Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Information from the Aces Casino Useless Facts File - Time For Playing Card Trivia

It's time for another Aces Casino Trivia game!  That's right, it's trivia time courtesy of the best orange county casino party company in southern California.  Get your pencils out, but don't prepare too hard for this test.  It's "open book."

Today's Aces Casino trivia question has to deal with the 52-card deck of standard playing cards that are used in virtually every casino card game imaginable.  Ready?  Here's the kick-off -- We all know that the Ace of Spades seems to always get preferential treatment when it comes to the artwork used to display the symbol on that particular card; None of the other three aces in the deck are quite as lucky.

Now, here's the question -- WHY does the Ace of Spades get this special treatment in terms of its' design?  Surely, there MUST be a reason.  (Ed. Note: The answer is at the bottom of this blog entry.)

The Ace of Spades, the most beautiful card in the deck.  
Ask Norman Chad.  He'll tell you.

Just a quick pit stop in the Aces Blog this week, courtesy of our top-notch crack blog-writers here at the orange county casino night legends.  (Ed. Note: There isn't ANY other company that does what WE do.  It shows up in all of our work.  Find another company that does a blog like this.  See, we told you so.)  We're working on our blog article surrounding our visit to the WSOP in late June, and when that info and video is ready, we'll post it.  That's it for now, we'll see all of you next week!

Ed. Note: Answer to the above trivia question -- The fancy design got its start in history dating all the way back to the reign of King James I of England.  (He came WAYYY before LeBron.)

The King created a law requiring that an insignia (usually hand-stamped) appear on the Ace of Spades to prove payment of a tax by card manufacturers. That special tax existed in the United Kingdom until 1960, and the practice of putting an ornate spade symbol on the ace of spades just stuck around (But don't tell Governor Brown.  He's looking to try to make King James I look like a benevolent sort.  He'd tax this blog, if he could figure out how to).

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