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Aces Casino Blog: Post-Mortems Of Super Bowl 46, Plus M.I.A.'s Flashing That "We're Number 1" Sign

Simply stated, there isn't an entertainment source in southern California that loves the white-hot spotlight of the world's major events quite like the "kings of professional irreverence," A.K.A. that Orange County casino night party company known as Aces Casino.  Heck, we LIVE for major events, no matter where the venue is located, no matter who is planning the "party of all parties."  We love 'em all, whether we're involved in the event, or, in the case of last week's NFL Championship Game known as the Super Bowl, if we're just takin' in the sights to see what the people will be talking about around the ol' water cooler the following day.

Now, the Super Bowl is quite a delicious animal when it comes to the ol' talk-soup.  It's got something for everyone - pure football drama for the jocks, fantasy football types and the sports bettors, "A-List" entertainment during the game's half-time show for the not-so-into the game viewers, and the latest eclectic 3-second commercial spots, which sometimes can be as or MORE entertaining than the game itself.  For the record, put the insanity crew of Aces Casino down for loving all three parts of the game.  Hey, we're not just another Orange County casino party company-turned pretty face, here.  We know good material for our sarcasm machine when we see it.  And the Super Bowl is FULL of it.  (Ed. Note: Water cooler material, we mean.  Please, Mr. Goodell, please stop calling us.  Great, it's going to be another one of THOSE blogs today.)

So, I'm guessing right about now that you all had your fave moments in regards to the "big game,"  especially if you're a Giants' fan, a Patriot hater, a lover of fine commercial marketing genius, and/or the "never a dull moment" half-time show.  Now, you KNOW that OUR team here at Aces Casino has THEIR favorite moments.  Thankfully, and to that end, we took an informal poll amongst all of our semi-coherent party crew the week after the event, giving them one full week to digest the gobs of craziness that surrounded that football game and it's many, shall we say, "snippets of information."

Well, after taking a look at what everyone at the Orange County casino night party crew known as Aces Casino Entertainment had to say, we noticed something that we don't normally see - Near-unanimous voting.  Yeah, maybe a tweak or a blurp here and there, but pretty much, the opinions of the team were pretty much in sync.  So, without one more minute of blog-filler, here are the top five favorite moments of Super Bowl XLVI (I always wanted to use those goofy Roman numerals in a blog), as voted on by the top casino party crew in all of SoCal, Aces Casino....

#5 -- "The Game"

When all the votes were tallied, it looks like the game itself (Giants v. Patriots) got some pretty good marks.  Comments like "kept my interest for the whole broadcast" and "close game, knew it wouldn't be a blowout" pretty much summed up the thoughts of the Aces Casino team.The final was Giants 21, Pats 17.  Interesting Note:  Had the Patriots held the Giants to a FG attempt in that last minute instead of giving up the Bradshaw TD, one of our cast members would have won $1250 in a football pool.  (He had 8-7 Giants.  Those of you that know pools also know what that means.  Surprisingly, we haven't seen him since the game was played.  We called him; He's OK, but probably won't ever buy another football pool square.)

#4 -- Kelly Clarkson

Wow, what a beginning to SB 46!  Clarkson, of American Idol fame, totally hammered the National Anthem before the game, giving the game AND the broadcast a great send-off.  Damn, that girl can SING.  No wonder Steve Carell's character in "40-Year-Old Virgin" was screaming her name.  Great job, K.C.  --  Check out the link to that incredible performance right here, while it's still there.

Sing it, girl!  FanTAStic performance.

#3 -- "The Commercials"

OK, granted, the first few commercials that we saw during the first quarter of SB 46 weren't so great (especially that boring Budweiser blue-bottle self-patronage spot.  Borrrr-ing), but as the game went on, we had that Elton John Pepsi spot (Yeah, he's starting to get a little weirder, but he's Elton, It's OK), The Audi commercial featuring the "Vampire Camp" where all the vamps get obliterated by the glare of the night headlights, and our favorite -- The Hyundai commercial with the Cheetah.  Classic....

Finally, what I wanted to see happen, HAPPENED.

#2 -- "That Halftime Show"

OK, here are the grades that the Aces Casino crew gives out for the SB 46 Half-Time Show, courtesy of your favorite Orange County casino party company-turned TV reviewers...

Madonna -- "B+."  Entered the arena with Vogue, and all those Roman dudes.  That's a plus.  Did a little bit of "Magic" and Open Your Heart," THAT'S a plus.  Forced to share the stage with those other so-called "singers / rappers."  That's a minus.  Plus, she's what, 53?  Damn, she's movin' pretty good for 53.  Pretty good show, loved the electronics surrounding the stage, but jeez, ain't she big enough not to be forced into sharing the spotlight?  She's freaking MADONNA, for crimeny's sake.  Oh, and I don't care if they lip-sync at these things.  Two words for you -- Ashlee Simpson.  We don't EVER want to EVER go THERE, EVER AGAIN.

Remember?  Nice screech at the end.  NEVER AGAIN.

M.I.A. -- "F."  OK, who is this chick again?  Let me guess, you'll be expecting 'street cred' for flashin' the "We're Number 1" sign to the crowd during your so-called "performance."  Note to whomever M.I.A. is -- If you don't want to prove to everyone that your moniker isn't a prediction of your future career, knock off the weak "bad girl" crap.  It's 2012.  Either have Timberlake rip your top off or play it straight. 

LMFAO -- "D-."  OK, now, WHO are these guys?  Oh, yeah, "Party Rock."  Well, let's put it this way -- Either bring the Kia hamsters out and let THEM do your song, or get off the same stage with Madonna.  You ain't deserving. You're dragging her down (Something that you'd normally see her giving the 'OK' for back in the 80's).   These dopes are almost as goofy as the 2011 gig that had the Black Eyed Peas.  ALMOST. 

Cee Lo Green -- "D-."  OK, now who is THIS guy?  I spotted him on "The Voice," but what has THIS guy done?  Gawd, I'm so out of the loop.  I must be getting too old for this stuff.  But hey - We don't need an instant "Heavy D" replacement, not yet.  Hell, maybe I can appear with Madonna on stage.  What contest did these people win to get up on stage with her?  I've got box tops and soft drink can poppers to turn in, give ME a chance.  I'll guarantee you that I can look as totally out of place as all of these dopes.

Which one of those ants is the bird-flipper?

#1 -- The Guy At The Store during the 1st quarter of the game

Runaway winner.  The crew predicted we'd run out of food before half-time, so everyone took a vote, and I was elected to got to the sandwich shop down on the corner.  I didn't think it was a problem..... That is, until I GOT to the sandwich shop.  The place was empty, and I quickly found out why.  There was only one employee there when I arrived (he told me that everyone else called in sick, imagine that), and he was just "filling in."  Bottom line -- He didn't know the difference between white bread and wheat.  Or roast beef and lettuce.  Or water and motor oil.

Bottom line -- I had to tell him which meat and vegetables were which.  I almost missed the half-time show, I was there so long.  Oh, and why was the place deserted when I got there?  He told me that he always locked the door when he went into the back for something.  Like watching the game, himself.  If this isn't on Page One of the "good help is hard to find" newsletter, I don't know what IS.

No prob, though.  We got through it, eventually.  That, and we found out that HE sings better than Ashlee Simpson.  We won't mention how we found this out, but suffice it to say that when you spend 30 minutes in a Subway with one lone employee, you kinda find out a lot about about certain people.

The sandwiches were actually pretty good, though.  THAT'S what makes this snippet #1.  Hey, when you're the top Orange County casino party company in the southland, you find out fast that you have other talents.

But, unfortunately, sandwich-making ain't one of mine.

Hey -- Next Monday, the Aces Casino Blog returns  with our usual goofy look at some of our new favorite TV shows currently making the rounds on the small screen.  That's all for now, we'll see you on Monday!

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