Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: If At First You Don't Succeed At Playing Poker, Do What THESE Guys Do - Cheat!

Late last month, the party crew here at Aces Casino was asked if there was one statement that our team here could make that would summarily define our Orange County casino party company (besides "This Beats Working"), it would have to be the fact that gaming of ALL types is in our blood.  We LOVE games, from casino-based gaming that we feature every day in our business model like Blackjack, Craps and Roulette, to board games like Monopoly and the Game of Life, to internet-based games like "Words With Friends" and "Farmville."  Simply put, if there's a game around, we want to be a part of it, "we wanna play!"

I suppose you could say that Aces Casino is a "scholar of the game," no matter what game we're discussing, but especially when conversing about the games that are casino-based.  "That's where we make our money," so to speak.  When you're widely considered the top gun in the field of Orange County casino night events, not to mention our friends in the Los Angeles casino party industry, you tend to take your knowledge of the games we provide for our clients pretty seriously.  Maybe that's why the Orange County Register labeled us "professionally irreverent," their definition of us meaning that we not only love to have fun playing the games with our clients and each and every event that we perform at, but we also TEACH many aspects of the games as well.

This brings us to our "topic du jour" for today's blog -- Basically, we call it "The Art Of Cheating in the Casino Gaming Industry."  Now, right off the top, when it comes to "Cheating" at an Aces Casino event, NO ONE does it better than us -- WE cheat FOR the players, not against them.  (Let's see Vegas do THAT.)  It's the best part of playing with 100% totally valueless chips at our casino tables -- Helping out the players with some extra chips when they need them the most, when they invariably hit that "run" of bad luck, A.K.A. "The House Edge."  Believe me, that "edge" ALWAYS kicks in at our Orange County casino party events, just like clockwork.

Now, as we've mentioned, no one cheats better than WE do here at Aces Casino, but OUR cheating is incredibly evident at the tables, and it's all done by our staff, NOT the players.  We're blatant givers of chips at events (except fundraisers - We play it straight for the charitable organizations).  However, some people may be surprised to learn just how good some people are when it comes to, shall we say, "creating that extra edge" in a card game, or some other type of casino game that utilizes chips.

With that in mind, we thought that it might be interesting to show our blogger-fans some of the more interesting aspects of these casino or poker games when it comes to what we call "The Art Of Cheating."   Whether the expected result is to create illusion for the guests in a magic show or to somehow get that extra edge in what might have began as afreindly game of cards, to the team at Aces Casino, It's truly amazing at just how good some people are with their hands.  Fortunately, we have some of the best "magicians" in the industry. 

Here's a video that we'll call "Exhibit A," or the first installment in our four-part series that deals with just how good some people are at what we call "mechanizing the deck of cards."  Check out this incredibly gifted dealer, courtesy of Aces Casino, the top Orange County casino party company in southern California.... We think you'll find this pretty interesting...

 The hand IS truly quicker than the eye, isn't it?

So....Tell me -- Next time you play in your friendly poker game with your buddies, you'll be watching your friends' hands just a little closer when they deal the cards, won't you?  Like we said, it just baffles us how good these card-trick magicians are.  Now, we bring all this up not to try to train you to cheat at your next gin rummy game with Grandma -- We do it just to show how incredibly easy some people make things look normal, when they're not.  

We've received a number of e-mails asking for more information on cheaters, what they do to try to cheat the games they're involved in, as well as how they got caught doing these dastardly deeds.  To that end, we'll have another installment in our "Cheaters" blog series on Monday, March 19, which will touch on, among other things, some info about "Chip Cappers," as well as other ways players try (and fail) to cheat the casinos.  Oh, and please don't try these methods at your next Aces Casino Orange County casino night party!

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