Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Words With Friends Takes Over The Office, And Teaches Me Some New Curse Words

When you're well-known in southern California as the top Orange county casino party company in the region, you'd best know your games - And believe me, Aces Casino KNOWS games.  I'm fairly sure that, if you got the chance to look at an Aces Casino Entertainment employment application, it wouldn't have a section on which high school, college, or trade school you graduated from.  Oh, no, not Aces Casino - They're more interested in finding out if you've tried out for games shows, loved playing Monopoly or other board games, or ever thought about joining the circus at some point in life.  THAT'S how we roll here at this resident insane asylum.

Just sayin'.  Believe it.

Aces Casino has always been at the forefront of assembling the craziest, most entertaining and professional dealer crew and management team in the business.  They've always put two ideals first - Know your games, and have fun with the guests at the events.  When prospective clients wander into the deep end of the Aces Casino pool and inquire about the dealers and staff that the company has to offer, the management usually corrects the inquisitive client, and says, "oh, you mean the frustrated game show contestants."

Yep.  That's us.

OK, we admit it, we're a little goofy over here.  "Professionally irreverent," the O. C. Register tagged us some time back.  Uh-huh, that sounds about right.  But, without question, no one blends professionalism and total on-site casino anarchy like this Orange county casino night company.  Often imitated, NEVER duplicated.  Plus, we've got more slogans in this office than the Oakland Raiders.  ("This Beats Working" is my favorite, but I digress.)

"Professionally Irreverent."  Yeah, OK.

Yes, 'tis true, Aces Casino's crew LOVES playing games.  All KINDS of games.  I can't recall the specific dates that "fantasy football" gripped the offices here (but they're ALWAYS plentiful EVERY September, and have been widely chronicled here in our parakeet paper), and everyone here remembers the "Farmville Craze" of 2010 (Ed. Note: PLEASE, don't ask).   Yes, when a game grabs hold of our team's short attention span during their off-time here at our main offices, it's usually legendary.  Which brings us to the latest "craze" that is currently sweeping thru the Aces Casino nut house as we speak....

Words With Friends.

I remember the first time I heard the phrase, "Words With Friends."  It sounded so calm, so peaceful.... It sounded like a little back-room coffee-break meeting, kind of like a lighthearted discussion about everyone's nice day that they were having.

(BUZZZZZZ)  Nope.  

Turns out, this kind-sounding phrase was something originally generated by Facebook, the social media giant.  It's Scrabble, without the trademarks, copyrights and attorneys. Hey, give ol' Scrabble it's due - It's a GREAT game, and Facebook makes it even greater, by using a similar design online, and eliminating all those goofy faux-wooden tiles and that game board on the spinning turntable.  That's what got me off of Scrabble - One false move, sneeze, or overzealous game board spinner, and there goes all the tiles, into Scrabble-heaven.

I HATED that part.  Game over, what a waste of time.

But then, Scrabble-Nirvana.  "Look at this," the cohorts in the office told me.  "No more bumping the board, and losing all the tiles.  It's great, you should play."  We had already "friended" each other on Facebook, so once the invitations started flying, It didn't take long.  EVERYONE was playin' "Words With Friends."

The floor of the office, before "Words With Friends" hit the 'Net.

Yep, things were good.  UNTIL.......... (Laugh)  Until some of our staff got VERY good at playing the game.  And I don't mean strategic placement of virtual "tiles" on the board.  I'm talkin' about some players learning what words they could GET AWAY WITH during game play.  I'd classify these words as "what kind of word is THAT" - type of words - Words that NO ONE in THIS office had EVER seen, or even heard OF, until this "Words" craze hit this Orange county casino party giant.

Here's a shining example of what I'm blabbing about.  Now, I'll admit I'm as competitive a person as just about anyone when it comes to playing games, but I'm involved in one of these internet "scrabble" games with a co-worker, and I've got her pinned right to the virtual wall in the game.  She's 35 points down, and she's only got something like one tile left.  It's over.  UNTIL......

She makes her last play.  She's got a "Q," and she places it in a "Triple word Score" box right next to the letter, "I," which makes the word, "QI."


Boom.  33 points plus a small bonus for playing all her tiles, and she's a winner, which immediately brought a question to mind -- "QI?  What the Heck is a QI?"  Hey, Darned if SHE knew, but She kept placing that "Q" tile all over the board, trying everything she could to find out if there was some obscure way to actually play that "Q," and score points with it.


Well, to make it official, she gets online, and looks up the definition of the so-called word, "QI."  Yep, there it is -- "QI - The circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine."  Uh-huh.  SURE.  I'll tell you one thing right now -- This unnamed woman (whose identity will be kept secret for the time being) couldn't have told you one darned thing about some Chinese philosophy 30 seconds ago, and was about to lose her own circulating life force in the just-finished contest, just by playing that dopey-looking "QI."

OK, OK.  I've got the picture here.  This means WAR.

Time to let Al Gore's invention, "the internet," go to work for me. My task - To find some obscure words that I can use to fight back against these no-good "Words With Friends" players in our Aces Casino offices.  And in just 20 minutes of net-surfing, I found something....

I found out that there is an entire network of websites that exist for one thing - to help Scrabble (AND Words With Friends) players that are looking for obscure words to fit into sertain game situations.  There are sites that deal with nothing but silly words, like "QI."  One such site had a prepared chart, with no less than 95 2-letter words that deal with these goofy-word situations.  NINETY-FIVE. Words like ZA, MU, TI, and my favorite, AG.

Come ON -- THESE aren't WORDS!  They're sounds that come out of guys that Chuck Norris is beating on in the TV show, "Walker, Texas Ranger."  These shouldn't count!  This is wrong, we need a moratorium on words like QI.  Even the spellchecker has a problem revery time I type the word, "QI."  New rule here at this Orange county casino party company -- If spellchecker doesn't like it, it's no good.  There.  I said it.  (Ed. Note: unfortunately, his word isn't a binding contract around here.  I'm using QI right now in a game.  Tough break, Aces Blogger.  Thanks for the tip.)

I couldn't believe it.... I mean, there is a TON of stuff dedicated to what I'll call the "Scrabble Phenomenon."  There were "7-Letter Word" creators, words that start with certain letters... It's Unbelievable.  So, we got curious.... I've heard that there are Scrabble tournaments; Surely, THOSE players don't use underhanded tactics to get over on unsuspecting opponents.

BUZZZZZZ.  Wrong again.

It's WORSE with THESE players!  A random search of possible Scrabble tournament controversies chased up a classic story about one player accusing another of actually EATING a game tile to avoid a loss.  The governing board eventually ruled against having the player go thru a strip search, and/or having his subsequent "droppings" examined in the hall's bathroom for possible "evidence."  Here's the link to the story, we can't make this stuff up, my friends.  There are other such goofy Scrabble inquisitions, too numerous to mention, but my fave quote from the story was from a guy that said, "the game is not about words."

No kidding.  When players are using "QI" and "ZA" against you, there's no doubt that real words are on the outside, looking in.

So, what does all of this mean to Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night kingpins? Well, not too much.  We DID decide to create a slush fund that "Words" players have to donate $1 to, whenever they stoop so low as to use one of the now-verboten words in an Aces Casino-based game here.  We'll end up using the proceeds for the annual Aces Casino Holiday party, normally held in February.

Knowing the staff that plays the game here at the Aces offices, something tells me that, for next year's bash, we'll have enough money to rent out the Honda Center with our "QI Fund."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Bringing The Casino Party Right To Your PC - Our Favorite Blackjack ("21") Game Trainer

At Aces Casino, the Orange county casino party leaders in southern California, we've always excelled in bringing the excitement of the Las Vegas-style casino games to all of our many clients by way of providing top-notch casino tables, dealers and staff at events stretching from San Diego to Bakersfield and beyond.  When your company motto is, "This Beats Working," and you've put in the 18 years that we have in perfecting the Orange County casino night "experience," It's really not that difficult.

Bottom line -- We're VERY good at what we do, and try to live up to that tag-line that the Orange County Register placed on us about four years ago when they gave our party crew their highest endorsement - "Professionally Irreverent."  Yep, every weekend, brand new clients find out what our long-time customers have known for years - These pro casino parties are a BLAST!  (Ed. Note: Gee, what a surprise.)

We mention this propaganda today for a reason, though -- We're not only tops in our casino party field.  We're always striving to provide quality advice and information about the games, how they're played, which ones might be best for certain clientele, which new games out on the market are games the client hasn't heard of, but would love to try out.  That's when we're at our best with our many clients.

When a customer asks us a question that starts with the phrase, "do you have...," the answer is always "Yes."  NO ONE has the full repertoire of casino games available for game rental like Aces Casino, period.  There's NO game that we can't provide for a client's next event.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, that's true.  It ALSO makes us the Los Angeles casino party company's largest warehouse storage facility.  And MOST of it is in MY OFFICE today.  Rant over.)

Now, to that end, we thought that this Aces Casino Blog might also be a great place to do just that -- Provide our clients with the chance to examine new games, sort of "take 'em out for a spin," see how the games are played, BEFORE bringing the award-winning Aces Casino team to the client's next special event.

This blog just keeps getting better.  (Ed. Note: You're not getting a raise.)

So, without any further fanfare, the party crew at Aces Casino has decided to make the month of April "Casino Game Simulator Month."  Twice a week in the month of April, the Aces Casino Blog will provide not one, but TWO casino game trainers to play with, to get that "casino game feel," without leaving the sanctity of your own home (or office, we won't tell).  And, to give everyone a sneak preview of these "Coming Attractions," we present to all of our faithful Aces Blog readers one of our favorite casino game trainers -

To link up with the Blackjack game trainer, simply click on the word, "Blackjack," or try this link right here.  Blackjack has always been a staple of our Orange county casino night party company,  and playing Blackjack here on a perfect game trainer is the next-best thing to playing at one of our many casino night events.  Aces Casino is a great place to turn to for any questions regarding strategy, odds, and everything in-between.

So, courtesy of Aces Casino, the Los Angeles casino party giant, we hope you enjoy this Blackjack casino game trainer.  On Thursday, March 29th, The Aces Blog will be chronicling the ongoing office feud that started here last month, all because of a little game called "Words With Friends."  Believe me, they SHOULD put the word "Enemies" in that title, somewhere.  That's on Thursday..... And make sure to join us back here at the Aces Casino Blog on Monday, April 2, when we start up our popular "Aces Casino Game Simulator Month."  We'll see you Thursday!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Striving To Be The "World's Best" Might Not Be the World's Worst Idea We Ever Had

Anyone that frequents the propaganda ministry that IS the Aces Casino Blog knows that we take pride in the fact that our crew of crazies is widely known in our industry as the top Orange county casino party company in southern California.  Oh, yeah, that's VERY nice.  We appreciate that very much.  But, as we're also known to do, when the team contemplated that very fact, a question came to mind - If Aces Casino is the best in Orange county, and is making strides to approach that same level as a Los Angeles casino party company, well, how far do we have to go to reach "World's Best" status? 

Well, if you go by the reviews that the company has received recently from well-known columnists in well-respected periodicals like the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times, it looks like Aces Casino doesn't have to go too far.  They love us, just like all of our many clients that we've provided top-flight casino parties for over 18 years do.

So much for that... Mission accomplished.

Then, as it usually happens, another "Blog Idea" was born.  Immediately, the question was posed; "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to find out just who was the 'World's Best' everything?  I bet there's some CRAZY things out there that, when put together in a blog article, would be pretty cool!!"  Agh... As soon as I heard it, I knew who was going to create the most recent list for the ol' Aces Casino Blog.  Two thumbs pointin' right here, baby. 

OK, no prob.  Thanks to Al Gore's most impressive "invention" (this crazy thing called the internet, actually invented by someone else), researching a nutty idea like this was not a problem.  So, without further adieu, here's a short list of the more eclectic places, products and businesses that list themselves as the unequivocal leader in their industry, "The World's Best."

1.  World's Best Waterfall -- Iguazu Falls, Argentina

I guess you had to be there.

OK, yeah, it's neat, no doubt, but we're thinking that "if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all."  Heck, we saw a better waterfall right here at Aces Casino, when we accidentally ran into the sink in the back room with a hand truck full of chips.  We'd best move on, I forgot how messy that was.....

2.  World's Best Hamburger -- In Cairo?

Wow, did THIS open up a Pandora's Box of trouble.  I mean, we found out that places that claimed that they had the World's Best burger stretched far and wide, from Knowlwood's in California to Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, from Rocky's Burger Bus in Calgary (Wow, how fall has Stallone fallen?) to Lucille's Restaurant in Cairo, Egypt, there are a LOT of places that lay claim to the title.  Just to be fair, we'll break the tie right now.  It's In-N-Out Burger, just down the street from us, in La Habra.  (That Lab sure does look good, though.  Next time I'm in Seattle, I'm there.  Sorry, Lucille - Cairo's a little too far to drive for a burger.)

Lucille's.  Sorry, I ain't drivin' to Cairo for that.  In-N-Out, Bay-bee.

3.  World's Best Pinball Game --Fireball

Built in 1972, Bally's classic game, "Fireball," has always been a favorite of ours, as well as the Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It's "the game with the spinning disc" right in the middle of the playing field.  We used to call that the "Bert Blyleven Special."  Knowledgeable baseball fans know what we mean.  Yeah, we've got a few Angel fans over here at the Orange County casino night leaders. 

GREAT game, challenging, and any time we feel the need for that ultimate pinball challenge, we can head over to the HOF Museum in Vegas.  Aces Casino highly recommends this nirvana of pinball play.  Go and visit it the next time you're in Sin City, you won't be disappointed.

4.  World's Best Pizza -- Hacienda Heights, CA

No surprise here.  That's the name of the place.  Check it out, here's the menu.

Opens at 4pm?  We can sleep in.  That'll work.

We have yet to partake in the "World's Best Pizza" on Colima Road in Hacienda Heights, CA., but it's a lot shorter drive THERE than trying to pick up a quick bite to eat at Lucille's in Cairo.  Hey, good news - They don't even open until 4 O'Clock.  They run on Aces Casino time.  Perfect.  We've GOT to get the top Orange County casino night party company and the World's Best Pizza together.  Done -- We're going after we close tonight, at 5:30pm. 

Well, that's all from the professionally irreverent team of crazies here at Aces Casino, the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal.  We may not be the world's best yet, but, to quote the late Jack Palance's character, Curly, in the movie, "City Slickers...."

"Day's not over yet."  Thanks, Curly. 

Hey, here's a quick look at coming attractions here in the Aces Casino Blog.... Next Monday, the Aces Blog team shows us a sneak-preview of next month's "Aces Blog Game Trainer Series," where our readers will get a chance to test-drive one of the best casino game simulators in the industry - Blackjack!   Then, one week from today, fasten your seat belts -  The Blog team finally documents what was goin' on in the Aces Casino offices last month when the top Orange county casino party company in SoCal caught a bad case of "Words With Friends" fever.  It's typical Aces Blogger irreverence at it's finest, as only our staff can provide.  We'll see you Monday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Aces Casino Police Blotter: The Art Of Catching The Casino Cheaters With New 21st-Century Technology

At Aces Casino,  southern California's top Orange county casino party company, there are two things that we NEVER worry about -- Purchasing Super Bowl tickets for the Chargers, and cheaters at our casino game tables.  The way we look at it, one's NEVER gonna happen, and the other doesn't matter, because the chips are fake.

But when it comes to the world of real Las Vegas casino gaming, cheaters are 100% frowned upon.  (Ed. Note: And I think the Chargers are frowned upon out there, too.)  Each and every year, the Las Vegas casinos go to great lengths to try to stop unscrupulous gamblers from cheating at their highly profitable gaming tables, and these lengths that they DO go to are incredibly elaborate, and nothing like the "old days," when the mob ran Sin City, and players that tried to cheat the establishment lost more than their credibility.

 You don't see them, but they see YOU.

Two years ago, Michael Kaplan wrote a very interesting article for Popular Mechanics magazine concerning the 21st-Century technology that the Las Vegas casinos now employ to "get their man" and stop cheating in some of the most populous casinos in the world, like The Mirage Hotel and Casino, The Venetian, and even the Barona Casino in nearby Southern California.  You'll find the Link to this fabulous article here.  This is better and more expansive than anything we could ever put together, it's really fascinating.  Enjoy, courtesy of Aces Casino, the top Los Angeles casino party company in SoCal.  (And don't forget - We're also the Orange county casino party crew as well!)

Oh, before we go -- Stick around the "Aces Blog" in April for our month-long series on the best casino game trainers available anywhere, free of charge!  But first, this Thursday, the slightly insane (but highly entertaining) Aces Casino Blog crew takes a look at what it takes to be the "World's Best" at something.  (Ed. Note: I took a peek at some of their work today.  Looks like it doesn't take too much to be the so-called "World's Best" these days.)  Take care, and we'll see you next time!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aces Blog "Midnight Madness" - YouTube Video Of The Year Candidate - "Russian Wooden Spool Fail!"

WE interrupt our normal broadcast day for this Aces Casino "Special Report" -- We've found another classic Must-See "Epic Fail" vid on YouTube!

That's right, "O friend of the Aces Casino Blog."  We don't normally post anything on Saturday... UNLESS we find some piece of video that qualifies for inclusion into the Orange County casino night party company's "2012 Video Hall Of Fame."

We already had our first nominee two weeks ago when Sasha Baron Cohen showed up at the Oscars and allegedly dumped Kim Jong Il's ashes on Ryan Seacrest right on the red carpet, but we may have found the new leader in the clubhouse after seeing THIS gem at midnight PST last night.....

Total FAIL.

This answers the age old question, "What happens when you take three Russian guys, mix in one of those huge wooden telephone cable spools, and put it all at the top of a steep hill?"  THIS happens, THAT'S what.  Oh, one little tidbit of info - Don't turn off the video too early.  It's just like the "Marvel" films at the movies - You get a lil' treat, if you watch the whole thing all the way through.  What's the Russian word for "Look OUT!!"  (Laugh)

In honor of today being "St. Patrick's Day," we here at Aces Casino Entertainment thought we'd post some video that resembles something WE'D probably try on the 17th of March, after partaking of a few too many pints of Guinness.  There you have it - Just another tidbit of irrelevance from the Orange County casino party giant, Aces Casino.  Once again, the Aces crew proves that they'll go the extra mile to bring you their version of excellence in goofy videos 24/7, no matter what time of day or night it hits us.  That's all for our special report - We'll see you all at our regular time on Monday with another nutty edition of the Aces Blog!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge" - Time For "Craps 201" -- Just What IS The Come Bet?

A hearty welcome to all of our "online students" that have returned for our next class on "the game of dice," also known as Part 5 of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge - The Come Bet."  (Dusts off soap opera announcer's voice) "Ahem..." As you recall from our prior excursions into the wild and wonderful game of Craps, we informed our students of some of the more interesting bets on the Craps layout located in the middle of the table, wagers we call "Exotic Bets," or, when putting it in Aces Casino terms, "The Aces College Fund."

Simply stated, those exotic bets, such as the hardway bets, the "C & E," the Horn Bet, and the proverbial chip donations known as "Snake Eyes" and Boxcars," are long-odds plays that we don't recommend unless you're WAY up in your Craps session and looking for "funny bets" to make things more exciting.  (Ed. Note: Losing money is never funny.)  Hey, when you're the Orange County casino party leader in SoCal, you've got to give it to the students of the game straight.

So, enough about the exotics.  It's time to shine a light on one of MY favorite plays on the Craps table --  The Come Bet, something we call "Craps 201" when we're teaching one of our many Craps classes at Aces Casino events all over southern California.  OK, let's put up the Craps layout image again, for all to peruse....

Basic Craps layout.  Exciting, ain't it?

There it is.  OK, do ya see that big box right in the middle of the layout marked, "Come?"  THAT'S where the Come Bet is placed by the player.  Now, when clients ask us what it means to place a Come Bet at one of our many Los Angeles casino party setups (not to mention the Orange County casino night events as well), we answer it this way - A Come Bet is placed when the puck is already in the "On" position, and a point is created.  

(Ed. Note: OK, Craps guy.  Stop right there.  For all of our Blog-Guests that are just now checking out the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge" and haven't played or studied the game before, we quietly urge you to look up the prior "College" blogs on this subject, and catch up on your Craps studies before moving to this blog entry.  You'll find them on the Aces Casino Blog starting back in January, 2012.)

Now, with the point already created, the player is now allowed to make the Come bet.  And, to properly define just what the Come bet is, the "Come Bet" is simply a re-creation of the original Pass Line Bet.

OK, now what does that mean, Blog-Guy?  Well. when It's time for the Come-Out roll (the first roll of a series of dice rolls in each Craps game, sort of like the 'kick-off'), players bet the Pass Line, A.K.A. betting that the shooter will make their 'point.'  BUT...Once the point is already created, the player may ALSO now bet the Come Bet, a re-creation of the Pass Line bet.  At that point, the player has action on the point number, and now, will ALSO have action on the next roll, courtesy of the Come bet.

Say, for instance, the come-out roll was an 8.  The puck goes into the "on" position on the number 8.  Your PASS LINE BET now needs an 8 to win, and 7 would be a loser for the pass line bet.  Those are the only two numbers that matter to the Pass Line bet.  But, now, when you bet the Come Bet on the next roll, you've in essence re-created that same pass line-bet mentality... 7 or 11 is an automatic winner, and 2, 3, or 12 is an automatic loser for the Come Bet.  ANY other number that comes up on the dice on that next roll involving your Come bet will mean that your Come Bet will now move to THAT number, and will need THAT number to be a winning Come Bet.

So, let's stretch the example.  Come-out roll, pass line bet only, say $5... Shooter throws 8.  You bet your odds bet of $10 (Ed. Note: explained in past "College" blogs, go look), and THEN bet the Come bet, say for a $5 chip.  The next roll is a 6.  You'll watch the dealer, as he moves your Come Bet to a spot in his schematic diagram right on the number 6.  Now, you have action on TWO numbers -- You've got a Pass Line AND an Odds Bet on 8, and a Come Bet on 6.  The only number that can hurt you is the seven, it kills both bets.

Now, HERE'S the best part, and it's why I like the Come Bet so much.  Once the dealer moves that come bet to the 6, you can now also bet the ODDS BET on your Come Bet 6!  You take full odds (double odds), and place $10 on the layout and tell the dealer, "Odds on the 6."  He'll move your $10 on top of your original Come bet 6.  It looks like an off-center stack, but the dealer knows it's an odds bet.

I LOVE the Come Bet for that very reason.  Remember when we told the class that the "Odds Bet" is the best bet in the entire casino, because it's the only bet that the house has NO mathematical advantage over the player?  Well, now, I not only have an odds bet on the 8, with the pass line bet, but now, I've got a $10 odds bet on the 6, as well.  TWO solid plays.  It's the Aces Casino "Craps Nirvana," I tell ya!  Now, you'll get PAID on your "Come Bet with Odds" as soon as the 6 is rolled BEFORE the seven.  Simple as that.

Have you ever heard a Craps table in one of the many casinos in Las Vegas just JUMP with the electricity of a hot roll?  Chances are, the reason the table is jumping is because someone has "created a point," and hasn't thrown a 7 for a VERY long time.  People are betting place bets on the numbers, and/or also doin' the Come Bet thing, and getting GREAT returns on their wagers.

Our good friend known as the "Wizard Of Odds" has the ultimate Craps trainer, a setup that lets you simulate Craps sessions, testing your game theories on playing the pass line, the odds bets, the come and place bets, even the exotics.  NOBODY is better than the "Wizard" at fully explaining the games - Not just Craps, but ALL of the games, games you've never even HEARD of.  You'll find his recommended Craps Trainer link right here.  Go check it out, and try out how the game works with all of the knowledge dropped upon you by the Orange County casino party kings here at Aces Casino.

You may find that expanding your knowledge of games like Craps might just make these games more fun, and possibly, much more profitable.  Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention at this point that the best way to get the "feel" of the game we call Craps is to throw an Orange County casino night party right in your own home, or place of business.  Hmm... Maybe even a banquet hall, for a big get-together.

Wow, what a GREAT idea!  (Shameless plug)

Any time that you feel the need to test out ANY game that the casinos offer, give Aces Casino, the Los Angeles casino party superstars, a call.  You'd be surprised just how cheap the casino night events are, and they're a LOT of fun!  Plus - The dice don't know that the chips are fake!  Try ALL your systems out!  If one loses big, you don't lose a thing, and you learn the games without the pain of coughing up your hard-earned dough in Vegas.  Can't beat that...Give us a call today, at 562-943-5693.  In-Home Parties as low as $200, and fun for all!

OK, the shameless plug is done.  We return to the Blog-O-Sphere on Monday, March 19th, two days after St. Patty's Day, with another brilliantly dopey Aces Casino Blog.  We'll see you then!  Have a good weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: The Perfect Entertainment Tool That Can ALSO Be a Fun, Learning Experience

Now, I know that the following announcement from Aces Casino may come as no surprise to you; "Las Vegas Night casino parties are a LOT of FUN!"  (Ed. Note: Oh, YEAH. Totally unbiased opinion from the orange county casino party leader.  Boy, that's a new one.)  Yes, no doubt, whether it's an in-home private affair of just a few tables, or a full-blown casino events of 20 tables or more at your next fund raiser or holiday gathering, Las Vegas night casino parties are a BLAST!

But, if you sit down and think about it, there's something ELSE that these casino parties can do.   Not only do these Vegas-night events ENTERTAIN the masses, but they ALSO can do something that most guests find quite valuable;  they can TEACH the various games, as well.  It's just another reason that Aces Casino is widely known around southern California as the top Orange county casino night party company.  Hey, the games don't know that the chips are fake, but WE do, and so do all of our many clients that partake of our services.

Yep.  Don't LOOK fake, but they're worthless, believe me.

I can't even begin to guess how many times we've heard the following statement, when it comes to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold-'Em Poker, and the like, when asked at the event whether they'd like to play...."I'd love to play, but I don't know the first thing about the game.  I've never learned how."

Enter Aces Casino, the Kings of teaching the games.

We're not the orange county casino night party leader for nothing, my blog-buddies.  Our Aces Casino team loves to play the games, too.  But it's even MORE fun to TEACH our guests how to play all these different casino games.  Think about it - As the gaming industry moves into the 21st century, there are more places to PLAY the casino games offered than ever before.  And, with the insatiable appetite that the consumer has for the "new and different"  in all walks of life, the casinos are more than happy to keep up with this "appetite" by offering "new and different" casino games for all of us to play.

Sounds great.  One problem, though.  For most of us that AREN'T independently wealthy, we're just not going to walk into our favorite Las Vegas casino, sit down at the nearest gaming table of a game we've never played, and start splashing around REAL chips at the table, hoping to learn the game as we play it.  Splash all you want - You ain't learnin' Craps that way.

A "No-Splash" Zone.  What's with the phony dice?

Uhhhhh, NO.  That's not going to work for us.  Think back to the time that you first sat down at a table in Vegas, under these circumstances.  How'd that work out for you?   Yeah, I THOUGHT so.  Awful, wasn't it?  Nothing like putting up your own money at a table, making mistake after mistake, losing said money at the table, and STILL not fully learning the game because the game moved too fast for you to pick up the necessary nuances.

Now, enter the hero of our story -- The Las Vegas night casino party company.

At Aces Casino, our team of orange county casino party experts learned something REALLY fast - Even if the casino chips we use at the events are fake, the PLAYERS play the games at the tables as if the games were REAL.  We LOVE this, because we love it when the players are into the games.  It's so much easier to TEACH the games, if the players are into the "action."  It's our favorite thing to do at the event.

At a typical casino party, you'll see what we call "the big three;" Craps, Blackjack and Roulette, three casino games that appear at almost EVERY event.  And, at this typical event, it seems that Craps is the game that most players "fear."  Oh yes, they've SEEN Craps at the casino, heard all the yelling and celebrations at the table, but when the prospective player goes up and LOOKS at the Craps table layout, they feel like they're looking at the control panel for the Space Shuttle.

We can fix that.

Yes, we may be just a bit biased, but the next time you and your friends and family are thinking about having a party, especially if some or all of the guests are also planning a trip to Las Vegas in the very near future, a Vegas-night party is the perfect ticket.  Bring a pro Las Vegas casino party company into your home, ask them to bring the games that you want to play AND learn, and have fun. 

And, remember -- The best Orange County casino party teams have many more games than just Blackjack, Craps and Roulette.  They also have games like Texas Hold-'Em Poker, Let It Ride, 3-Card Poker, Pai-Gow Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.  And, not only THAT, but the best casino party companies can also offer you the brand NEW games that are just now appearing in casinos and on cruise ships around the world -- Games like 3 Way-Action and Four-Card Poker.  Add this to the fact that new casino games seem to be coming out all the time (like a new game at the MGM called "One Up"), and it seems that the choice of games to play is endless.

Bottom line: There is a lot of fun to be had at your next Las Vegas night casino event.  A lot of fun, and just maybe, a lot of WISDOM to be had as well.  And what better way to actually LEARN all of your new and favorite games than by playing these games with fake chips?  Hey, sounds good to THIS Los Angeles casino party company.  Remember - The chips, cards and dice don't know that the games aren't real! 

Make sure to drop us a line at the Aces Casino link provided with questions about YOUR favorite games (especially any new games you may have seen lately) and we'll have our staff tear your game apart, and check out how it works.  We're even working on providing some casino game "trainers" on this blog site all through the month of April, so our readers can take some of the games they've heard about (but haven't played yet) for a virtual "test drive." 

OK, That's all for now.  Take care, and have a good Monday - Time for us to put the finishing touches on Thursday's next edition of our Aces "College of Casino Game Knowledge" series, which takes a look at Part 4 of "Craps 201 - The Come Bet."  Study up, students - We'll see you then!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: The "Cheaters" Of The Casino Gaming Industry - Part 2, A.K.A. "The Chip Cappers"

To put it mildly, the crew here at Aces Casino never imagined the favorable response that we received here at our Orange County casino party company when we began taking a look at some of the most interesting, if not slightly devious, people in the casino gaming industry - The people who try their hardest to cheat the very games that they play.

Hey, WE can take a hint.  If it's popular, we're there.  

So, to appease the masses (all eight of you), here is Part 2 of the now-infamous Aces Casino series on the cheaters of the games - People that we call the "Chip Cappers."  We see this all the time with our "play for fun" casino guests -- Players that'll attempt to add chips to their original bet when the situation favors them, as in getting a "21" in their game of Blackjack.  Hey, I'll promise you one thing -- The "security" here at our Orange County casino night party company is AWFUL.  We DO catch the players, but more often than not, we applaud their effort at trying to rip us off for some valueless chips, and show them some of the tricks that both the casinos AND the cheaters use to battle the Chip Cappers out there.

Now, TV-Radio Talk Show Host Jim Rome has a favorite saying when it comes to competition in the sporting world -- "If you're not cheating, you're not trying."  With that in mind, please feel free to check out this short, but very informative video on just how the "Chip-Cappers" try to boost their bottom line at the tables....

 You need a good eye to catch players like this.

It's amazing to us just how talented some players are when it comes to what the magicians so reverently call "sleight of hand."  It's something that the security staffs in every major casino in the world are constantly watching out for, to make sure that their gaming profits aren't being unfavorably cut into.  (Ed. Note: To check out just how the casino security forces battle these casino cheats, check out Part 3 of the Aces Police Blotter on cheating, coming out on Monday, March 19th.  We're sure you'll find that part equally interesting, as well.)

Before we leave you on this fine spring day, we thought we'd also answer the Aces Casino e-mail requests as to whether we had any further video footage that was just like we showed in Part One of this series, video that showed one of the best "card mechanics" in our industry.  Hey, ask and you shall receive, we always say.  Here's another vid shot that shows that superstar dealer in action....

OK, that's all for now.  Thanks to all of you that frequent our Aces Casino Blog.  We guarantee you that this Orange County casino party company's craziest bloggers will return on Monday, March 12 with another off-beat blog about our industry.  Until then, have a good weekend and please feel free to call us or check out our frequently-linked web site on our blog if you're in need of a great entertaining idea -- Casino Night entertainment! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Time For A Look Into The Aces Useless Facts File - There's a Wal-Mart For Zombies?

Every once in a while, the Aces Casino Blog has decided to spend some time looking into some of what this Orange County casino party company staff would call the "amazing, amusing and confusing" things we stumble across as we put together our little internet parakeet paper.  With that in mind, we welcome you to Issue #1 of the "Aces Casino Useless Facts File - Places you may never heard of!" (Please hold all throwing of rotten fruit until the end.)

#1 -- "The Zombie Apocalypse Store"

Instantly a useless fact favorite around our Orange County casino night crew.  Have you ever sat around your house after watching an episode of "The Walking Dead" and asked yourself, "Hey, what do I do when those zombies attack me?"  Today is your lucky day, my friends.  If you thought there was no such store like that to fill your needs, you'd be mistaken.

"The Zombie Apocalypse Store" is located on Spring Mountain Road in the heart of Las Vegas, and features everything that you could POSSIBLY need to fend off those pesky zombies, should they attack -- Food, Water, Weapons, and even "exploding targets," which I suppose you'd need, but we can't figure out why.  My favorite item was the "200 serving food bucket," which has potato soup, Italian pasta, and Tuscan butter noodles."  Wow, the undead can't get here fast enough for me.  Least favorite item?  Gotta be the stun gun.  Heck, if they're that close to me, I'm gonna need more than a stun gun.  I saw the show, those dudes are quicker than before.  I'm slow!  That ain't gonna work.

I'm attacking here first, if I'M a zombie.

#2 -- The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Makes perfect sense to us.  Every time we'd watch "Back To The Future" on the Aces Casino TV, we'd wonder to ourselves, "Wow, where the HECK do we go to find an "Evil Robot Memory Eraser?"  Good question -- You never wanna be caught without one of THOSE.  Better to have it and not need it, you know.  Well, wonder no more, my Blog-buddies - The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is here for you.  It's on Sunset Boulevard in L.A., and has what we'd classify as "niche items for sale;  Things like English gunpowder, Centurion helmets, even a "50-year calendar."  Yeah, like I'd know what year it was when I got out of the DeLorean, anyway.  Cool place, make sure you have an hour to see everything.  You won't be sorry.

$13 for the "Evil Robot Memory Eraser."

#3 -- Adams Drive-Thru Funeral Home

Now, I know that ALL of us are in a hurry, that we have so many things to do and take care of each and every day of our lives, but this HAS to be a little over-the-top.  The Adams Funeral Home offers the busiest of the busy in Los Angeles a chance at what I'd call the"Pit-Stop paying of respects."  Hey, if Uncle Frank wasn't your favorite uncle and you're not highly motivated to make a big scene, don't fret - You can pay your respects to the recently-deceased, and not even get out of your car.  Yes, it's a real place.  The link above is a must-visit, there's too much good stuff to print here. 

Convenience has hit an all-time low.

I had to do a U-Turn when I saw the "Drive Thru Viewing" sign when we passed it on the way to an event.  Too classic, you HAVE to love living on the West Coast.  Hey, to each their own.  At Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leaders, we've always believed in the saying, "If there's a need, there's business to be had."  We're living proof.  LIVING, I said.  Don't go drivin' thru that place lookin' for US.  Oh, yes, we do the Los Angeles casino night party thing, too.  That's how we found the Adams Funeral Home in the first place.

So much for Issue #1 of the Aces Casino Useless Facts File.  We'll be back with another useless blog on Thursday, March 8, when we check out Part 2 of our Aces Casino Blog series regarding the "Cheaters of the Casinos."  See you on Thursday! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: If At First You Don't Succeed At Playing Poker, Do What THESE Guys Do - Cheat!

Late last month, the party crew here at Aces Casino was asked if there was one statement that our team here could make that would summarily define our Orange County casino party company (besides "This Beats Working"), it would have to be the fact that gaming of ALL types is in our blood.  We LOVE games, from casino-based gaming that we feature every day in our business model like Blackjack, Craps and Roulette, to board games like Monopoly and the Game of Life, to internet-based games like "Words With Friends" and "Farmville."  Simply put, if there's a game around, we want to be a part of it, "we wanna play!"

I suppose you could say that Aces Casino is a "scholar of the game," no matter what game we're discussing, but especially when conversing about the games that are casino-based.  "That's where we make our money," so to speak.  When you're widely considered the top gun in the field of Orange County casino night events, not to mention our friends in the Los Angeles casino party industry, you tend to take your knowledge of the games we provide for our clients pretty seriously.  Maybe that's why the Orange County Register labeled us "professionally irreverent," their definition of us meaning that we not only love to have fun playing the games with our clients and each and every event that we perform at, but we also TEACH many aspects of the games as well.

This brings us to our "topic du jour" for today's blog -- Basically, we call it "The Art Of Cheating in the Casino Gaming Industry."  Now, right off the top, when it comes to "Cheating" at an Aces Casino event, NO ONE does it better than us -- WE cheat FOR the players, not against them.  (Let's see Vegas do THAT.)  It's the best part of playing with 100% totally valueless chips at our casino tables -- Helping out the players with some extra chips when they need them the most, when they invariably hit that "run" of bad luck, A.K.A. "The House Edge."  Believe me, that "edge" ALWAYS kicks in at our Orange County casino party events, just like clockwork.

Now, as we've mentioned, no one cheats better than WE do here at Aces Casino, but OUR cheating is incredibly evident at the tables, and it's all done by our staff, NOT the players.  We're blatant givers of chips at events (except fundraisers - We play it straight for the charitable organizations).  However, some people may be surprised to learn just how good some people are when it comes to, shall we say, "creating that extra edge" in a card game, or some other type of casino game that utilizes chips.

With that in mind, we thought that it might be interesting to show our blogger-fans some of the more interesting aspects of these casino or poker games when it comes to what we call "The Art Of Cheating."   Whether the expected result is to create illusion for the guests in a magic show or to somehow get that extra edge in what might have began as afreindly game of cards, to the team at Aces Casino, It's truly amazing at just how good some people are with their hands.  Fortunately, we have some of the best "magicians" in the industry. 

Here's a video that we'll call "Exhibit A," or the first installment in our four-part series that deals with just how good some people are at what we call "mechanizing the deck of cards."  Check out this incredibly gifted dealer, courtesy of Aces Casino, the top Orange County casino party company in southern California.... We think you'll find this pretty interesting...

 The hand IS truly quicker than the eye, isn't it?

So....Tell me -- Next time you play in your friendly poker game with your buddies, you'll be watching your friends' hands just a little closer when they deal the cards, won't you?  Like we said, it just baffles us how good these card-trick magicians are.  Now, we bring all this up not to try to train you to cheat at your next gin rummy game with Grandma -- We do it just to show how incredibly easy some people make things look normal, when they're not.  

We've received a number of e-mails asking for more information on cheaters, what they do to try to cheat the games they're involved in, as well as how they got caught doing these dastardly deeds.  To that end, we'll have another installment in our "Cheaters" blog series on Monday, March 19, which will touch on, among other things, some info about "Chip Cappers," as well as other ways players try (and fail) to cheat the casinos.  Oh, and please don't try these methods at your next Aces Casino Orange County casino night party!