Monday, January 9, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: The December Holiday Parties Are In The Rear View Mirror - What's Next?

OK, THAT was a CRAZY month.

Here at Aces Casino, we pretty much expect that our Decembers can be a little wild around the offices of this, the Orange County casino party leader.  We understand that EVERYBODY wants Aces Casino at their Christmas events, and we are very happy to supply our band of more than 165 frustrated game-show contestants to our cherished clientele that annually looks for the best in casino party entertainment.  That having been said, when you put on your top performance at some 58 events over a 15-day time frame, your team gets a little tired, come the New Year.

The good news is, when it comes to Aces Casino, we take not ONE break, but TWO.  More on that a little later, but suffice it to say that after taking a week off from the madness that is the holiday season (and we wouldn't have it any other way), we're fully re-charged and ready to go full steam into what looks to be a fantastic 2012 Orange County casino night party season.

As mid-January approaches, we see that a lot of fundraising organizations are joining forces with Aces Casino this year to bolster their coffers with some much-needed revenue.  And believe me, NO ONE does a better fundraising assistance for local schools, youth sports teams and charitable organizations than Aces Casino Entertainment.  Next week, we'll be posting some of our better ideas on how to make your next fundraiser a rousing success, as well as getting back to what our blog team does best - Taking a peek at the irreverent side of life here in Orange County.  Trust me, we've got some pretty funny stories to tell about some of the happenings in the last two months.... We'll get to everything in subsequent blog releases here in our internet "parakeet paper," we promise.

Oh, yes, before we go, we wanted to get back to something we mentioned earlier, something we call the "Aces Casino Staff Re-Charging Initiative," A.K.A. the 2012 Aces Casino Entertainment Holiday Party.  The team already had a week off for New Years, but this is "break number two," OUR holiday party.  (We throw it in January, because no one is ever available in December, because of our industry.  Go figure.)

Now, LAST year's event, our first and last annual "Aces Casino 500" held at the incomparable K-1 Speed location in Anaheim, right near the 57/91 interchange, was a BLAST.  (No I didn't compete -- Somebody had to shoot the film for the dumb blog.  Rip-off.)  Here's a reminder of who did the best in the 2010 race....

The "Inquiry" sign is on.  Please hold all Win, Place and Show tickets.

Yes, there they are, the "top three" in the 2011 "Aces Casino 500."  In the middle, the winner (who almost went wire-to-wire) was Scott Percifield, who not only didn't get the memo to actually look at the camera when the K-1 staff took his picture, but also must have skimmed over the part in the invitation that Aces Casino wasn't ALSO holding it's annual "ugly shirt playoffs" until the following week.  (Ed. Note: He's usually a VERY snappy dresser.  We'll give him a mulligan.  When you're the top Orange County casino party company in the SoCal area, you can let one ugly shirt slide.) 

On the left is 2nd-place finisher Yolanda Wong, who is celebrating in the picture as a result of her finding out she's not liable for the more than $2300 in damage she caused by running not one, but TWO Aces team members off the track during the race, including the odds-on fave to win the race, Larry Hankin (whose car was so badly damaged, it's suspension had to be replaced by the K-1 staff).   However, after the steward's inquiry, Yolanda was removed from the 2nd-place spot and placed last, making the gentleman on the right side of the photo, our own Darwin Valentine, the silver medalist in the event.  (Darwin also finished 2nd in the ugly shirt competition.)

Now, without question, K-1 Speed in Anaheim is our favorite location EVER for hosting our holiday party, but the staff wants to make the "500" an every-other-year event, so now, yours truly has to find something just as good.  (NOT easy, believe me.  K-1's staff, from top-gun RaeLyn Stokes, to everybody on down the line, was SO helpful in getting us the best event in our history.  Thanks again, RaeLyn.)

Well, that's all for now.  We'll pop up with more drivel from the Orange County casino night party leaders tomorrow or Wednesday, and get back on our "at least once a week" schedule of posting nonsense on our parakeet paper.  And remember -- If you're planning a fundraiser, winter/spring formal, or just an intimate in-home event, give your friends at Aces Casino a call.  We're here to help, and are the best in the business at putting on fantastic casino night parties!  OK, we'll see you all later in the week!

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