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Aces Casino Blog: Top 3 Craziest Events In Aces Casino Entertainment's Long And Crazy History

(Ed. Note: The Aces Casino Entertainment Annual Company Party is tentatively scheduled for this coming Sunday, February 12, 2012.  All past and present Aces team members are encouraged to contact the company's main office to RSVP to what looks to be another legendary get-together for the "crew."  The bloggers will surely chronicle the happenings in an upcoming blog entry, but for now, we return you to our regularly scheduled parakeet paper.)

If we had to guess the year that Aces Casino hit the "big time" when it came to the printed media, we'd probably choose the 2003 season.  For you see, that was the year that the Orange County Register, one of the southland's best daily newspapers, chose to honor our Orange County casino party company as their "Vegas Night Company Of The Year."

It seems that one of their top entertainment directors just happened to attend an Aces Casino '03 fundraising event held at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel for the local chapter of the MS Society, and loved how we entertained the masses with our irreverent brand of casino party madness.  We especially loved the pseudo-title he gave us in the article, one that we use to this day.....

"Professionally Irreverent."

That's right - The O. C. Register hit the casino party nail right on the head.  That's us!  Aces Casino has always taken pride in being 100% professional at EVERY casino night party we do.  We're big on every aspect of the event, from itinerary preparation, to perfecting the necessary floor plans in order to fully interact with all of the facets of the event taking place, to assembling the right casino staff on game day to pull off yet another perfect Orange County casino night party.

Ahh, yes.  Our staff, A.K.A. the "irreverent" part of our adopted title.  Without question, they're the best in the business, and they were the ones that we immediately contacted a while back when the subject of "which Aces Casino events stand out in your mind most" was thought of.  Bottom line, they're seen it ALL in the 18 years we've been doing this type of work, and once the votes were tabulated, three events stood out as the "wildest and craziest, the Best of the Best."  (Ed. Note: One event, which would have easily made the top 3, had to be removed because of, shall we say, "Not-For-Prime-Time Content."  Ask John.  He'll tell you about it at one of our events.  Make sure and pick the right 'John,' though.)

So, without any more blather, and as voted on by the people that should know, here are the top 3 "craziest Events" to date in the history of Aces Casino Entertainment...

#3 -- "The Dining Yacht Christmas Party that Wouldn't End"

Aces Casino has "hit the high seas" many times in it's long history, and those events seem like they're ALWAYS memorable - But all of those OTHER harbor cruise events pale in comparison to the famous "party that wouldn't end" event back in December, 2009.

I'll mention right up front that this event wasn't one of my favorites, because of some of the event's circumstances that we'll mention in a moment, and due to the touchiness of the event, as they say on the old TV show, "Dragnet," we must state that "the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Suffice it to say that the client for this particular event had told us from day one that the price for our services, in her estimation, were MUCH too high.  Later, after shopping around for a bit, she found out that, actually, we were the LOWEST price in the Orange County casino party business for the second Saturday evening in December, when EVERYBODY is sold out.

This fact never mattered to our client, however.  She continually repeated the phrase, "the cost is too much," even after signing a contract with us to do her event.  What we DIDN'T know at the time was, she had a master plan up her cheap little sleeve all the while.

Our equipment, dealer team and staff all get on the ship to set things up and prepare for the harbor cruise, and after the guests arrive, we set sail for Newport's "Parade of Lights," an annual happening out in Newport Harbor.  Great event, always have loved seeing all the ships and boats decked out in Christmas lighting.

The client has arranged with the cruise lines and the casino party company for a four-hour party, from 7pm to 11pm, and everything is going swimmingly (pardon the pun).  As the 11pm time draws near, and our ship returns to the dock, suddenly, the boat does an abrupt about-face, and heads BACK OUT into the harbor.  Almost immediately after this happens, the client makes her way into the casino and makes an announcement that "keep playing casino games, everyone!  We're going to cruise around for another hour!

Wild applause from the guests.  Unfortunately, there is NO applause from the dealer team and staff.  Reason?  The client has arbitrarily extended the event by another hour, without clearing it with us, first.  When confronted with this situation, she flatly informs me that "we're stuck on the boat for another hour, we might as well play games."  I tell her that's fine, that she'll have to pay for an hour of overtime for all six of the Aces Casino team.

 She FLATLY refuses.  "I told you your prices were too high.  We want an extra hour, you have to give it to us for free."

No OT?  This is what the Aces Crew was capable of.

Needless to say, the Aces team is ticked.  One dealer pays a babysitter a TON for OT.  One other one has her boyfriend waiting for her at the dock to give her a ride.  The team is NOT happy.  They want OFF this boat, to say the least.  As the 11pm hour approaches, our team has to make a decision - Let the guests know that their event coordinator is a scoundrel and stop work at 11pm, or give in, and give the party another hour. 

WE gave in, and gave the guests the extra hour, and paid the dealers the OT out of our own pocket.  Ouch, that didn't go over well with the brass at Aces Casino.  Later, the company sued the event coordinator and won in small claims court, to which the lady screamed at us after losing the case, "I'll never use your company again."

Gee, that's too bad. We love working for clients that lie to us, kidnap us and hold us hostage, and try to steal our services.  Merry Christmas to you, too.  All in all, that WAS a wild night on board that dining yacht that will not be named.  Now, we bring a small dinghy with us, just in case we need to abandon ship.  (Ed. Note: Aces has worked 16 dining yacht holiday events since that "Titanic" voyage, without incident.  Not a Somali pirate in sight, since then.)

#2 -- Cinergi Pictures "Die Hard W/A Vengeance" Wrap Party

A lot of people thought this one would be #1 on our list, because of all the celebrity craziness that took place at this event, but, surprisingly, for THIS vote, it falls to #2.  This event was chronicled in this blog back in 2010, and you can find the link to what we call the "Bruce Willis Saga" right here.  Enjoy.

#1 -- Midget Wrestling Show At The Concourse

Some things in life, you just never forget.  Your first date, your first car, your first midget wrestling promotion.

Uh-huh.  You heard me right.

OK, here's the low-down -- Because of it's long-standing history in the Orange County casino party business, Aces Casino has made quite a few very nice, if not slightly eclectic connections in the entertainment industry.  Trust me, we've seen it all.

Or so we thought.

Back in 2007, Brandon Rainone and Steve Ellis of Concourse Bowl came to us with one of their typically-inspired ideas for a great Saint Patrick's Day promotion at their fine bowling and entertainment venue in Anaheim that would coincide with Brandon's upcoming birthday party --

"Leprechaun Wrestling."

That's right, friends -- Hold the event on St. Patty's Day, bring in a team of midget wrestlers dressed as leprechauns, add some lovely lady-ring-girls, hold it on a Saturday, have two full bars operating at the establishment, and let the birthday celebration begin! 

As advertised.  We did it up right.

Make no mistake about it - Brandon, Steve and the team over at Concourse Bowl wrote the book on successful promotion ideas, and Aces Casino has appeared at that fine facility in one capacity or another more than just about any place in California, so they KNEW who to come to when it came to eclectic, fun entertainment ideas.  (I do recall that the original order was for a midget wrestling show AND two white tigers.  Don't ask.)

Needless to say, the Aces Casino crew got in touch with the top midget wrestling company in California and secured their services for the event, ring and all.  And the Concourse had no problem getting the "ring girls," with all of their contacts.  Anyone interested in seeing some of the pics that were taken at this St. Patty's Spectacular almost five years ago can find that link right here.

All in all, it was a fantastic day at the Concourse.  I'll never forget seeing that full-sized wrestling ring sitting right in the middle of the Concourse.  Thoughts of "now, THERE'S something you don't see every day" danced thru my head as I walked into the building on that special day.

Oh, yeah.  A VERY special day.

There are a LOT more crazy events that didn't make this list.  Someday, we'll get to those, as well, but for now, that's all from the Aces Casino "Propaganda Ministry," A.K.A. the best Orange County casino party company in SoCal.   Oh, and if you're planning that next wild and crazy casino party, and are looking for just the right company to get the job done, you KNOW that Aces Casino is the place to come to.  There's no doubt - We KNOW wild and crazy!

Well, that's all for another week at the ol' Blog.  Next week, we'll be posting two long-awaited editions of the Aces Casino Blog -- On Monday, the Aces Casino crew shares their opinion of what they love most about their "Top 5 Goofiest Guinness World Records" list.  (Hint: the list sparked some controversy in not one, but TWO states.  Gee, what a surprise.)  Then, on Thursday, it's back to class, as the Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge moves on to Part 3 of their discussion on the game of Craps.  Study up, fellow students, have a great weekend, and we'll see you at the tables!

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