Monday, March 19, 2012

Aces Casino Police Blotter: The Art Of Catching The Casino Cheaters With New 21st-Century Technology

At Aces Casino,  southern California's top Orange county casino party company, there are two things that we NEVER worry about -- Purchasing Super Bowl tickets for the Chargers, and cheaters at our casino game tables.  The way we look at it, one's NEVER gonna happen, and the other doesn't matter, because the chips are fake.

But when it comes to the world of real Las Vegas casino gaming, cheaters are 100% frowned upon.  (Ed. Note: And I think the Chargers are frowned upon out there, too.)  Each and every year, the Las Vegas casinos go to great lengths to try to stop unscrupulous gamblers from cheating at their highly profitable gaming tables, and these lengths that they DO go to are incredibly elaborate, and nothing like the "old days," when the mob ran Sin City, and players that tried to cheat the establishment lost more than their credibility.

 You don't see them, but they see YOU.

Two years ago, Michael Kaplan wrote a very interesting article for Popular Mechanics magazine concerning the 21st-Century technology that the Las Vegas casinos now employ to "get their man" and stop cheating in some of the most populous casinos in the world, like The Mirage Hotel and Casino, The Venetian, and even the Barona Casino in nearby Southern California.  You'll find the Link to this fabulous article here.  This is better and more expansive than anything we could ever put together, it's really fascinating.  Enjoy, courtesy of Aces Casino, the top Los Angeles casino party company in SoCal.  (And don't forget - We're also the Orange county casino party crew as well!)

Oh, before we go -- Stick around the "Aces Blog" in April for our month-long series on the best casino game trainers available anywhere, free of charge!  But first, this Thursday, the slightly insane (but highly entertaining) Aces Casino Blog crew takes a look at what it takes to be the "World's Best" at something.  (Ed. Note: I took a peek at some of their work today.  Looks like it doesn't take too much to be the so-called "World's Best" these days.)  Take care, and we'll see you next time!

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