Monday, March 26, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Bringing The Casino Party Right To Your PC - Our Favorite Blackjack ("21") Game Trainer

At Aces Casino, the Orange county casino party leaders in southern California, we've always excelled in bringing the excitement of the Las Vegas-style casino games to all of our many clients by way of providing top-notch casino tables, dealers and staff at events stretching from San Diego to Bakersfield and beyond.  When your company motto is, "This Beats Working," and you've put in the 18 years that we have in perfecting the Orange County casino night "experience," It's really not that difficult.

Bottom line -- We're VERY good at what we do, and try to live up to that tag-line that the Orange County Register placed on us about four years ago when they gave our party crew their highest endorsement - "Professionally Irreverent."  Yep, every weekend, brand new clients find out what our long-time customers have known for years - These pro casino parties are a BLAST!  (Ed. Note: Gee, what a surprise.)

We mention this propaganda today for a reason, though -- We're not only tops in our casino party field.  We're always striving to provide quality advice and information about the games, how they're played, which ones might be best for certain clientele, which new games out on the market are games the client hasn't heard of, but would love to try out.  That's when we're at our best with our many clients.

When a customer asks us a question that starts with the phrase, "do you have...," the answer is always "Yes."  NO ONE has the full repertoire of casino games available for game rental like Aces Casino, period.  There's NO game that we can't provide for a client's next event.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, that's true.  It ALSO makes us the Los Angeles casino party company's largest warehouse storage facility.  And MOST of it is in MY OFFICE today.  Rant over.)

Now, to that end, we thought that this Aces Casino Blog might also be a great place to do just that -- Provide our clients with the chance to examine new games, sort of "take 'em out for a spin," see how the games are played, BEFORE bringing the award-winning Aces Casino team to the client's next special event.

This blog just keeps getting better.  (Ed. Note: You're not getting a raise.)

So, without any further fanfare, the party crew at Aces Casino has decided to make the month of April "Casino Game Simulator Month."  Twice a week in the month of April, the Aces Casino Blog will provide not one, but TWO casino game trainers to play with, to get that "casino game feel," without leaving the sanctity of your own home (or office, we won't tell).  And, to give everyone a sneak preview of these "Coming Attractions," we present to all of our faithful Aces Blog readers one of our favorite casino game trainers -

To link up with the Blackjack game trainer, simply click on the word, "Blackjack," or try this link right here.  Blackjack has always been a staple of our Orange county casino night party company,  and playing Blackjack here on a perfect game trainer is the next-best thing to playing at one of our many casino night events.  Aces Casino is a great place to turn to for any questions regarding strategy, odds, and everything in-between.

So, courtesy of Aces Casino, the Los Angeles casino party giant, we hope you enjoy this Blackjack casino game trainer.  On Thursday, March 29th, The Aces Blog will be chronicling the ongoing office feud that started here last month, all because of a little game called "Words With Friends."  Believe me, they SHOULD put the word "Enemies" in that title, somewhere.  That's on Thursday..... And make sure to join us back here at the Aces Casino Blog on Monday, April 2, when we start up our popular "Aces Casino Game Simulator Month."  We'll see you Thursday!!

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