Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Aces Casino Blog Is Proud To Announce that the Los Angeles Kings are the Stanley Cup Champions!

That's right, my friends of the top orange county casino party company in SoCal -- It's the Ducks' fans worst nightmare -- Our Los Angeles Kings are the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Champions, and it's time to CELEBRATE!  45 years is a looong time, but the Kings are the champs, and around here at the offices of Aces Casino Entertainment, we're a bunch of happy puppies.

For some of us that have been following the Los Angeles Kings since the teams' inception in 1967, it's a sweet smell of success.  Everyone here (except for the three Ducks fans) wants to congratulate the Kings' players, management and fans on a job well done.  That crowd at Staples Center was electric, and for all of the many fans that were lucky enough to witness Dustin Brown hoisting the cup on home ice last Monday night, treasure your memories, my brethren.  You all earned it.

Now, back down to business.  Oh -- Before we continue, we'd like to mention that we here at the Aces Casino Blog rarely share inside information about the staff's inner workings when pertaining to our normal operating procedure, but this has to be an exception.  So, here's our announcement to the Aces Casino staff in regards to the scheduling for next weekend, the 23rd and 24th .....

If you are currently an Anaheim DUCKS fan (and we KNOW that there are SIX of you), you are hereby officially scheduled to work on Thursday, June 14th, 2012, starting at 8am, so all of the KINGS fans in the offices can go to the parade out at 5th / Figueroa.  Take care of the place while we party, you Duck honks.

Oh, yes, one more thing.  The same six Ducks fans / staff members are ALSO now officially scheduled to show up early and do your usual spectacular job next week for the June 23rd casino event spectacular being held in Bakersfield, CA., starting at 8am that Saturday.  Oh, and remember -- Any time a guest walks up and asks you who the best team in the NHL is, your response will be, "the Los Angeles KINGS are the Stanley Cup Champions.  Go Kings Go." 

That should do it.  That'll work.

For all of our fans of the NORMAL Aces Casino Blog, you'll be happy to hear that we'll return on Thursday with our usual brand of irreverent content.  We DO, however, reserve the right to briefly bring up the Los Angeles Kings in future blogs, when it's properly justified.  (Ed. Note: Oh, I'm SURE that it WILL be.)  In closing, this Kings' season has been a blast.  And, with that having been said, there's just one more thing this orange county casino night party crew needs to close with...

Go Kings GO!

We'll see all of our many clients this Thursday for all of our Grad Nights, and look forward to the next two weekends of events, especially our return visit to Bakersfield.  Take care, and we'll see you on Thursday!

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