Monday, January 16, 2012

Aces Casino College Of Casino Game Knowledge: Craps 201, or Part 2 Of Our Online Craps Seminar

Before we get into Part Two of our seminar on the game of Craps, the marketing and advertising staff here at Aces Casino has an announcement to make -- And that announcement is that it appears that our Orange County casino night juggernaut is finally back on schedule with our efforts to provide two blogs per week (Ed. Note: well, at LEAST once a week), in order to assist the many owners of parakeets here in the southland with their lining of the bottom of the cage with our irreverent, blathering blogs.  Our detractors can never say that we don't provide SOME service to the public.  Hey, some of our best blog subscribers are parakeets.

And whatever you do, do NOT make us write about that lorikeet attack at the Aquarium of the Pacific three years ago.  We're not paying any more royalties to the Hitchcock family.  But, as usual, I digress..... (Ed. Note: I'm told that the A.C. Blog will touch on that crazy story sometime in the next two months.  It's worth the wait.)

OK, now, where were we? Oh, yes; If you read "Part One" of how to play this game called Craps, we left you with a question last week. And, with Aces Casino being the industry leader in orange county casino party rentals, it's only right to pick up the discussion from that particular point.....

"What if the shooter doesn't throw a six OR a seven for a VERY long time?"

And the answer is, "you'll instantly figure out the way to beat this game." I know we've all done it before...We've been walking thru one of the many gaming areas of a Las Vegas casino, and hear a wild commotion coming from one of the gaming tables in the casino pit. AND, every time I hear the shrieks of joy, I'm guessing it's at a Craps table. So, for those of you that are wondering to yourself at that very moment, "why is everyone going so crazy?" The answer is the question we posted above -- Someone hasn't thrown their point number or a seven for a VERRRY long time.

Think about it -- In the game of Craps, yes, the 'seven' DOES turn into the enemy of the player, once a point is created, but if the shooter avoids the sevens on the dice, it's like the Craps table has opened up it's very own ATM. EVERY time the dice roll and it ain't a seven, someone's most likely getting paid off on one of their "place bets" on those other numbers available for betting; 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and/or 10. OK, I know -- "So, Mr. "orange county casino party guy, can you provide us with a little tutorial?" Ahh, yes, ask, and you shall receive.....

Example -- On the 'come-out roll' (First roll of the sequence), shooter throws a five. Dealers mark the 5 as the 'point,' and now, the 'pass line bet' needs a five to be thrown BEFORE a seven. Now, the INSTANT that the shooter threw that five, he gives the dealer $27. Why? Because with that $27 wager, he can play what is called "across." The player can place the correct bets on the OTHER five main numbers on the game board, in this example, $5 on 4, $6 each on six and eight, $5 on 9, and $5 on 10. (You have to put an extra buck on the six and eight to get the correct payout odds, which are 7-to-6.

So, there you have it. Shooter throws 5, his pass line bet has that number covered. And, with that $27 bet, he ALSO has the 4-6-8-9-10 covered as well. For ALL SIX of these bets, there is only one number on the dice that can kill ALL of those bets -- SEVEN. Therefore, you can SEE why the table gets so crazy! No sevens for a long time = Cash, fun, and Craps euphoria.

 Form the look on her face, she's not having much fun-fun-fun.

But, in our example, we've neglected to mention what is truly the best bet on the Craps layout, the only bet that pays out "true dice odds," the only bets where the house has NO advantage over the player, the odds are, in a way, EVEN. And what IS this bet that every player should make, the second the point is created?

Ahhh, for THAT, you'll have to tune into Part Three of our Craps series. Another Craps cliffhanger from the orange county casino party leader, Aces Casino! We'll post Part Three sometime in the next week or two.  We'll hold off a bit as a result of the backlog of crazy happenings that we have to catch up on here in the Aces Casino blog but haven't gotten to as of this writing because of the December holiday calendar crunch (including the Calabasas visit to the Kardashians, we promise you).  We have PLENTY to write about when it comes to our company that always seems to be "where the action is." Take care, and we'll see you on Thursday!

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