the prevailing opinion that wafted through our group of Aces Casino crazies.  After all, there's not much that can upstage our orange county casino party crew, but THIS would take the cake.  THIS might be our 2012 "Evel Knievel moment."

Then, the show started.

When we all assembled in the TV room to witness this daring feat, we immediately saw the "count-down clock" in the bottom left corner of the screen, that said, "2 hours Down to the Wire."  Wow.  A two-hour pre-walk show for a guy walking a tightrope?  OK, I said to myself, hey, the guy night not make it.  Give him some time to concentrate, this isn't going to be easy.

Right about now, it's time to discuss one of the best things about DVR equipment -- The ability to fast-forward through 2 hours-plus of absolute garbage on the screen.  "Here's what he's going to do, here's his family, he's putting on his shoes, he's putting on his coat..."  Crimeny, thank goodness for the DVR technology of today.

Then, while we were fast-forwarding thru Mr. Wallenda tying his shoes yet again, something came to our attention on the screen that made us GASP.

Nik Wallenda would be wearing a HARNESS, just in case he slips.

A HARNESS.  A device attached to him to prevent him from falling into Niagara Falls from high above.  Well, for US here at Aces Casino, we immediately thought the same thing -- What's the deal?  We already know now that Nik won't be falling on this stunt, so where's the hook with this?  He's a well-trained wire-walker, that we're SURE could walk across just about ANYTHING, if given a life-line like that harness.

At this point, we had better show this "stunt" as Nik Wallenda performed it last Sunday... (ED. Note: Spoiler alert -- He made it across OK.  What a surprise.)

Nik Wallenda does Niagara Falls, with "The Pole."

OK, well, we're pretty disappointed that Nik is going to use that harness (seems that ABC-TV ordered him to use it), and then, finally, as the clock nears 'zero,' he grabs his pole, hops up on the wire, and he's off.  First, the camera zooms in on the "wire," which turns out to be a steel cable that looks like your everyday street curb.  Then, when the camera on Mr. Wallenda zooms OUT, we REALLY get the picture we we see that pole.  I'm telling you, that "pole" looks like Wallenda could reach out and TOUCH the other side of the falls, all the was to Canada, if he wanted to.  That's the longest pole that i've EVER seen.  You didn't get THAT baby at Home Depot.  That's got to be a GREAT balancing tool, having one that long.

Oh, and I love the father contacting Nik Wallenda thru his headset from the TV truck..."OK, keep going, you can do it, watch for the water."  Hey, pops, he ain't hittin' the water with that harness on.  That baby could hook a 747 on an aircraft carrier.  He ain't doin ' the water thing.  Well, 15 minutes or so later, the man with the saving harness and the super-pole scurries across the falls "to safety."  Hey, I couldn't do it, I know, but I ain't gobbling up 2 hours of network TV time cheating at cards. 

But, if you ask me, Evel Knievel's legacy is still unblemished.  Hey, we congratulate Nik Wallenda for crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope.  We're just surprised that the Canadian authorities didn't arrest him when he got to the other side, for wasting our DVR recording time.  

Hey, we could have been taping "Mad."  We've got our priorities straight here at Aces Casino!

Take care, all of you...We'll see our clients this weekend with some great casino events, and return on Monday with another goofy blog entry.  Have a good week! 

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