Monday, February 27, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: The Results Of The Aces "Oscar" Pool, And Our "Report Card" Re: The 84th Oscars

Every year at about this time, there is a buzz in the offices of Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leader.  Normally, it's that stupid fire alarm that goes off at least once a day down the hall, but not THIS time, my friends.  That "buzz" you hear is the "Oscar Buzz," because once a year, the Annual Aces Casino Oscar Prediction Tournament takes center stage.

And the prize for winning this storied event, you ask?  Why, It's only the most coveted trophy in the history of motion pictures here in SoCal -- "The Annual Aces Casino Oscar Pool Championship Trophy," of course.  We're surprised you haven't heard about it, simply because of the fact that yours truly, your top Orange County casino night blogger, won the award in 2011.  And 2010.  AND 2009.  Every year that the O.P.T. has been held, the ol' blog-guy has won the title.  I could have SWORN that little tidbit of non-news would have slipped out by now.  Well, now we know why it's so coveted.... "I don't wanna give it back!"  (Grin)  It's some 7" high, as plastic as most of the actresses in the biz, and cost us $8.

 Yeah, THAT guy.  I'm keepin' it.

Funny thing is, we bought that dumb trophy out in Hollywood about four years ago, or else we probably wouldn't even HAVE the tourney.  (Ed. Note: It's not even the only tournament that Aces has at the offices.  The Oscar game spawned a whole LOT of other goofy tournaments.  Stay tuned, we'll get to some more of them in the future.  We're ALWAYS gambling over here.  Must be the company policy, or something.) 

Well, the 2012 Aces Casino Oscars' tournament is over, and yes, as they say in the horse racing biz, "there's no change in the order of finish."  Yours truly wins again, but only because the two delivery guys that were the closest challengers on Sunday picked "Transformers - Dark Of The Moon" for best visual effects, best sound, and probably best actor, knowin' THOSE two.  Hey, they don't get out much.  Works for me, just pass the $6 prize fund over here, guys.  Sign-ups for the weekly trophy-polishing assignments will go up on Tuesday. 

So, enough of our tournament.  Since the big event is now in the can, we thought we'd give out our rating on just how good the show was, what we liked, and what we thought was lame.  And BOY, were there some LAME moments, let me tell ya...  OK, With that in mind, straight from the top Orange County casino party company in the southland, here are the Aces Casino "Highlights and Low-Lights from the 84th Annual Academy Awards..."

1.  Billy Crystal -- (B-)  Right off the bat, good marks for Crystal returning as the host, replacing the incredibly wooden James Franco and the gorgeous but empty Anne Hathaway as the hosts of the 83rd edition.  He was funny at times, but it sounded like the gathering didn't get a lot of his jokes.  We'll get to those dunderheads later..... His opening "Best Picture Medley" was OK, he did his best with a weak group of jokes during the show, and didn't flub it all up.  He was OK.

2.  The "Actors' Montages" -- (F)  What was UP with those incredibly lame filmed actors' montages, where they talk about themselves, or their industry, or mostly nothing at all?  Adam Sandler?  He's the KING of horrible films, don't talk to HIM any more.  Steve Carell?  What's HE done lately?  "Precious?"  Yeah, we saw her last year, she said nothing....  In fact, the whole LOT of them didn't add one shred of anything to the show.  They put THESE self-serving say-nothing dopes on the show, and didn't pay homage to hardly ANY of the great films that make up the Oscar's history?  Whose idea was THAT?  ADAM SANDLER?  Asking HIM about great films he's seen?  Holy moly ......  Total waste....

You asked THIS GUY'S opinion about films?:  THIS guy??
3.  "The Popcorn Ladies" -- (F)  What the heck was with the popcorn ladies walking around in the aisles, handing out popcorn in the lower level?  Please tell me they weren't selling it.  I know the Kodak Theater's in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but whomever came up with the the idea that those popcorn hawkers roaming the aisles was a good idea won't be returning to the Oscar think-tank for 2013.  Come ON, Grazer.  Goo-FY.

4.  Vader, Winfrey and the Makeup Guy -- (F)  OK, let me get this straight.... James Earl Jones, Oprah Winfrey and Dick Smith are awarded honorary Oscars, but all we see of the three of them is some old tape of them receiving the awards back in November of 2011?  The three of them are sitting RIGHT THERE next to each other in the theater, in one of the balconies on Oscar night last night.  WAAAY up there somewhere.  But no camera-time for them, no speech, no nothing.  A LOOONG camera-shot of them, at least I THINK it was them.  It was too far away.  Boy, those 3 got short-changed.  Bad move.  I don't know what's worse -- Pissin' off Oprah, or tickin' off Darth Vader.  Heads are rollin' on this decision, too.  Sorry, SORRY coverage.  These three deserved FAR better.

 No shots of them last night, so WE had to do this.

5.  "The Band" -- (F)  This is too funny...The producers of the telecast ALSO had what looked like a three-piece BAND playing goofy, uninspired melodies before breaks.  I guess they were there to liven up the parts where the popcorn chicks were doing their thing.  What, John Williams wouldn't come?  James Horner was busy?  NOBODY would orchestrate?  Who WERE those guys in that lil' band?  The only thing missing from this telecast was someone throwing t-shirts to the crowd.  Incredibly bad idea.

6.  "The Winners." -- (A-)  Everyone behaved, there were some great moments, people were truly touched over their receiving an Oscar, some laughs were to be had, especially from Meryl Streep ("People at home were saying, 'Oh, NO, not HER again!'").  One of the best parts of the show.  (Trust me, we'll take it.  There weren't many.)

Overall Grade -- (D)  Loved the Oscar recipients, Billy was pretty funny, the crowd sounded like they had an I.Q. of 9 points above plant life, the presenters that thought they were funny looked totally stupid, and there wasn't an OUNCE of the magic and celebration that makes the show great, that celebrates the grand history of the motion picture industry and their many fine films.  Bad broadcast, people are losin' jobs on this one.  Brian Grazer laid a big, fat dinosaur egg right on the stage with this steming pile.

Well, that's it from Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night champions (and part-time awards-show critics).  We hoped you liked the broadcast.  We liked it, but we also like Godzilla films and turtle races.  When you're "professionally irreverent," you tend to have little taste, I suppose.  Good thing we're good at casino parties.  Heck, I KNOW we're better at producing Academy Awards shows. 

Oh, yeah -- I don't care if last night's show was a bomb-o.  I'm still keepin' my trophy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: The Best Part of the 84th Annual Academy Awards Show, Thanks To The "Dictator"

The Aces Casino Blog will have it's review of the 84th Annual Academy Awards Telecast, A.K.A. "The Oscars," in about 6 hours, but we couldn't hold onto THIS video until then -- Here's what happens when "The Dictator" meets Ryan Seacrest.  Game, set and match Sacha Baron Cohen.  "Shake It Off, Seacrest!"

Spoiler Alert.

The Orange County Casino Party giant will have it's own review of the broadcast coming up later.  (Ed. Note: Watch the security guys in the background.  Now, THAT'S a tough job!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aces Casino "College Of Casino Game Knowledge," A.K.A. Part 4 Of Our Craps "Webinar" - Exotic Bets

A hearty welcome to all of our "online students" that have returned for our next class on "the game of dice," also known as Part 4 of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge - Craps 201."  (Dusts off soap opera announcer's voice) "Ahem..." As you recall from our prior excursions into the wild and wonderful game of Craps, we informed our students of the one bet on the Craps layout (and quite possibly the only wager of it's type in the casinos of this great land called Nevada) where the 'house' has no mathematical edge over the player - "The odds bet."  Simply stated, the odds bet is the best bet in the game, and should be fully utilized at the maximum level allowed by the casino per their house rules.

Oh, yes, and if , by chance, you neglected to attend any or all of our last three classes, fear not, my class-cutting wunderkinds -- You can go back and check out past lessons on Craps by searching for past issues of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge," which you can find at our Aces Casino Blog start page, and brought to you as an absolutely FREE service by the leader in Orange County casino party events, Aces Casino.  It's there, somewhere.  (Hey, YOU cut the classes, not me.  Go and look for them, you should read those old posts before reading this final edition, anyway.)

Today, in Part 4 of our lessons, we delve into "the exotic bets," wagers that appear in the center of the Craps layout, plays that are fairly easily explained, but for some, look like the written instructions on how to fly the space shuttle.  No prob, my friends -- That's why we're the top Orange County casino night company in SoCal.  We consider it our job to explain to players looking for help in how to approach the many seemingly unapproachable casino games out there in casino-land.  Important safety tip - Call Aces Casino when you're ready to try out some of the things that you've learned about Craps.  The dice don't know that the chips are fake, and there's nothing like "taking the wheel" and watching in person how the game flows, and becomes repetitive. 

So...Exotic bets.  First off, let's put another layout image up for the masses to peruse....

No, not THAT image.  That's Elita Loresca, the KNBC-4 Los Angeles weather girl.  VERY nice image, but she doesn't have anything to do with the game of Craps.  (Ed. Note: At least, we don't THINK so.  It could happen!  We dare to dream here at Aces Casino.)

60% view of a Craps layout.  Small steps, my students.

THAT'S the one we're looking for.  (Ed. Note: Speak for yourself.  We like the OTHER image, Craps-Boy.)  This image shows the partial center of a regulation Craps table layout.  We're going to discuss the artwork that you see on the right side of the image.  Do you see those pictures of the dice in this image?  Those are called the "Hardway Bets," wagers that players can make to get "more action" at the tables, and take a chance at throwing what most people might call "doubles."  Place a bet on any of these, like the "hard four" (a 2 and a 2 on the dice roll), and you win if a random roll of the dice comes up exactly as pictured.  But, you LOSE, if the dice show a 3 and a 1, the "easy" four, or if a seven is rolled.

Mathematics behind this example -- Odds on these bets range from 9% to 11% against the player, making these wagers fun and exciting, but not very profitable in the long run.  That's why we call these plays "the Aces Casino College Fund."  Invariably, these chips end up in the virtual "college fund," or quite profitable in the fake-chip world of the game.

Exotic bets - They're the ones on the right side, too small to read.

Now, let's move to the the other possible exotic bet plays.  Now, THESE bets are what we call "one-roll propositions," meaning these bets either win or lose on the next shot of the dice, no matter when the dice are thrown in any particular series of rolls.  The payouts ARE high on these one-roll props, as you can see, but the math behind these plays can be painful to the ol' bankroll - Odds on these bets range from 11% to 16% or higher against the player, meaning these plays boost the "college fund" even higher.  Play at your own risk.  Most casinos will allow $1 bets on the props, so it might not hurt so much, and they CAN be fun - Just like riding mechanical bulls in the C/W honky-tonks.  Message -- Don't be surprised if these exotic bets "buck your chips off" of your bankroll.

Oh, one more thing -- See the "Horn Bet" in the middle?  One bet made in that area gets you a wager on all four of the one-roll exotic props -- the 2, the 3, the 11 AND the 12.  It's normally played with a $5 chip, and you're immediately guaranteed to lose at least $3 of your $5 wager, since only one of the numbers could possible appear on the next roll.  Feeling lucky?  Just toss a $5 chip to the stick-man and tell him "Horn-High 11."  You'll sound like a pro, and this is what you'll get -- On the next rool of the dice, you'll have $1 on the 2, $1 on the 3, $1 on the 12, and $2 on the 11.  Math on the horn bet -  We're talkin' over 10%, closer to 11% against the player.  I'm keepin' MY $5.

Oh, forgot about that "C" and "E" that you see in the top left of the above image.  That's for Craps and Eleven.  Those are one-roll props, too, and they pay 7-1 on any Craps win, and 14-1 on any Eleven win.  "Craps" is defined as the numbers 2, 3 and 12.  If any of those three numbers come up on the next roll, you're paid 7-to-1 on your wager.  Odds against?  The infamous 11.11%.  Again, fun, but not profitable.  "Eleven" is easily defined - The next shot has to be an 11.  If the 11 comes up on the next roll, you're paid 14-to-1 on your wager.  The TRUE dice odds?  17-to-1.  To put it mildly, "You're taking it in the shorts."  Play it once in a while, but don't make it a habit.

Bottom line?  Take it from your favorite Orange County casino party company, Aces Casino -- The exotic bets can be fun, but if the casino loves to see you make these plays, you're giving up quite a bit in the math odds against you.  Stick to pass line bets with the extra "odds bet," and possibly the Come bet.  (Ed. Note: Speak for yourself.  I'd rather be stuck to Elita Loresca.)

What's that, you say?  We didn't discuss the "Come Bet?"  Well, that means you'd best return for Part 5 of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge," when we take an in-depth look at the play that appears right in the center of either end of the Craps layout, the "Come Bet."  It's our favorite play, and we'll explain why when we return to the "College" in about two weeks.  (Ed. Note: The Aces Casino Blog regarding the Come Bet will appear here on Thursday, March 15th, 2012.)  Until then, we'll see you at the next Aces Casino Entertainment "Casino Extravaganza!" 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: New TV Reality Shows That Have Jumped Into the Aces "Top 5 Gotta-Watch-'Em" List

If there's one thing that Aces Casino loves besides being the top-rated Orange County casino night party company in southern California, it HAS to be goofy television shows.  Our company's motto has always been "This Beats Working," but there's a new challenger moving up on the extreme outside .... "Thank goodness for reality TV shows!"  I mean, just WHAT would we DO without those goofy reality TV programs?  They're so unintentionally funny, which is just the "best kind of funny" that you can have, believe me.

The brass here at the ol' grind (I'm laughing as I type that, It's such a lie) thought that it just might be time for the Aces Casino Blog to take a fresh look at the crew's favorite goofy reality TV shows, who have now showed their "Aces top 5" dominance by claiming their very own "Blog" category.  So, without any further fanfare, courtesy of the craziest, zaniest, and of course, FINEST Orange County casino party company in the business, here are the Aces Casino "Top 5 Gotta See-'Em 'While They're Still on TV' Reality TV Shows!"

(Ed. Note: It must be said at this point that there are a few of the Aces Casino team's favorite reality TV shows that will not appear in this blog today, because they're been permanently retired into the "Aces Dumb TV HOF."  Shows that will forever be immortalized around these digs include Pawn Stars (saw 'em), Real Housewives of Orange County (work with 'em), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (met 'em), Storage Wars (bid against 'em) and Jersey Shore, for obvious reasons.)

#5 -- Dance Moms on Lifetime

OMG, this show is a kick.  (Pardon the pun.)  It's usually on when our delivery crew is working, so we get to see it more than a few times.  It has our two favorite reality TV show mixers - An overbearing coach teaching oblivious little girls how to win at meaningless child beauty pageants, and the kids' parents, who must think this kid of theirs is their ticket to the big time, fame and fortune.  Phh... It's more like "Black Swan" for kids.  And when Abby, the show's recurring dance instructor, told her flock of chorus-liners that "those legs are about as straight as Elton John," that was all for us.  DVR-worthy, for sure, around THESE here parts.

#4 -- Say Yes To The Dress

This one is required viewing for all bachelors that have any thought of someday getting engaged, and tying the proverbial knot.  Welcome to "Psycho Central."  It's good that some TV shows have taken the time to show some of us guys that don't know any better just what they're getting ready to buy into.  Yeah, like we didn't see enough of Kim Kardashian totally trashing that New Jersey Nets' player.  We bachelors get the message.  No dice.

Seriously?  I'm a guy, and even I know it's a "NO."

#3 -- Parking Wars

We LOVE this one, which shows you how much we DIG the final two shows.  From the "Booting Teams" (Sherry and Garfield are too funny) to the impound yard and into the streets with the parking meter readers, this one is a total hoot.  We especially love the people from Philadelphia, "The City of Brotherly Love," as their official parking authority, "The PPA," drops the hammer down on these dopey people that come up with the stupidest excuses for why they shouldn't get a ticket for being stupid.  Our favorite is "Ponytail," one of the out-in-the-field ticket writers in Detroit, I believe.  "I can ticket a car in 17 seconds," is one of his motto's.  Go get 'em, Ponytail.  We hate the Red Wings, anyway.  This is Kings Country out here.  Here's Pony's Facebook page.  He's cool.

#2 -- Storage Hunters

We had already fell in love with Storage Wars when THIS lil' ditty came to life.   I think what drives us to like this "Storage Wars" copycat show is the fact that it's one of the fake-est (Ed. Note: Is that a word?) on television.  I love the main "characters," Brandon and Lori, I believe, who just seem to bid on and win almost ALL of the lockers.  I don't know how they do it; they both seem totally out of their league when identifying valuable artifacts.  Every once in a while, "Jesse" or one of the other goofs like "Papa Bear" wins a locker, but they all look the same, inside.  Our favorite episodes hab to be the ones where opening the locker triggered an "explosion."  Oh, Puh-LEEEEASE.   They just took a little break, and poof, the auction continues.  (Laugh)  And the other episode fave?  When Papa Bear "got trapped" in a locker by activating a lifeboat inside the locker.  OMG, if you're looking for laugh-out-loud fake shows, catch this one before it's gone.

If they're storage auction tycoons, I'm Donald Trump.

#1 -- Shipping Wars

Our new fave.  Only saw about six shows (that's all that A&E TV has aired so far, to my knowledge), but the format is tight, and the shippers are all a kick.  From Roy to Jarrett, from Jennifer "The Cowgirl" to Scott and Susie, A.K.A. "The Ex-Marine and his Wife," the show is very entertaining, the half-hour format's the perfect size and speed for the show, and the people involved in shipping these items go to great lengths to get the job done.  The show feels honest (unlike our #2 listing), and introduced us to the interesting world of "," the company that helps clients that are in need of shipping, shall we say, "unusual items," across this great land of ours.  Can't wait to see more, A&E.  Help us out, will ya?

OK, we're done staring at Jennifer's picture, and It's time to sign off.  Next time on the Aces Casino Blog, the bloggers from this Orange County casino party company will continue with Part IV of our "Webinar" on Craps in the "Aces College of Casino Game Knowledge" series.  That'll be on Thursday, Feb. 23, keep an eye out for that.  Also, we've received your e-mails in regards to moving to some of your favorite games in the "Aces College" series -- Rest assured that we're formulating plans to do just that.  Tell us which games you'd like to see featured, and we'll get the "professors" busy.  That's all for now - Have a good week, and we'll see you on Thursday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Post-Mortems Of Super Bowl 46, Plus M.I.A.'s Flashing That "We're Number 1" Sign

Simply stated, there isn't an entertainment source in southern California that loves the white-hot spotlight of the world's major events quite like the "kings of professional irreverence," A.K.A. that Orange County casino night party company known as Aces Casino.  Heck, we LIVE for major events, no matter where the venue is located, no matter who is planning the "party of all parties."  We love 'em all, whether we're involved in the event, or, in the case of last week's NFL Championship Game known as the Super Bowl, if we're just takin' in the sights to see what the people will be talking about around the ol' water cooler the following day.

Now, the Super Bowl is quite a delicious animal when it comes to the ol' talk-soup.  It's got something for everyone - pure football drama for the jocks, fantasy football types and the sports bettors, "A-List" entertainment during the game's half-time show for the not-so-into the game viewers, and the latest eclectic 3-second commercial spots, which sometimes can be as or MORE entertaining than the game itself.  For the record, put the insanity crew of Aces Casino down for loving all three parts of the game.  Hey, we're not just another Orange County casino party company-turned pretty face, here.  We know good material for our sarcasm machine when we see it.  And the Super Bowl is FULL of it.  (Ed. Note: Water cooler material, we mean.  Please, Mr. Goodell, please stop calling us.  Great, it's going to be another one of THOSE blogs today.)

So, I'm guessing right about now that you all had your fave moments in regards to the "big game,"  especially if you're a Giants' fan, a Patriot hater, a lover of fine commercial marketing genius, and/or the "never a dull moment" half-time show.  Now, you KNOW that OUR team here at Aces Casino has THEIR favorite moments.  Thankfully, and to that end, we took an informal poll amongst all of our semi-coherent party crew the week after the event, giving them one full week to digest the gobs of craziness that surrounded that football game and it's many, shall we say, "snippets of information."

Well, after taking a look at what everyone at the Orange County casino night party crew known as Aces Casino Entertainment had to say, we noticed something that we don't normally see - Near-unanimous voting.  Yeah, maybe a tweak or a blurp here and there, but pretty much, the opinions of the team were pretty much in sync.  So, without one more minute of blog-filler, here are the top five favorite moments of Super Bowl XLVI (I always wanted to use those goofy Roman numerals in a blog), as voted on by the top casino party crew in all of SoCal, Aces Casino....

#5 -- "The Game"

When all the votes were tallied, it looks like the game itself (Giants v. Patriots) got some pretty good marks.  Comments like "kept my interest for the whole broadcast" and "close game, knew it wouldn't be a blowout" pretty much summed up the thoughts of the Aces Casino team.The final was Giants 21, Pats 17.  Interesting Note:  Had the Patriots held the Giants to a FG attempt in that last minute instead of giving up the Bradshaw TD, one of our cast members would have won $1250 in a football pool.  (He had 8-7 Giants.  Those of you that know pools also know what that means.  Surprisingly, we haven't seen him since the game was played.  We called him; He's OK, but probably won't ever buy another football pool square.)

#4 -- Kelly Clarkson

Wow, what a beginning to SB 46!  Clarkson, of American Idol fame, totally hammered the National Anthem before the game, giving the game AND the broadcast a great send-off.  Damn, that girl can SING.  No wonder Steve Carell's character in "40-Year-Old Virgin" was screaming her name.  Great job, K.C.  --  Check out the link to that incredible performance right here, while it's still there.

Sing it, girl!  FanTAStic performance.

#3 -- "The Commercials"

OK, granted, the first few commercials that we saw during the first quarter of SB 46 weren't so great (especially that boring Budweiser blue-bottle self-patronage spot.  Borrrr-ing), but as the game went on, we had that Elton John Pepsi spot (Yeah, he's starting to get a little weirder, but he's Elton, It's OK), The Audi commercial featuring the "Vampire Camp" where all the vamps get obliterated by the glare of the night headlights, and our favorite -- The Hyundai commercial with the Cheetah.  Classic....

Finally, what I wanted to see happen, HAPPENED.

#2 -- "That Halftime Show"

OK, here are the grades that the Aces Casino crew gives out for the SB 46 Half-Time Show, courtesy of your favorite Orange County casino party company-turned TV reviewers...

Madonna -- "B+."  Entered the arena with Vogue, and all those Roman dudes.  That's a plus.  Did a little bit of "Magic" and Open Your Heart," THAT'S a plus.  Forced to share the stage with those other so-called "singers / rappers."  That's a minus.  Plus, she's what, 53?  Damn, she's movin' pretty good for 53.  Pretty good show, loved the electronics surrounding the stage, but jeez, ain't she big enough not to be forced into sharing the spotlight?  She's freaking MADONNA, for crimeny's sake.  Oh, and I don't care if they lip-sync at these things.  Two words for you -- Ashlee Simpson.  We don't EVER want to EVER go THERE, EVER AGAIN.

Remember?  Nice screech at the end.  NEVER AGAIN.

M.I.A. -- "F."  OK, who is this chick again?  Let me guess, you'll be expecting 'street cred' for flashin' the "We're Number 1" sign to the crowd during your so-called "performance."  Note to whomever M.I.A. is -- If you don't want to prove to everyone that your moniker isn't a prediction of your future career, knock off the weak "bad girl" crap.  It's 2012.  Either have Timberlake rip your top off or play it straight. 

LMFAO -- "D-."  OK, now, WHO are these guys?  Oh, yeah, "Party Rock."  Well, let's put it this way -- Either bring the Kia hamsters out and let THEM do your song, or get off the same stage with Madonna.  You ain't deserving. You're dragging her down (Something that you'd normally see her giving the 'OK' for back in the 80's).   These dopes are almost as goofy as the 2011 gig that had the Black Eyed Peas.  ALMOST. 

Cee Lo Green -- "D-."  OK, now who is THIS guy?  I spotted him on "The Voice," but what has THIS guy done?  Gawd, I'm so out of the loop.  I must be getting too old for this stuff.  But hey - We don't need an instant "Heavy D" replacement, not yet.  Hell, maybe I can appear with Madonna on stage.  What contest did these people win to get up on stage with her?  I've got box tops and soft drink can poppers to turn in, give ME a chance.  I'll guarantee you that I can look as totally out of place as all of these dopes.

Which one of those ants is the bird-flipper?

#1 -- The Guy At The Store during the 1st quarter of the game

Runaway winner.  The crew predicted we'd run out of food before half-time, so everyone took a vote, and I was elected to got to the sandwich shop down on the corner.  I didn't think it was a problem..... That is, until I GOT to the sandwich shop.  The place was empty, and I quickly found out why.  There was only one employee there when I arrived (he told me that everyone else called in sick, imagine that), and he was just "filling in."  Bottom line -- He didn't know the difference between white bread and wheat.  Or roast beef and lettuce.  Or water and motor oil.

Bottom line -- I had to tell him which meat and vegetables were which.  I almost missed the half-time show, I was there so long.  Oh, and why was the place deserted when I got there?  He told me that he always locked the door when he went into the back for something.  Like watching the game, himself.  If this isn't on Page One of the "good help is hard to find" newsletter, I don't know what IS.

No prob, though.  We got through it, eventually.  That, and we found out that HE sings better than Ashlee Simpson.  We won't mention how we found this out, but suffice it to say that when you spend 30 minutes in a Subway with one lone employee, you kinda find out a lot about about certain people.

The sandwiches were actually pretty good, though.  THAT'S what makes this snippet #1.  Hey, when you're the top Orange County casino party company in the southland, you find out fast that you have other talents.

But, unfortunately, sandwich-making ain't one of mine.

Hey -- Next Monday, the Aces Casino Blog returns  with our usual goofy look at some of our new favorite TV shows currently making the rounds on the small screen.  That's all for now, we'll see you on Monday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Top 3 Things That Professional Party Planners DON'T Want At their Casino Event

Here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino night equipment rental leader, we take pride in giving each and every client of ours the most entertaining, unique, and imaginative casino night parties possible. It's just what we do. And, we do it VERY well. 18 years in the business means quite a lot of practice.

As a matter of fact, Aces Casino ALSO does something that no other casino party company in the industry would EVER do: We also will go the extra mile to help out someone in dire straits that ISN'T a client of Aces Casino; some poor party coordinator or fund raising group that has found out too late that rock-bottom pricing and promises that are too good to be true usually are, and all their hard work to put on their party for their guests is going to be ruined by an unscrupulous casino "business."

There's nothing we hate more than hearing that an event has been ruined this way.

So, we were sitting around the offices the other day, when one such telephone call came in; someone that had called us originally, then found a "company" on the internet that beat our price by $25, and booked with them sight unseen, because of the "savings." Alas, you DO end up getting what you pay for. The company they ended up hiring didn't show up for their fund raiser, because (we found out later) they got another party from another client that PAID THEM more, and they ditched their first client so they could make more money for themselves.

Boy, we've grown SO incredibly tired of hearing results like this.

So, we thought, if we really ARE the orange county casino night industry leader, we need to do something about this. Hence, the meat of our blog post today. It seems that we we keep hearing the same three complaints from highly unsatisfied people and groups, people that were unhappy with the service from their "cut-rate" casino companies. So, it would seem totally logical to take these same three recurring complaints, and broadcast them to the casino party throwing community.

So, without further fanfare, here are three biggest complaints that event planners and fund raising chairs have, after they decided that saving an extra $25 was more important than going with Aces Casino, the orange county casino night industry leader for Southern California;

#3 -- The casino company's "Management, Pit Boss and Staff" don't have any clue about how to help their client

-- Usually, this particular situation DOES begin to show itself early on in the beginning itinerary meetings you'll have with your casino party company -- They don't have ANY suggestions on how to maximize profits at the fundraiser, how the fund raiser even WORKS, how much equipment that the client should have at their event to make sure that there isn't too much or too little casino power, what the chips are worth, how much chip power to start each guest with....Sometimes, we've found that the client knew more about the overall operations of the casino event than the CASINO COMPANY did.

These two work for the other casino company.

Red Flag. Reputable casino party companies WELCOME all of your questions, and are FULL of great ideas and scenarios to help YOUR next party or fund raiser become an instant hit. Don't go with the cheapest company to save a buck, then end up losing money or killing the ambience of your event because you got a casino company that doesn't know what they're doing.

#2 -- The equipment that the casino company brought to the event was substandard, and not up to the quality promised by the casino company

-- This is a BIG one, but it's not even the number one problem with some disreputable casino companies. We can't say this enough: NOT ALL CASINO EQUIPMENT IS THE SAME. CHECK OUT what your casino party company plans to bring to your event. Ask for references, and USE them.  To be honest, Aces Casino isn't the only reputable orange county casino party company out there (there are actually 3 very good companies in SoCal that do a great job), but we ARE the one casino party crew with the best of everything, from the tables, to the dealers and staff members.  (Hey, I said we'd be HONEST!  Grin)

I wish I had $5 for every time that I heard a client tell us that their LAST casino company literally brought TOYS to their party, and pawned them off as "Casino tables." There are some companies out there that will literally show up with plywood sheets, and wrap cheap Blackjack layouts around them that are half the size of the size of normal BJ tables, fasten the layout on with tape, and put them on spindly cheap legs that wobble like hula dancers when touched.

Other companies will promise a Craps table at your event, then show up with a plywood box, a "tub," if you will, that's a miniature table at BEST, THEN tell you that you only purchased the "discounted model," and that the REAL casino size and quality Craps tables cost more. By THEN, it's too late; your party is about to start. You're stuck. Ask for pictures, or better yet, visit the casino company at an event that they're hosting for another client. If they refuse to give you this kind of info, RUN AWAY, as fast as you can.

But, the most blatant equipment problems that we've heard about seem to center around the Roulette tables. Two words. "TOYS ABOUND." You'll know that you got the wrong casino party company when they show up at your next event with a 12" plastic toy wheel, and call it a "Roulette Wheel." Friends, here's the straight dope -- Casino size and quality Roulette Wheels are 32 inches in diameter (from one end across to the other).

There's NOTHING worse than trying to play Roulette on a cheap, toy wheel. If they send you pictures of toy Roulette wheels upon request, find another company. Take it from Aces Casino; NEVER settle for toy tables at your casino event, especially toy Roulette tables. If you want to see what "casino size and quality" tables look like, check out our Web site link here - It's just like our ol' 20-story buddy, Godzilla - "Size Matters!"

"I Just HATE Those Toy Roulette Wheels!"

#1 -- The casino party game dealers are morons, and don't know a thing about the game they're dealing

Yes, as hard to believe as this sounds, there are disreputable casino companies that will just bring "bodies" to your event, and try to bluff their way through the games they've been assigned to. Sometimes, this happens because the casino company is just too busy for their own good, and have spread themselves too thin. Sometimes, they're just small companies that don't even ASK their staff if they can actually DEAL.

We've even heard of dealers that are brought to events, especially in Southern California, and they DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH. I'm not kidding. There's a company out here in SoCal that will stop off over at the local Home Depot on their way to their party, pick up the necessary people to fill their party, and off they go. Can you imagine not being able to even CONVERSE with your dealer during your party?

Other problems abound with sub-standard dealers, too. They don't know the game they've been assigned to. They can't help you with your game -- They're too busy asking YOU about how the game is played. Oh, my word.... Unfortunately, this happens all the time. There's nothing worse than playing casino-style games for fun only, and finding out the fun itself has been lost, because the dealers are IDIOTS, and can't deal games like Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, 3 Way-Action, Tournament Texas Hold-'Em, Craps, Roulette, or Let It Ride. They've got a better chance of piloting the Space Shuttle than create and provide a split-pot at the Hold-'Em table.

Aces Casino has always prided itself on having top-flight casino-quality dealers, tables, and staff at each and every casino event they perform at. We're not the only company that does -- That's why, again, it's important to CHECK THOSE REFERENCES. Go and SEE your casino party company in action, at another event, see how the fund raising event works for THEM. Call your prospective company, and ask questions. LOTS of them. Hey, if they're any good, they WELCOME the questions.

Bottom line -- Aces Casino is here to help all of our clients have fun, and raise funds for their favorite charities. We aren't the orange county casino night leader for nuthin'. Give us (or your local casino party company) a call, and find out everything you ever wanted to know about how much fun these casino events can be.

Oh, one more thing -- Check out the casino company's chips. If they're plastic chips, run away. It's one of my personal pet-peeves. Can't stand plastic chips. If I wanted plastic, I'd go to Hollywood.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aces Casino College Of Casino Game Knowledge: Craps 201, or Part 3 Of Our Online Craps "Webinar"

A hearty welcome to all of our "online students" that have returned for Part 3 of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge - Craps 201."  (Dusts off soap opera announcer's voice) "Ahem..." As you recall from our prior excursions into the wild and wonderful game of Craps, we've discussed some of the terms of the game and what they mean, followed by our examples of "playing the numbers across," also known as the "Place Bets."  We also took a virtual tour all the way to the back of the strategy book of Craps, to determine just how the game is beaten.

Oh, yes, and if , by chance, you neglected to attend either or both of our last two classes, fear not, my class-cutting wunderkinds -- You can go back and check out past lessons on Craps by searching for past issues of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge," which you can find at our Aces Casino Blog start page, and brought to you as an absolutely FREE service by the leader in Orange County casino party events, Aces Casino.  It's there, somewhere.  (Hey, YOU cut the classes, not me.  Go and look for them, you should read those old posts before reading this Part 3 edition, anyway.)

OK, now, where were we -- Ahh, yes, when last we met, we were preparing to talk about something of an anomaly when it comes to casino games -- The only wager on the Craps board that the casinos have NO advantage over the players. 

Traditional Craps layout (one end)

The bet we're talking about is the "odds bet."  Simply stated, after a player wagers money on the pass line and a point is created, the "odds bet" is an additional bet that is hoping that the shooter makes his point.  For instance, during the "come-out roll," A.K.,A. the first roll of any given sequence, the shooter of the dice throws a 9.  The dealer on the end of the table places the puck on 9, and now, for the pass line bet to be a winner, the shooter MUST throw a 9, before a 7.  As far as the pass line goes, those two numbers (9, and 7) are the only two numbers that matter to the pass line bet.

Now, here's the kicker - The "odds bet."  Once the shooter threw that 9 on the come-out roll, he/she could then place the "odds bet," which goes right behind the original pass line bet you made, in the area on the table that has no markings to show that the odds bet even exists.  Now, for subsequent rolls, the pass line bet AND the odds bet are looking for the only number that makes BOTH bets a winner -- The original come-out roll number show, in this instance, the 9.  If a 9 comes up before a 7, the pass line bet AND odds bet are BOTH winning bets!

And not only that, but the odds bet doesn't get paid at even money like the pass line bet -- It gets paid at what is called "true dice odds."  Whoosh...I know, I did a fly-by there.  "Just what ARE true dice odds, Mister Orange County casino night party guy?"  Good question... Here's the answer... To determine true dice odds, we simply use mathematics.  The ACTUAL odds against a shooter throwing a 9 before a seven is 3-to-2.  Why, you ask?  Simple.  There are 6 ways to make a number 7 on the dice, and only 4 ways to make a 9.

Using two dice...

Ways to make a 7 -- 1/6, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2, 6/1

Ways to make a 9 -- 4/5, 6/3, 3/6, 5/4

6 ways to make the seven, four ways to make the 9.  6-to-4, or to simplify the fraction, the odds against us throwing the 9 are 3-to-2.  And since "true dice odds" are how the "odds bets" are paid, we'd get 3-to-2 on our bet.  If we had a $5 winning pass line bet and a $10 odds bet behind it, we'd end up winning $20!  That's a $5 win on the pass line bet, and a $15 bet on the odds bet.  $10 bet got us $15, or 3-to-2.

The odds bet is simply the best bet on the craps layout, because it's the only wager in the whole danged casino that the casino has NO edge over the player.  It always pays true dice odds.  The odds against the 4-or-10 being thrown are 2-to-1 against the player... Make one of THOSE numbers before a 7 is rolled, and get paid 2-to-1 on your odds bet.  It's the Aces Casino "Wager of the Decade."  It might be tough to always trot out that odds bet when the point is created on the come-out roll, but you MUST make that bet.

Now, if your next question is something like, "hey, if it's such a good bet, how much can I bet on the table as an odds bet?"  The answer varies.... Every casino has rules when it comes to the Craps table and the subsequent "odds bet," but most casinos allow what is called "double odds," or the odds bet can be twice the amount of the original pass line bet.

Those of you that may have noticed billboards dotting the desert highway that beg to be read during the car trip to Las Vegas may have also noticed that some casinos offer 10-times odds, some even 100-times odds on Craps.  What those statements are telling us is, if you had a $5 pass line bet, and the casino offers 100-times odds on Craps, the player could actually make a $500 odds bet on that measly five bucks.  Friends, all I can say about this is, you haven't lived until you've lived thru a long roll at a Craps table waiting to see if your $500 odds bet is going to win. 

Required beverage for $500 odds bets.

So, remember, my Aces Casino Craps scholars -- The odds bet is the best bet in the casino.  Don't let it slip by, and don't hold on to your chips, waiting to see if a few other numbers come up first.  The dice have no memory, my friends, and they don't know if the chips on the table are real or fake, which makes our Orange County casino party tables the PERFECT foil for any Craps game testing. 

So much for Part 3 of our "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge" for today, "the Odds Bet," my friends.  Next up, in part 4 of our Craps online seminars, we'll touch on all of the other betting spaces on the Craps board that we haven't discussed as of yet, and tell you what they are, when they win or lose, and how you might look to bet those wagers that we call "exotic bets."  I also call them the 'kids college fund.'  I'll tell you why when we reconvene class in about two weeks. 

Later in July, we'll look at one of the most requested topics in the Orange County casino night gaming industry -- The Top 3 Things That Professional Party Planners NEVER Want To See At their upcoming Casino Event Fundraiser / Private Party.  Come back on Monday and check it out -- If you're planning that next Vegas Night party, it's a "Must-Read."  Better yet, give us a call here at Aces Casino, and we'll show you why we're the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal.  Take care, have a great weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Aces Top 5 'World Record' List, Or, "Is There REALLY A Biggest Ball Of Twine?" (Yes!)

Even though Aces Casino is considered the finest Orange County casino party companies in southern California, our long-time clients ALSO consider our crew of crazies as being big fans of anything that fits the "Theater Of The Bizarre."  

Guilty as charged.

The only thing we need to list to prove this point is something we'll call Exhibit "A" -- While tuning in to the piped-in Netflix feed on Sunday evening, the Aces Casino crew was treated to a 1989 movie starring Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd (she's the reason we turned it on in the first place) called, "Millennium," a film about futuristic time travelers that spirit away airline passengers off of doomed flights and take them to a place that looks like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.  Yeah, it was THAT bad.  And the longer the film went, the worse it got.  At the end, a supposedly-smart robot that was full of good advice decides not to save himself when the place blows up.  Note to self - When looking for advice, don't ask supposedly-smart robots.

Oh, did I mention the horrible special effects?

Boy, do we love McBarkers like this.  CLASSIC horrible movie, right up there with "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and Sandler's "Jack and Jill," it's THAT bad/good.  See what we mean?  "Theater Of The Bizarre."  Gotta have it.

So, thanks to the aforementioned "Millennium," the Aces crew started bringing up other things like the most bizarre tourist attractions in the United States, sort of a "Guinness Book of Records" - type discussion.  That's all it takes to come up with still another goofy idea for an Aces Casino Blog entry, my friends.  (Hey, Sunday evening is always slow, and we were winding down from another busy Saturday night of events.  We needed the break.)

And so, with that "inspired logic," and also a tip of the cap to the all-powerful internet and Kris Kristofferson's bland portrayal of the dumbest NTSB director in the USA, The Aces Casino "Theater Of The Bizarre Repertoire" proudly presents our "Top 5 Goofiest World Records and Tourist Attractions in the United States," in reverse order. 

#5 -- The Largest-Ever recorded snowflake

The first thing that struck me about this lil' ditty was the fact that this world's largest snowflake appeared more than 125 YEARS AGO.  What, you mean to tell me that in the last 125 years, with all this crap about global warming supposedly creating these nuclear winters, that we haven't been able to come up with one stinking snowflake that could beat that 1887 feat?  And who in their right mind back then saw this Flake-a-saurus, and thought to go get the tape measure?  Did they even HAVE tape measures back then?  Sorry, no pics of this phenomenon, but Google Doodle did a mock-up of it last week.  Oh, well, better luck next year.

#4 -- The Biggest Bottle of Catsup

This suggestion started a war over here at Aces Casino as to what was better on french fries -- Ketchup or ranch dressing?  (Don't ask, the argument finally stopped ten minutes ago.)  But, since we couldn't find the biggest bottle of Ranch, we're goin' with the catsup.  (That's what THEY call it.  Sue me.)

Somebody get Paul Bunyan on the phone.

There it is, my friends.  170 feet tall.  Here's the link to the story behind this big ol' bottle, but my favorite part of the story was where the writer had to divulge the fact that this wasn't really a "catsup" bottle -- It's a water tank.  Geee, thanks.  I would have never known.  And what's the difference between Ketchup and Catsup?  IS there?  (Ed. Note: Great, here come the e-mails.  Geeeee, thanks for THAT, too.)

#3 -- World's Largest Light Bulb

This one hit home for us.  When you're the best Orange County Casino Night party company in the biz, lighting is important.  So, check out this 13-foot tall beauty from Edison, N.J. right here.  Can't tell from the pic if it's one of those bizarre, curly-cue-looking bulbs that we hate.  Even Shaquille O'Neal would have to bring a ladder to change THAT baby.

I bet Home Depot doesn't carry THOSE.

#2 --  World's Largest Thermometer

Those of us that drive down the 15 freeway to partake in the yearly pilgrimage to Las Vegas from Orange County, CA., have undoubtedly seen this rectal temperature-taking nightmare out in Baker, Ca.  The last time that we tooled thru that hotbed of heat last summer, we noticed that the thermometer wasn't working.  The building associated with this big-time tourist attraction had no tenant.  We'll catch up with this story later in a subsequent blog, I promise you.  We gotta get this thing working again.

47???  Every time I go there, it's more like 120 degrees.

 #1 -- The World's Biggest Ball Of Twine

Now, I don't know about YOU, but it seems that I hear about this big ball of string CONSTANTLY.  Boy, I wish that Aces Casino had this twine ball's press agent.  Oh, but hold on a minute -- It seems that the "inquiry" sign on the tote board is lit, when discussing this so-called world record.  You see, what the crack staff here found out is, there's controversy in this category....

Don'cha just LOVE it?  Twine-Gate.

It seems that the world record for the biggest ball of twine is currently held by a Godzilla-sized ball in Cawker City, Kansas, which is estimated to contain over 7 million feet of twine.  Now, THAT'S a big ball of twine, and yes, it IS the biggest in the world.

Or IS it?

Wow.  Just, WOW.

I love the most recent article that we could find on this spherical monster, which we'll list in a link right here.  Cawker City LOVES their mammoth creation, and fully celebrates it's existence all over town.  Paintings, souvenirs, even a "twine walk" that shows painted footprints that most likely lead to Twine-Zilla.  The best part of THAT saga is the hiring of city-based students to paint the footprints that apparently lead visitors all OVER the place.  Now, THAT'S my type of city pride.  


In that same article linked above, the author mentions another huge ball of twine, that looks like IT, at one time, WAS the world record holder.  It's located in Darwin, Minnesota, and, as the story goes, was created by just ONE man, a gentleman named Francis Johnson, known here at our Orange County casino party offices as "the man that had more time on his hands than WE did."  Favorite quote: The lady that proudly announces that "We don't have much of a town left, but the twine ball really draws 'em in."  Damn, there goes her chance to be mayor.

The Minnesota entry, with a big ol' sign.

Yep, there's the Minnesota Ball of Twine.  It's got it's own house.  They play for keeps in Minnesota.  Now, the problem that the Minnesota people seem to have with the Kansas ball of twine is that, A) the Kansas ball of twine was "built" and continues to be built by many different people, and not just one person, and B) it really isn't a "Ball" any more, as the people that are adding to the Kansas ball are just wrapping twine around the center of the ball, which is beginning to turn it into the "biggest ball of something that will look like the world's biggest cornbread muffin."  You can see the twine-adding spool in the picture, on the floor, right-of-center.  Oh, also,  kids are climbing on the Kansas ball and shifting the ball's shape a bit.  Darned kids.  No respect for twine balls, I tell ya.  Plus, it's starting to stink a bit?  OK, that's never good, and could be grounds for a DQ right there..

So, there you have it.  Darwin, Minnesota is crying foul about that Cawker City creation.  Well, there's only one way to settle this.  Aces Casino, A.K.A. the Orange County casino night party leaders, has got to visit these two fine cities and see what the townspeople have to say about all of this.  We're always up for a challenge - That, and we're also always up for an out-of-town casino party.  Someone tell the fine folks of Darwin and Cawker City that we'll get the sponsorship and bring the casino party if you contact us and invite us to this Twine-soiree.  Have the local officials in the various city hall offices of the towns get ahold of us.  I'll guarantee you that It's not the craziest thing we've ever done.  The submarine party has to be the winner of THAT designation.

Don't ask.  Here's a hint, though - two words.  Spiral Staircase.

THat's all for our goofy blog today... Hey, just a reminder -- Those of you that have been part of our "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge" series, Thursday's blog will feature Part 3 of the Craps seminar we've been posting.   Take care, have a good day, and we'll see you "in class" on Thursday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Top 3 Craziest Events In Aces Casino Entertainment's Long And Crazy History

(Ed. Note: The Aces Casino Entertainment Annual Company Party is tentatively scheduled for this coming Sunday, February 12, 2012.  All past and present Aces team members are encouraged to contact the company's main office to RSVP to what looks to be another legendary get-together for the "crew."  The bloggers will surely chronicle the happenings in an upcoming blog entry, but for now, we return you to our regularly scheduled parakeet paper.)

If we had to guess the year that Aces Casino hit the "big time" when it came to the printed media, we'd probably choose the 2003 season.  For you see, that was the year that the Orange County Register, one of the southland's best daily newspapers, chose to honor our Orange County casino party company as their "Vegas Night Company Of The Year."

It seems that one of their top entertainment directors just happened to attend an Aces Casino '03 fundraising event held at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel for the local chapter of the MS Society, and loved how we entertained the masses with our irreverent brand of casino party madness.  We especially loved the pseudo-title he gave us in the article, one that we use to this day.....

"Professionally Irreverent."

That's right - The O. C. Register hit the casino party nail right on the head.  That's us!  Aces Casino has always taken pride in being 100% professional at EVERY casino night party we do.  We're big on every aspect of the event, from itinerary preparation, to perfecting the necessary floor plans in order to fully interact with all of the facets of the event taking place, to assembling the right casino staff on game day to pull off yet another perfect Orange County casino night party.

Ahh, yes.  Our staff, A.K.A. the "irreverent" part of our adopted title.  Without question, they're the best in the business, and they were the ones that we immediately contacted a while back when the subject of "which Aces Casino events stand out in your mind most" was thought of.  Bottom line, they're seen it ALL in the 18 years we've been doing this type of work, and once the votes were tabulated, three events stood out as the "wildest and craziest, the Best of the Best."  (Ed. Note: One event, which would have easily made the top 3, had to be removed because of, shall we say, "Not-For-Prime-Time Content."  Ask John.  He'll tell you about it at one of our events.  Make sure and pick the right 'John,' though.)

So, without any more blather, and as voted on by the people that should know, here are the top 3 "craziest Events" to date in the history of Aces Casino Entertainment...

#3 -- "The Dining Yacht Christmas Party that Wouldn't End"

Aces Casino has "hit the high seas" many times in it's long history, and those events seem like they're ALWAYS memorable - But all of those OTHER harbor cruise events pale in comparison to the famous "party that wouldn't end" event back in December, 2009.

I'll mention right up front that this event wasn't one of my favorites, because of some of the event's circumstances that we'll mention in a moment, and due to the touchiness of the event, as they say on the old TV show, "Dragnet," we must state that "the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Suffice it to say that the client for this particular event had told us from day one that the price for our services, in her estimation, were MUCH too high.  Later, after shopping around for a bit, she found out that, actually, we were the LOWEST price in the Orange County casino party business for the second Saturday evening in December, when EVERYBODY is sold out.

This fact never mattered to our client, however.  She continually repeated the phrase, "the cost is too much," even after signing a contract with us to do her event.  What we DIDN'T know at the time was, she had a master plan up her cheap little sleeve all the while.

Our equipment, dealer team and staff all get on the ship to set things up and prepare for the harbor cruise, and after the guests arrive, we set sail for Newport's "Parade of Lights," an annual happening out in Newport Harbor.  Great event, always have loved seeing all the ships and boats decked out in Christmas lighting.

The client has arranged with the cruise lines and the casino party company for a four-hour party, from 7pm to 11pm, and everything is going swimmingly (pardon the pun).  As the 11pm time draws near, and our ship returns to the dock, suddenly, the boat does an abrupt about-face, and heads BACK OUT into the harbor.  Almost immediately after this happens, the client makes her way into the casino and makes an announcement that "keep playing casino games, everyone!  We're going to cruise around for another hour!

Wild applause from the guests.  Unfortunately, there is NO applause from the dealer team and staff.  Reason?  The client has arbitrarily extended the event by another hour, without clearing it with us, first.  When confronted with this situation, she flatly informs me that "we're stuck on the boat for another hour, we might as well play games."  I tell her that's fine, that she'll have to pay for an hour of overtime for all six of the Aces Casino team.

 She FLATLY refuses.  "I told you your prices were too high.  We want an extra hour, you have to give it to us for free."

No OT?  This is what the Aces Crew was capable of.

Needless to say, the Aces team is ticked.  One dealer pays a babysitter a TON for OT.  One other one has her boyfriend waiting for her at the dock to give her a ride.  The team is NOT happy.  They want OFF this boat, to say the least.  As the 11pm hour approaches, our team has to make a decision - Let the guests know that their event coordinator is a scoundrel and stop work at 11pm, or give in, and give the party another hour. 

WE gave in, and gave the guests the extra hour, and paid the dealers the OT out of our own pocket.  Ouch, that didn't go over well with the brass at Aces Casino.  Later, the company sued the event coordinator and won in small claims court, to which the lady screamed at us after losing the case, "I'll never use your company again."

Gee, that's too bad. We love working for clients that lie to us, kidnap us and hold us hostage, and try to steal our services.  Merry Christmas to you, too.  All in all, that WAS a wild night on board that dining yacht that will not be named.  Now, we bring a small dinghy with us, just in case we need to abandon ship.  (Ed. Note: Aces has worked 16 dining yacht holiday events since that "Titanic" voyage, without incident.  Not a Somali pirate in sight, since then.)

#2 -- Cinergi Pictures "Die Hard W/A Vengeance" Wrap Party

A lot of people thought this one would be #1 on our list, because of all the celebrity craziness that took place at this event, but, surprisingly, for THIS vote, it falls to #2.  This event was chronicled in this blog back in 2010, and you can find the link to what we call the "Bruce Willis Saga" right here.  Enjoy.

#1 -- Midget Wrestling Show At The Concourse

Some things in life, you just never forget.  Your first date, your first car, your first midget wrestling promotion.

Uh-huh.  You heard me right.

OK, here's the low-down -- Because of it's long-standing history in the Orange County casino party business, Aces Casino has made quite a few very nice, if not slightly eclectic connections in the entertainment industry.  Trust me, we've seen it all.

Or so we thought.

Back in 2007, Brandon Rainone and Steve Ellis of Concourse Bowl came to us with one of their typically-inspired ideas for a great Saint Patrick's Day promotion at their fine bowling and entertainment venue in Anaheim that would coincide with Brandon's upcoming birthday party --

"Leprechaun Wrestling."

That's right, friends -- Hold the event on St. Patty's Day, bring in a team of midget wrestlers dressed as leprechauns, add some lovely lady-ring-girls, hold it on a Saturday, have two full bars operating at the establishment, and let the birthday celebration begin! 

As advertised.  We did it up right.

Make no mistake about it - Brandon, Steve and the team over at Concourse Bowl wrote the book on successful promotion ideas, and Aces Casino has appeared at that fine facility in one capacity or another more than just about any place in California, so they KNEW who to come to when it came to eclectic, fun entertainment ideas.  (I do recall that the original order was for a midget wrestling show AND two white tigers.  Don't ask.)

Needless to say, the Aces Casino crew got in touch with the top midget wrestling company in California and secured their services for the event, ring and all.  And the Concourse had no problem getting the "ring girls," with all of their contacts.  Anyone interested in seeing some of the pics that were taken at this St. Patty's Spectacular almost five years ago can find that link right here.

All in all, it was a fantastic day at the Concourse.  I'll never forget seeing that full-sized wrestling ring sitting right in the middle of the Concourse.  Thoughts of "now, THERE'S something you don't see every day" danced thru my head as I walked into the building on that special day.

Oh, yeah.  A VERY special day.

There are a LOT more crazy events that didn't make this list.  Someday, we'll get to those, as well, but for now, that's all from the Aces Casino "Propaganda Ministry," A.K.A. the best Orange County casino party company in SoCal.   Oh, and if you're planning that next wild and crazy casino party, and are looking for just the right company to get the job done, you KNOW that Aces Casino is the place to come to.  There's no doubt - We KNOW wild and crazy!

Well, that's all for another week at the ol' Blog.  Next week, we'll be posting two long-awaited editions of the Aces Casino Blog -- On Monday, the Aces Casino crew shares their opinion of what they love most about their "Top 5 Goofiest Guinness World Records" list.  (Hint: the list sparked some controversy in not one, but TWO states.  Gee, what a surprise.)  Then, on Thursday, it's back to class, as the Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge moves on to Part 3 of their discussion on the game of Craps.  Study up, fellow students, have a great weekend, and we'll see you at the tables!