Monday, May 21, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: "Fantastic Fig" Really Was Just "Fantastic" (But Newton Really Didn't Say Too Much)

Every once in a while, our team or orange county casino party crazies known as Aces Casino run into someone at one of our events that really entertains us.  It's always been said about our casino party company that we're easily amused, but not easily impressed.

Well, last week, after our latest event over at Catal Restaurant, which is located inside the world-famous Downtown Disney section in Anaheim, you can officially consider us BOTH.

Reason?  Well, he's known as the "Fantastic Fig," a magician and psychic that, after looking at him for a moment, reminded me of someone that I had seen on television not too long ago.  Then, when Mr. "Fantastic" )who is known to many of his friends in Beverly Hills as Mr. Paul Fegen) produced his trusty cat, "Newton," it hit me.

"America's Got Talent!"

He's the magician that was on the show last year, who advanced to the second round of competition in Las Vegas, a man who charmed everyone at that TV show last year.  And, a man who not only charmed the panel of 3 judges during his appearance that day, but thoroughly shocked them with his magical touch.

Well, if you know ME, you KNOW that I'M not easy to impress, especially when it comes to magic.  I've studied under some of the best card mechanics in the biz.  Let's see just how "Fantastic" Mr. Fegen is....

Wow.  Just.  Wow.

OK... For reference, let's first show you what "The Fantastic Fig" did to wow the AGT judges on his TV appearance on the popular NBC-TV talent show last season...

It's "Fantastic Fig," A.K.A. Mr. Paul Fegen.

I just LOVED that card trick that he did when on the show, and I remember remarking to my wife at the time that "I'd love to see him do it in person, to see if he's that fast."  So, when Mr. Fegen arrived at our event at Catal Restaurant last Thursday, I was ready to ask him to do that trick again.

One problem - I didn't HAVE to ask him. Upon meeting me for the very first time, He immediately asked me If I would select a card for him, "What was my favorite card."  Verbally, I responded "the Deuce of Diamonds."  And, with that, he immediately turned to the hostess of the event, who was standing right next to me the whole time and holding HIS deck of cards in HER hand, to turn the top card over.  POOF.  Deuce of Diamonds.  HE wasn't even HOLDING the deck at the time!  

OK, that's pretty good, I thought to myself.  But "Fantastic Fig" wasn't quite finished yet.  He quickly produced one of his business cards from his pocket, and showed me the back, which had hardly anything on it.  And, POOF, right before my eyes, the words, "2 of Diamonds" appeared on the back of the card.  I still have it.  I'm waiting for it to burst into flame or something like that, but it hasn't done anything yet.  We have that card trapped in a glass case, just to be safe.  (Ed. Note: We'll let you know if the card does anything, the minute it does.  But it won't, we're pretty sure.  I think.)

Well, consider me incredibly impressed.  Mr. Fegen is a great entertainer and very friendly, and, just like on the TV show he appeared on a few months ago, he had a black bag with him.  And, on cue, when he opened that bag at the table, another familiar face popped out.  It was Newton, the cat, also known as "Fantastic Fig's assistant."  (Paul says he can't do tricks withour Newton sitting up on his shoulder.)  He hopped up on Fig's shoulder, and like magic, "poof," he was gone.  No, he didn't disappear, he just walked into the event we were performing at together, and wowed the crowd.  We're not easy to upstage, but "Fantastic Fig" was the top entertainer on this night, believe me.  Anyone interested in seeing "Fantastic Fig's" web site can find it here.

We shot some pictures and a bit of video at last week's event, and once we get it processed, we'll post it on our infamous Aces Casino blog (we promise).  Someday, we hope that our crazy bunch of orange county casino party team members will link up at an event with "Fig."  And, when we do, we'll have pics and vid of that, as well.

Unless the film and vids burst into flame, of course.

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