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Aces Casino Blog: "Out With The Old, In With The New" Turned Out To Be Our 2012 Company Slogan

Here at Aces Casino, we love being known as the top orange county casino party company in southern California.  It took the company over 18 years to get there, and after watching how this casino party crew operates, it looks like they plan to STAY on top of the casino party company charts.

One of the biggest reasons that Aces Casino Entertainment continues to be recognized as the #1 casino night party company in SoCal for so long now has to be something that they call their "constant entertainment evolution," which I'd shorten to, "Out With The Old, In With The New."  (Ed. Note: That's SHORTER?  I Don't think so.)

I decided to take the initiative recently to find out information on the history of Aces Casino, and began roaming the halls of our eclectic casino party company, looking for unsuspecting souls to ask them a question: Can you tell me the history of Aces Casino's "evolution," about some of the things that were here in use at one time or another, but ended up disappearing, were eventually retired, or replaced with something else?

Boy, did I open up Pandora's Box.  They gave me so much good stuff, we ended up with too much info to put in one Blog article.  So, we'll start with my two favorite stories....

#1 -- "The Aces Race and Sports Book"

OK, first off, I had never HEARD of the "Aces Race and Sports Book," but lo and behold, it does exist, and is still here at Aces Casino - Kinda.  History tells us that back in 1994, the Race/Sports Book was one of the first "electronic marvels" of the company.  It was a device with three big-screen TV's, each of them independently showing some computer-generated horse race or sporting event that people could bet their fake chips on.  The "ARSB," as we'll call it, is actually partially shown in one of the first brochures that the company produced back in 1994.

There it is, upper left corner of this 1994 picture.

The ARSB would be manned by one casino dealer called a "ticket writer," who would hand out programs to the players to tell them which races or events were coming up next.  After doing a little digging in the back room of the Aces Casino archives, I found the software AND the programs for the infamous ASRB; It's pretty cool!  For instance, you could bet on a football game between the 1981 49ers and the 1979 Steelers.  (Ed. Note: Give me the Steelers -105. for 10 1/2 cents.)  There were baseball games, basketball games, hockey, even boxing (Ali v. Tyson was one dream match-up), all available at the ARSB.  Just plunk down your fake money, and pick your side.  Sounded like a lot of fun!  (The programs used for the ARSB were actually in one of the company's filing cabinets under "Race/Sports.")

Where is it now? -- Well, surprisingly, the ARSB is still located in the Aces Casino Entertainment "catacombs," but It's not currently listed on the 2012 Aces Casino Price sheets and is officially listed as "retired."  Because of It's size and all of the elaborate set-up that the ARSB needed to properly prepare it for use, it became quite costly to rent back in 1994 (around $450 per event), and appears to be ready for the Aces Casino "Hall Of Fame Retired Ideas" wing.

#2 -- "The Aircraft Carrier"

Another "Relic" from the first days of the company's existence.  Back when the company was first being formed, the designs for the Craps tables that Aces Casino had authorized to be built were very similar to the two-piece tables that are in use today.   But, early on, the decision was made to begin construction on the very first Craps table in the Aces arsenal -- A full-sized, one-piece, 12-foot casino Craps table.  (That's actually the same table, in the previous 1994 picture shown above.)

The engineers did eventually build this beautiful 12-foot casino table, and nicknamed it "Aces One," because it was the very first Craps table built by the company.  The idea behind this beautiful work of art was simple - get the idea of how to build it, then use it as a template for the soon-to-be-built "two-piece" Aces Craps tables.  

Then, one day back in 1994, a call came in from a long-time client of our company which began work back in 1983 as a mobile DJ company, and had also heard that this same company, then known by the name of "RPM Entertainment," had some casino tables in stock and wanted us to run a casino night party for them. 

One problem.  The party was in 12 days, and wanted a Craps table at the party.  We only HAD one Craps table in stock, though -- Our 12-foot monster that we lovingly nick-named "The Aircraft Carrier."  We didn't have time to build another table for the party, but we also didn't want to tell our first customer that we couldn't do their event, so we agreed to do the party for them, and use the "Aircraft Carrier" as the very first Craps table at the party.  
We had originally thought to use the "Carrier" as a showpiece in our lobby at our main offices, but when it was needed to be "taken out of mothballs," our design team came up with a crane and dolly system that could actually move the table from it's resting place in our lobby, to our equipment transport vehicle, and eventually into the rental hall for it's maiden voyage.  It was the only time that the "Aircraft Carrier" ever appeared at an Aces Casino event.

Where is it now? -- Legend has it that about two years later, a very well-to-do client came into our offices to check out equipment and talk about their upcoming party with our company.  But, upon seeing this beautiful, 12-foot Craps table when he came into the offices, he asked our then-owner if we would sell him the "Carrier."  The owner said, "make me an offer," and when the client offered a very nice chunk of change for the table, a deal was struck.  We're happy to report that "Aces One" still resides at the new owner's home in Villa Park, and he still has Aces Casino host casino events for him from time to time, including the infamous "Aircraft Carrier."  (He takes good care of it, it still looks like it's brand new!)

That's it for now.  We promise to post some more of the fabulous stories that were shared by some of the long-time employees of the orange county casino party leader known as Aces Casino at a later date, and we'll be back next Thursday with still another mindless blog article.  We'll see you then!

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