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Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge" - Time For "Craps 201" -- Just What IS The Come Bet?

A hearty welcome to all of our "online students" that have returned for our next class on "the game of dice," also known as Part 5 of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge - The Come Bet."  (Dusts off soap opera announcer's voice) "Ahem..." As you recall from our prior excursions into the wild and wonderful game of Craps, we informed our students of some of the more interesting bets on the Craps layout located in the middle of the table, wagers we call "Exotic Bets," or, when putting it in Aces Casino terms, "The Aces College Fund."

Simply stated, those exotic bets, such as the hardway bets, the "C & E," the Horn Bet, and the proverbial chip donations known as "Snake Eyes" and Boxcars," are long-odds plays that we don't recommend unless you're WAY up in your Craps session and looking for "funny bets" to make things more exciting.  (Ed. Note: Losing money is never funny.)  Hey, when you're the Orange County casino party leader in SoCal, you've got to give it to the students of the game straight.

So, enough about the exotics.  It's time to shine a light on one of MY favorite plays on the Craps table --  The Come Bet, something we call "Craps 201" when we're teaching one of our many Craps classes at Aces Casino events all over southern California.  OK, let's put up the Craps layout image again, for all to peruse....

Basic Craps layout.  Exciting, ain't it?

There it is.  OK, do ya see that big box right in the middle of the layout marked, "Come?"  THAT'S where the Come Bet is placed by the player.  Now, when clients ask us what it means to place a Come Bet at one of our many Los Angeles casino party setups (not to mention the Orange County casino night events as well), we answer it this way - A Come Bet is placed when the puck is already in the "On" position, and a point is created.  

(Ed. Note: OK, Craps guy.  Stop right there.  For all of our Blog-Guests that are just now checking out the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge" and haven't played or studied the game before, we quietly urge you to look up the prior "College" blogs on this subject, and catch up on your Craps studies before moving to this blog entry.  You'll find them on the Aces Casino Blog starting back in January, 2012.)

Now, with the point already created, the player is now allowed to make the Come bet.  And, to properly define just what the Come bet is, the "Come Bet" is simply a re-creation of the original Pass Line Bet.

OK, now what does that mean, Blog-Guy?  Well. when It's time for the Come-Out roll (the first roll of a series of dice rolls in each Craps game, sort of like the 'kick-off'), players bet the Pass Line, A.K.A. betting that the shooter will make their 'point.'  BUT...Once the point is already created, the player may ALSO now bet the Come Bet, a re-creation of the Pass Line bet.  At that point, the player has action on the point number, and now, will ALSO have action on the next roll, courtesy of the Come bet.

Say, for instance, the come-out roll was an 8.  The puck goes into the "on" position on the number 8.  Your PASS LINE BET now needs an 8 to win, and 7 would be a loser for the pass line bet.  Those are the only two numbers that matter to the Pass Line bet.  But, now, when you bet the Come Bet on the next roll, you've in essence re-created that same pass line-bet mentality... 7 or 11 is an automatic winner, and 2, 3, or 12 is an automatic loser for the Come Bet.  ANY other number that comes up on the dice on that next roll involving your Come bet will mean that your Come Bet will now move to THAT number, and will need THAT number to be a winning Come Bet.

So, let's stretch the example.  Come-out roll, pass line bet only, say $5... Shooter throws 8.  You bet your odds bet of $10 (Ed. Note: explained in past "College" blogs, go look), and THEN bet the Come bet, say for a $5 chip.  The next roll is a 6.  You'll watch the dealer, as he moves your Come Bet to a spot in his schematic diagram right on the number 6.  Now, you have action on TWO numbers -- You've got a Pass Line AND an Odds Bet on 8, and a Come Bet on 6.  The only number that can hurt you is the seven, it kills both bets.

Now, HERE'S the best part, and it's why I like the Come Bet so much.  Once the dealer moves that come bet to the 6, you can now also bet the ODDS BET on your Come Bet 6!  You take full odds (double odds), and place $10 on the layout and tell the dealer, "Odds on the 6."  He'll move your $10 on top of your original Come bet 6.  It looks like an off-center stack, but the dealer knows it's an odds bet.

I LOVE the Come Bet for that very reason.  Remember when we told the class that the "Odds Bet" is the best bet in the entire casino, because it's the only bet that the house has NO mathematical advantage over the player?  Well, now, I not only have an odds bet on the 8, with the pass line bet, but now, I've got a $10 odds bet on the 6, as well.  TWO solid plays.  It's the Aces Casino "Craps Nirvana," I tell ya!  Now, you'll get PAID on your "Come Bet with Odds" as soon as the 6 is rolled BEFORE the seven.  Simple as that.

Have you ever heard a Craps table in one of the many casinos in Las Vegas just JUMP with the electricity of a hot roll?  Chances are, the reason the table is jumping is because someone has "created a point," and hasn't thrown a 7 for a VERY long time.  People are betting place bets on the numbers, and/or also doin' the Come Bet thing, and getting GREAT returns on their wagers.

Our good friend known as the "Wizard Of Odds" has the ultimate Craps trainer, a setup that lets you simulate Craps sessions, testing your game theories on playing the pass line, the odds bets, the come and place bets, even the exotics.  NOBODY is better than the "Wizard" at fully explaining the games - Not just Craps, but ALL of the games, games you've never even HEARD of.  You'll find his recommended Craps Trainer link right here.  Go check it out, and try out how the game works with all of the knowledge dropped upon you by the Orange County casino party kings here at Aces Casino.

You may find that expanding your knowledge of games like Craps might just make these games more fun, and possibly, much more profitable.  Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention at this point that the best way to get the "feel" of the game we call Craps is to throw an Orange County casino night party right in your own home, or place of business.  Hmm... Maybe even a banquet hall, for a big get-together.

Wow, what a GREAT idea!  (Shameless plug)

Any time that you feel the need to test out ANY game that the casinos offer, give Aces Casino, the Los Angeles casino party superstars, a call.  You'd be surprised just how cheap the casino night events are, and they're a LOT of fun!  Plus - The dice don't know that the chips are fake!  Try ALL your systems out!  If one loses big, you don't lose a thing, and you learn the games without the pain of coughing up your hard-earned dough in Vegas.  Can't beat that...Give us a call today, at 562-943-5693.  In-Home Parties as low as $200, and fun for all!

OK, the shameless plug is done.  We return to the Blog-O-Sphere on Monday, March 19th, two days after St. Patty's Day, with another brilliantly dopey Aces Casino Blog.  We'll see you then!  Have a good weekend!

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