Monday, April 16, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Let It Ride Game Trainer Shows Just How Difficult That This Game Can Be To Beat

At Aces Casino, the Orange county casino party leaders in southern California, we've always excelled in bringing the excitement of the Las Vegas-style casino games to all of our many clients by way of providing top-notch casino tables, dealers and staff at events stretching from San Diego to Bakersfield and beyond.  When your company motto is, "This Beats Working," and you've put in the 18 years that we have in perfecting the Orange County casino night "experience," It's really not that difficult.

We mention this propaganda today for a reason, though -- We're not only tops in our casino party field.  We're always striving to provide quality advice and information about the games, how they're played, which ones might be best for certain clientele, which new games out on the market are games the client hasn't heard of, but would love to try out.  That's when we're at our best with our many clients.

So, with this in mind, Aces Casino, the top Los Angeles casino party company in the industry, has designated the entire month of April "Game Simulator Month!"  Every Monday and Thursday in the month of April, the Aces Casino Blog will share one or two of the best and different casino game simulators for our blog readers to try out.  Hey, next to having the games right in your own game room or banquet hall, this is the next best thing!

This edition of the Aces Blog features the only game that I won my first big bet on, and haven't returned to the winners' circle since - Let It Ride.  You'll find the links to this great game simulator right under the corresponding image of the game.

Play your hearts out, my friends.  Just like at Aces Casino's many entertaining games, the chips are fake, but the information and experience of playing the games are real.   And, as always, a big thank-you goes out to the best source for information about all the casino games we love to the man known as the "Wizard Of Odds."   There isn't ANYONE more knowledgeable about all the inner workings of these games as the "Wizard."  Also, thanks to Bovada for the great game trainer.  Remember, just play for FUN and PRACTICE ONLY!  Aces Casino recommends playing just for fun, and will not be responsible for anyone that's stupid enough to sign up and play the game ANY other way.  NEVER play for real money, my friends.  We Don't, and you shouldn't, either.

That's all for now, my friends.  Take care, enjoy the games, courtesy of Aces Casino, the Orange county casino party leader, and we'll see you later with two more fabulous game simulators in our next edition of our irreverent (but hopefully informative) Aces Casino Blog!

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