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Aces Casino Blog: Time To Check Out The Latest News, Rumors and Happenings From Las Vegas

(Ed. Note: By popular demand, we're releasing the Thursday Aces Casino Blog on Wednesday.  You can thank the #1 orange county casino party company, Aces Casino, for this benevolent release.  That, and we hate Casino War.  Enjoy, and we'll see you back on Monday at our regular time!)

Boy, it is GOOD to be back.  A month-long vacation from the Aces Casino Blog felt like 6 months, but all is well, now that we're back in front of the keyboard, and prepped to return to my assignment as "propaganda Minister" of the top casino party company in SoCal. 

Hey, I'm not complaining, mind you - The brass at Aces Casino thought that our orange county casino party fans would love taking a peek at the newest free-play game trainers available on the ol' "net."  Yeah, I gotta admit, they were fun to play with (and reminded us how tough some games can be, especially that Three-Card Poker trainer), but we've got a whole month of irreverent blog-speak waiting to be pasted onto the ol' parakeet paper, so here goes...   

You know, it hit me during the Blog-sabbatical -- if the team here at Aces Casino wants to remain the top Orange County casino night party company in southern California, there is one thing that we HAVE to keep up on - We HAVE to keep up with all of the latest styles, games and happenings that are currently in use or "coming soon" to our favorite city in the world, Las Vegas.  Fortunately for us, we're all a bunch of curious lil' minxes (is that a word?), so this part of our crazy blog comes naturally to our writing staff.

So, now that we're back behind the wheel of the infamous Aces Casino Blog, let's take a look back at some of the news stories from the gaming industry in general (and the city known as "Glitter Gulch" in particular) that caught our eye during April's month-long celebration of the finest free-play casino game trainers on the 'net.  It's "Back To The Future" time, courtesy of the best Orange County casino party company in SoCal, Aces Casino....

1. -- "The Linq" and it's protege, The "High Roller"

This was one of my instant favorites in the "Vegas Coming Attractions" category.  Caesars Entertainment, the world’s largest casino company, has already begun work on laying the foundation for a rotating upright wheel to outshine the current world-record holder of the tallest observation wheel in the world, the 541-foot-tall "Singapore Flyer," as well as the Flyer’s more recent international rivals. The Vegas wheel’s proposed name: The High Roller, of course.  Were you expecting anything else??

OK, This'll Work.  Check out that wheel.  AWESOME.

When completed, the "High Roller" will be a towering 550 feet tall, only a hair taller than Singapore’s giant observation wheel. It’ll sit behind Caesars’ Imperial Palace and Flamingo hotels along an in-progress quarter-mile, $550 million food, clubbing and shopping stretch dubbed “the Linq.” The wheel itself looks to offer 32 giant-sized cars capable of holding 40 people each. I've heard that it takes about 25/30 minutes for the observation wheel to complete one full turn.   I can just see our Orange County casino party team renting out one of those huge observation pods.  Looks like we'll have to cool our jets for awhile, though - If projections of completion are correct, we won't be able to buy a ticket until sometime around the end of 2013.  (Aces Casino votes -- We can wait.)

Proposed pod conceptual image.  How cool is this?

First off, I LOVE that this museum was dedicated on February 14th, 2012, on the 83rd anniversary of the infamous "St. Valentine's Day Massacre."  But believe me when I say that this isn't some schlocky, thrown-together money-grab.  The Mob Museum is a modern-day museum – highly experiential and interactive. Both sides of this fascinating story are brought to life through one-of-a-kind artifacts, interactive touch screens and unique ways to interact with law enforcement and organized crime tools. For example, visitors can shoot a simulated tommy (machine) gun, listen to real FBI surveillance tapes on wiretapping equipment and take part in FBI weapons training. The Museum also features some of the most iconic artifacts in Mob history, such as the wall from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

 Is Geraldo going to be there?  If so, I'll pass.

This museum covers all the big names of the past in crime and law enforcement.  It's over on Stewart Avenue in Las Vegas, and you can find out more about this new and latest addition that pays homage to old Las Vegas here.  Our Orange County casino night party crew vote -- Definitely go and see it.  It's worth the $$$$$.

Go and see this hotel before it disappears.  Boy, I thought the Aces Casino crew had a short attention span; This one takes the cake.  This hotel located in City Center in Las Vegas hasn't even opened yet, but It's already scheduled for demolition.  And you thought the OLD Vegas hotels were leaving the skyline too soon... (Grin)

Is it that one on the right?  Yep, looks like it's already leaning.

I love the official website for City Center in Las Vegas.  When you get there, they unleash this gigantic photo of the entire City Center development, including the Harmon.  Only one problem -- Nothing happens when you roll your mouse over the Harmon Hotel.  And there's a good reason for that -- MGM Resorts International today said it’s recommending to Clark County that the quarter-billion-dollar Harmon Hotel at City Center on the Las Vegas Strip be demolished because of construction defects.  You can find the whole sordid tale about the poor Harmon Hotel in Las Vegas here.  Look fast, this baby might not be there for long.  Our Orange County casino party crew vote -- Agh, OK, knock it over, but don't tell the guy over at  This one doesn't qualify for hotel "sainthood."

Well, that's all for now from the craziest Orange County casino night party crew in southern California, Aces Casino Entertainment.  Thanks for checking in, and HEY -- if you feel you have a great idea for something that our Aces Casino Blog team should write about, send it to us!  We'd love to cover your favorite and slightly irreverent idea, not to mention take CREDIT for it.    Next up on the Blog -- The Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge" returns, this time with a look at the interesting facts behind the origins of some of our favorite casino games.  OK - Take care, have fun at your weekend casino party, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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