Friday, May 25, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Turns Out It Was No Match When "Fantastic Fig" Took On Those Krazy Kardashians

Ya gotta love working here at Aces Casino, the "gold standard" when it comes to the who's who of the orange county casino party companies.  Where else can you legitimately hold down a job that asks you to keep up with "the top trends in Blog searches?"  Two big thumbs pointin' right here, bay-bee.  We've said it many times, but it always bears repeating; We have the greatest job in the world.

Here's the reason: We've been posting this highly irreverent (and sometimes highly informative) Aces Casino Blog for over two years now, and as the posts begin to pile up, you find out which of the topics you've presented over these many days, weeks and months are popular, and which aren't.

We were pleasantly surprised some weeks ago when we posted a blurb about our dubious encounter with members of that notorious Kardashian Klan (you'll find that Aces Blog entry right here).  Our Blog's "View Meter" exploded the week that our visit to "Dash" was chronicled.  It was the third-highest blog post ever, here at Aces Casino.  Everybody here was so pleased... Management suggested we try again to link up with the ladies that were "famous only for being famous" (which was quickly shot down by every team member of our orange county casino night dealers and staff on the premises), to try to duplicate the success of that e-mail.

Then came "Fantastic Fig."

Move over, ladies - There's a new "King."

His name is Paul Fegen (FEE-gin), and he IS the "Fantastic Fig," professional magician and psychic.  You may have seen him on "America's Got Talent" last season.  You can check out that winning effort on AGT here

We mentioned "Fig" on our last blog entry on Monday, May 21, and posted a vid of Paul Fegen on AGT.  


Overnight sensation!  Suffice it to say that "Fantastic Fig" has a few fans out there, because last Monday's Aces Casino Blog featuring "Fantastic Fig" blew away ALL of our prior records for blog views here at the orange county casino night leaders.  Yep -- Better than the Kardashians, better than our visit to Pawn Stars, even better than our infamous appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Fig is the MAN.

The New King of the Aces Blog - "Fantastic Fig!"

That's all from our parakeet paper for today.  Sorry we're a day late, but we had to let the Fantastic Fig Blog Entry run It's course.  Records were on the line, you know..... (Grin)  We'll be back next Monday on the Aces Casino Blog to talk about the "top 5 things we should never have tried" here at Aces Casino.  You'll get what we mean, we promise.  We're back on the road this weekend with our many events, so we'll see you on Monday!

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