Monday, February 20, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: New TV Reality Shows That Have Jumped Into the Aces "Top 5 Gotta-Watch-'Em" List

If there's one thing that Aces Casino loves besides being the top-rated Orange County casino night party company in southern California, it HAS to be goofy television shows.  Our company's motto has always been "This Beats Working," but there's a new challenger moving up on the extreme outside .... "Thank goodness for reality TV shows!"  I mean, just WHAT would we DO without those goofy reality TV programs?  They're so unintentionally funny, which is just the "best kind of funny" that you can have, believe me.

The brass here at the ol' grind (I'm laughing as I type that, It's such a lie) thought that it just might be time for the Aces Casino Blog to take a fresh look at the crew's favorite goofy reality TV shows, who have now showed their "Aces top 5" dominance by claiming their very own "Blog" category.  So, without any further fanfare, courtesy of the craziest, zaniest, and of course, FINEST Orange County casino party company in the business, here are the Aces Casino "Top 5 Gotta See-'Em 'While They're Still on TV' Reality TV Shows!"

(Ed. Note: It must be said at this point that there are a few of the Aces Casino team's favorite reality TV shows that will not appear in this blog today, because they're been permanently retired into the "Aces Dumb TV HOF."  Shows that will forever be immortalized around these digs include Pawn Stars (saw 'em), Real Housewives of Orange County (work with 'em), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (met 'em), Storage Wars (bid against 'em) and Jersey Shore, for obvious reasons.)

#5 -- Dance Moms on Lifetime

OMG, this show is a kick.  (Pardon the pun.)  It's usually on when our delivery crew is working, so we get to see it more than a few times.  It has our two favorite reality TV show mixers - An overbearing coach teaching oblivious little girls how to win at meaningless child beauty pageants, and the kids' parents, who must think this kid of theirs is their ticket to the big time, fame and fortune.  Phh... It's more like "Black Swan" for kids.  And when Abby, the show's recurring dance instructor, told her flock of chorus-liners that "those legs are about as straight as Elton John," that was all for us.  DVR-worthy, for sure, around THESE here parts.

#4 -- Say Yes To The Dress

This one is required viewing for all bachelors that have any thought of someday getting engaged, and tying the proverbial knot.  Welcome to "Psycho Central."  It's good that some TV shows have taken the time to show some of us guys that don't know any better just what they're getting ready to buy into.  Yeah, like we didn't see enough of Kim Kardashian totally trashing that New Jersey Nets' player.  We bachelors get the message.  No dice.

Seriously?  I'm a guy, and even I know it's a "NO."

#3 -- Parking Wars

We LOVE this one, which shows you how much we DIG the final two shows.  From the "Booting Teams" (Sherry and Garfield are too funny) to the impound yard and into the streets with the parking meter readers, this one is a total hoot.  We especially love the people from Philadelphia, "The City of Brotherly Love," as their official parking authority, "The PPA," drops the hammer down on these dopey people that come up with the stupidest excuses for why they shouldn't get a ticket for being stupid.  Our favorite is "Ponytail," one of the out-in-the-field ticket writers in Detroit, I believe.  "I can ticket a car in 17 seconds," is one of his motto's.  Go get 'em, Ponytail.  We hate the Red Wings, anyway.  This is Kings Country out here.  Here's Pony's Facebook page.  He's cool.

#2 -- Storage Hunters

We had already fell in love with Storage Wars when THIS lil' ditty came to life.   I think what drives us to like this "Storage Wars" copycat show is the fact that it's one of the fake-est (Ed. Note: Is that a word?) on television.  I love the main "characters," Brandon and Lori, I believe, who just seem to bid on and win almost ALL of the lockers.  I don't know how they do it; they both seem totally out of their league when identifying valuable artifacts.  Every once in a while, "Jesse" or one of the other goofs like "Papa Bear" wins a locker, but they all look the same, inside.  Our favorite episodes hab to be the ones where opening the locker triggered an "explosion."  Oh, Puh-LEEEEASE.   They just took a little break, and poof, the auction continues.  (Laugh)  And the other episode fave?  When Papa Bear "got trapped" in a locker by activating a lifeboat inside the locker.  OMG, if you're looking for laugh-out-loud fake shows, catch this one before it's gone.

If they're storage auction tycoons, I'm Donald Trump.

#1 -- Shipping Wars

Our new fave.  Only saw about six shows (that's all that A&E TV has aired so far, to my knowledge), but the format is tight, and the shippers are all a kick.  From Roy to Jarrett, from Jennifer "The Cowgirl" to Scott and Susie, A.K.A. "The Ex-Marine and his Wife," the show is very entertaining, the half-hour format's the perfect size and speed for the show, and the people involved in shipping these items go to great lengths to get the job done.  The show feels honest (unlike our #2 listing), and introduced us to the interesting world of "," the company that helps clients that are in need of shipping, shall we say, "unusual items," across this great land of ours.  Can't wait to see more, A&E.  Help us out, will ya?

OK, we're done staring at Jennifer's picture, and It's time to sign off.  Next time on the Aces Casino Blog, the bloggers from this Orange County casino party company will continue with Part IV of our "Webinar" on Craps in the "Aces College of Casino Game Knowledge" series.  That'll be on Thursday, Feb. 23, keep an eye out for that.  Also, we've received your e-mails in regards to moving to some of your favorite games in the "Aces College" series -- Rest assured that we're formulating plans to do just that.  Tell us which games you'd like to see featured, and we'll get the "professors" busy.  That's all for now - Have a good week, and we'll see you on Thursday!

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