Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Yes, We DO Love The Holidays. That's Why We're STILL Giving Out Party Discounts!

Here at Aces Casino, the place that's well-known as the top Orange county casino party company in southern California, our team of crazies just LOVE the holidays.  That's why we're making this special offer to all of our many blog-buddies that are looking for deals on casino party rentals. 

So, taking into account the motto that we love to live by ('Tis better to give than to receive), here's a little gift from all of us to all of our favorite event planners -- Call Aces Casino before the end of 2012 and book a party with us, and we'll knock $100 off of your package cost!  Pretty cool, huh?  That's us, my friends... "Cool Aces Casino."  OK, I'll go and sit by the telephones, so I can help you when you call...

Oh, yeah, before I go, make sure and check out the Aces Casino Blog next Tuesday.  At that time, we'll have "Entry #2" in our "Aces Casino Blog Tough Trivia" series, and It's a goodie -- "Raiders of the Lost Ark."  We'll see you then!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: It's Not Too Late (Yet) to Book the Perfect Holiday Party Entertainment Tool! (A Casino!)

A special announcement from Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leader - We still have openings for YOUR holiday casino night event this December!  They ARE few and far between, but (at press time) there are still at least one Saturday night open, as well as two Friday night event listings available for the orange county casino night event planners to gobble up.

Interested?  Give us a call!  (Ed. Note: mention this blog, and get an instant 10% discount.)  We're here to help you with that crazy event calendar of yours.  Hey - Our company motto is and has always been "this beats working," so give us a call, and let's do December!

This could be you.  (Actually, if could be ME, too.)

Oh, also - Here's an Aces Casino Blog update -- On Monday, we'll give the long-awaited answer to the tough trivia questions posted in September in regards to the classic film, "Jaws."  Those of you that e-mailed your answers - we'll grade your "tests," and give out the prizes to our deserved winners.  That's all for now - Remember, all you event planners - Give Aces Casino a call today, and find out what the top orange county casino party company in SoCal can do for YOUR holiday get-together, at an incredibly low price!  (Ed. Note: and remember what I said!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Movie Trivia Time! "Jaws" (1975) Gets The "Aces Casino Tough Trivia" Treatment

As long-time Aces Blog readers already know, the staff here at Aces Casino are not just the reason that our company is the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal -- They're also the best at wasting time on Mondays here in the Aces offices.  So, when the topic of discussion came up in the hallways concerning "what the next scintillating topic" would make it's appearance on the ol' Blog on Thursday, it turned out to be a no-brainer.

But ..... Not just ANY "no-brainer."

You see, besides all the other accolades heaped upon our bright-eyed Orange County casino night team, we here at Aces Casino are ALSO known for our intense trivia contests.  (Ed. Note: Show up an hour early for an event out with our friends at K. Hovnanian Homebuilders someday, and you'll find this lil' ditty is WAY true.)  So, it made mucho sense to begin to share this inter-office "trivia game" with the blog-readers of the outside world, starting with this very blog-effort.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the latest in the Aces Casino Blog "Recurring Theme" series -- It's time for the Aces Casino Entertainment Tough Trivia Game!  We'll do this as much as possible, so send us the titles of your favorite films, and we'll do the "Tough Trivia" thing any time we get five good questions from our Aces Casino team.

 O.K. -- Here is your first category..... "Jaws."  (1975)

We'll give out five questions, and they  can  be fairly challenging at times....  Here come the questions in "Jaws Tough Trivia."  The answers will appear on Monday.  Ready?  I hope so..

#1 -- Well, we'll start out with a softie.  We know Murray Hamilton was GREAT as the Mayor of Amity Island.....What was his character's name in the film?

#2 -- OK...Not bad .... Remember when the Brody kid has to go to the hospital after his "brush" with death in the pond?  Well, he asked for a specific flavor of ice cream.  That flavor he requested was..... ???  (Extra credit for the players that remember that one other thing that he asked his mom to bring to the hospital.)

#3 -- Ugh...OK, we have to do it.  Whose head came rolling out of the hole in that boat found adrift by Brody and Hooper?  (That's an easy one.)

#4 -- Name all of the people that die in the film of shark attacks.  Careful -- Don't forget one!

Hey, Quint - It's for you.

And #5  (My favorite Jaws trivia question ever) --  Hooper and Brody decide (after a nip or two at the Chief's house one night) to go down to the dock and cut open that tiger shark that was caught earlier in the day that was suspected of killing that Kintner boy.  Hooper does the honors, and, in his search of the contents of the shark's digestive system, he pulls out, among other things, a license plate.  What U.S. state is that license plate from?

Well, that's it for our first venture into our "Tough Trivia" blog game.  We'll see you all on Monday.  Thanks again to Aces Casino, the top Orange County casino night party company for giving us this soapbox to goof off in.  See you next week!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: It's The Attention To Detail That Makes Aces Casino a GREAT Casino Party Company

I suppose it's just about time to face facts.

For a long time now, Aces Casino has been pontificating about being one of the top orange county casino party companies in southern California.  But it appears that, after these many long days, weeks and months, we may have left out just what makes a professional casino party company special.

Let's see if we can remedy this lil' situation.  It's pretty easy, really -- It's simply the equipment, the staff, and the love of the business we're in.

1. -- The Equipment -- There are many reasons that a client comes to Aces Casino to ask them to be their orange county casino night party supplier, but one of the first reasons to choose Aces Casino HAS to be the selection of gaming equipment available for their event.  

Casino-quality Roulette Wheels.  Aces Casino has 'em.

From Craps, Blackjack and Roulette to ALL of the current and most popular games in the casino gaming industry, Aces Casino has them ALL, and we mean ALL of them.  We're constantly hearing the sound of surprise on the other end of the telephone when clients find out that Aces Casino DOES have Three-Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em, Wheels of Fortune, Pai-Gow Poker, Sic-Bo, Let It Ride, World-Class Texas Hold-'Em Tournament Poker and more.  Their saying is, "If you've seen it, we have it."

2. -- The Staff -- These guys really ARE the best in the business.  When the company was first formed back in 1994, the assembly of the staff instantly became a top priority.  The games dealers had to be knowledgeable AND entertaining, the front office personnel had to know every aspect not only the hospitality end of this service industry, but also be fluent when it comes to the casino management end of things.  

This attention to detail starts at the very top, and flows all the way down to the blog article writers covering this orange county casino party company.  (Ed. Note: Yes, we know.)  It shows in every event Aces Casino becomes a part of, and has become the standard-bearer of the casino party industry here in southern California.  (Ed. Note: one example of this commitment to excellence is the fact that Aces only hires approximately THREE dealers per year to refill their dealer and staff member rolls.  Everyone loves being here, and can't wait to go out to another event.)

3. -- The Love Of The Business -- A wise sage once said, "when you love the type of work you are doing, it's never a job."  That sums up the attitude here at Aces Casino.  Everyone here LOVES doing this crazy "job."  It's like getting together every weekend and mid-week date to throw a party - But not just for US.  It's for the clients that we love so much.  EVERY client gets the same specialized casino party treatment; that's why Aces Casino sits atop the orange county casino night standings when it comes to professional casino party events.  

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Aces Casino's full commitment to excellence in the casino party industry shines through.  I mean, what OTHER casino party company in our industry does a blog like this?  NOBODY, THAT'S WHO.  We've been doing this for YEARS, now.  Hey, like the sage once said - We love what we do.  The company motto is and has always been, "This Beats Working."  That says it all, my friends.  Give us a call today, and let us bring our pro style casino party event to your next special occasion.  We guarantee you that you'll be a fan for life.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Some Cartoons Are Just Meant To Be Shared With Our Faithful Aces Blog Readers

Here at Aces Casino, we love the fact that we're known as the orange county casino party company with a sense of humor.  Every week, the team here at Aces shows their incredible talent at making people laugh, and have a good time.  So, when the powers that be here at the top orange county casino night party company in SoCal decided that a contest would be held amongst the staff to see who could come up with the funniest one-panel cartoon, it was "game on" around here.

We had many fine submissions, but after a while, it was determined that we had a winner.  It was pretty much unanimous, so here, without further hesitation, is the winner of the Aces Casino cartoon contest......

Our Winner.

The lucky cartoonist will receive one of our special "Employee of the Month" trophies, as well as a day off with pay.  See?  It pays to be goofy here at Aces Casino!  That's it for this week's blog entries..... We'll be back on Monday with a REAL blog submission.   Have a good weekend, and we'll see you then!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: "We're Back!" (Not That That's a GOOD Thing, But We're Back, Just The Same)

Ahh, it's SO good to be back behind the keyboard as we move past this very hot summer, and on into the months of August and September.  (Ed. Note: he doesn't mean any of that.  He's just sad that his vacation ran out.  It IS good to be back, though.  Vegas was not kind to the editor of this rag.)

Some crazy things have been happening this month while the gang from this orange county casino party company were off on va-ca.   We'll just touch on a few things before we move on...

-- We had two pretty good earthquakes, and actually suffered a little damage to one of our "chip walls" during the second one.  (Ed. Note: Great, now we have to re-paint.)

Multiply this by 1000, and you'll have the mess in the back room.

-- The Olympics have come and gone.  Pouring thru all of the DVR recordings, we found a few gems among the mass of Olympic humanity, specifically, the US Women's two-person volleyball, the Women's soccer gold medal game, and the Mens' hoops gold, as usual...

-- The Poker Stars purchase of Full Tilt Poker (Ed. Note: YES!!!)  Hopefully, this might get the DOJ and PS together and on the same wave length, so we can see the return of online poker play here in the United States.....

So, we'll scoop up all the loose chips on the floor of the facility, watch the DVR's Olympics until we explode, and ready our bank accounts for the return of our money from the FTP "Black Friday."  We'll also return on Thursday of this week with another "real" installment of the Aces Casino Blog.  (Ed. Note: You got THAT right.  This one shouldn't count, it doesn't say anything.)  

So, thanks for hanging in there while we did the "Greatest Hits" thing here at the leader in orange county casino night parties.   We'll catch up with the mail while most of the missing members of the team return from parts unknown, and post our usual drivel in three days, ain or shine.  Upcoming blog posts will include our usual fantasy football pre-season rants, as well as our favorite vacation stories as told by our soon-to-be-returning staff members.  Take care, and we'll see you on Thursday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aces Casino Blog "Greatest Hits:" As Bonnie Bedelia Would Say, "Why Does This Keep Happening To us?"

(Ed. Note: The team at Aces Casino will be away from the Aces offices for 8 more days while necessary construction and renovation work is done at the main facility in Buena Park.  We will return on Monday, August 13th, with new blog posts and re-charged management and staff.  In the meantime, please enjoy one of our "Greatest Hits" blog posts, this one dealing with what turned out to be another very interesting celebrity encounter or three.)

Recently, there was a manager's meeting held here at the offices of Aces Casino, the top orange county casino party rental giant. The reason for this "summit meeting" of our top six department heads was pretty simple; the team was there to come up with some suitable, yet witty content for the next few blog entries to post right here in our infamous Aces Casino blog. (You didn't think I thought all of this stuff up, did you? -- Grin) Yeah, that's right; It's "Casino Night Writer's Block." It happens....

What we found out was the answer to the riddle, "How many casino night managers does it take to come up with even ONE suitable topic?" Well, the answer appears to be six. They ALL came up with the SAME IDEA. So much for great minds think alike.

But...Wait, just a minute. First, they DID have a point. "Aces, you already blogged about our favorite celebrity casino event of all time!" (this event is the one they all thought of first.) But, just like the best think-tankers of these United States, they all thought of their second-favorite celebrity-laced casino night endeavor, and suggested that we use THAT one.

OK. I'm easy. It's not one of MY favorites (for reasons that you'll understand later), but yours truly only has one vote. Democracy wins out again, friends.

It's an event that was instantly dubbed, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." And, without question, it was ALL of the above, in spades, as you'll soon see.

The event was a celebrity fund raiser held at a studio warehouse in Culver City about 15 years ago, and as Jack Webb would have so eloquently put it, "What you about to read is true. The charities' names have been changed to protect the innocent." The CHARITIES, yes. The CELEBRITIES? Uh-uhh. Nope. We're going with THEIR names. We'd make a GREAT tell-all book author.

 The scene of the Crime.

The day of the event, the entire Aces team was totally psyched; Because of the nature of the event, and all of the celebs that would be in attendance, it wasn't hard for the top orange county casino party juggernaut to fill the 30-some-odd dealers needed to properly staff this casino party.

All was well... The equipment was set up in perfect position for the casino floor, the dealer team was early as always, to receive their assignments for the evening, the casino floor staff (including me) was ready to go. Then, right before the event, the hostess for the evening came to talk to us about what she wanted most from us, to assist her in the event.

It was none other than Joan Rivers.

Ouch. Now, I hadn't ever met Ms. Rivers before, but obviously, today was going to be my unlucky day. As she shuffled toward us, I remember not actually recognizing her (In hindsight, I would estimate that she was, at that point, somewhere between face lifts 5-and-8), but, yep, although she was slightly contorted, there was no mistaking that voice.

I introduced myself, and her immediate response was "Nice to meet you, Stan." (Not my name.) And, even though I corrected her a number of times during this first get-together, it never took. I was "Stan" all night. Hey, what the heck, i've been called worse. I used to referee hockey games in Westminster, California. I WISHED that THOSE guys would call me Stan.

Anyway, she filled me in on what little she knew about the event, and went on her merry way. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last I would see of Joan Rivers on this fateful evening. Oh, NOOOO, not by a long shot.

Reason? Well, Joan thought that it would be a hoot to follow me around and constantly quiz me about what I was doing during our Las Vegas night casino event, and never missing a trick when it came to interrupting my work with the dealers and clients, and harassing both me AND the clients with snide "comedic" innuendos that were being broadcast throughout the casino floor via her wireless microphone.

That face of hers still haunts me to this day. (I'm told this is a recurring nightmare for many people that watch her on television. Ask Annie Duke.) That was a long night. She repeatedly asked me questions like, "what do you think of my butt, Stan?" I finally answered her by telling her that I had seen more butt on a cigarette, a quip she didn't take to at all. She turned her "let's harass Stan" meter up to "10" at that point. Yikes...

Joan Rivers -- Definitely the "BAD."

In fairness, we HAVE to move right to the good. Steven Spielberg. Talk about a nice guy. Irically, he was playing at a Blackjack table with a dealer that has been notorious for being, shall we say, "merciless" when it comes to beating up our fake casino game players. Spielberg was unable to dodge this dealers' wrath as well, declaring at one point that, "If I lose one more hand, i'll be unable to afford to make my next picture.

Thank goodness the casino chips ARE fake, because the director of such blockbuster hits as "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park" lost an incredible 17 hands in a row. Stick to blockbusters, Steven... (Grin)

Well, I guess that only leaves us with our third of three parts. We've had the "good," we've talked about the "bad." Now, it's time for the "ugly." and BOY, was IT ugly. (Laugh) Take it from an orange county casino night party employee that looks in the mirror on a daily basis: I KNOW UGLY.

Same party, and almost immediately after having a few laughs with Mr. Spielberg, we get a call over our headset communications system... "Ummm, Aces, we need a little help on table #2."

OK, no problem. I know Table 2. It's right near the warehouse entrance, right next to ED-209, the robot from "Robocop." Can't miss it. I also note to myself that it has one of our all-time favorite blackjack dealers at that table, one of the nicest guys in the world. So, without hesitation, it's time to go over to Table #2, and talk to our dealer.

When I get near, the dealer waves me over, and quietly whispers to me something I thought i'd never hear from this dealer..... "If you don't get this guy away from me right now, i'm going to have to kill him."

I look over at the player he's pointing at, and it's ROBERT WAGNER.

 One of the greatest actors in Hollywood history.

Now, i've always LOVED Robert Wagner, all the shows he's done (Hart to Hart, Switch), and to top it all off, the dealer doesn't recognize or know who Wagner is. (Darned young dealers. Makes me feel old.) Besides, this is the SAME Robert Wagner that was oh-so-hospitable at the beginning of the event.

Funny what 9 glasses of wine will do to ya.  Hey, I've been THERE, done THAT. 

Well, he's totally out of control: boisterous, argumentative, consistently slurring his words, swearing at the dealer, accusing him of cheating. (Yeah, we always love cheating celebs out of fake chips at high-end charitable events.)

Luckily, one of Wagner's friends immediately comes to the rescue to assist him in getting away from the table, and it's a good thing -- Here comes Joan Rivers, looking for someone to verbally assault, and Robert Wagner would have been a prime target. Once she arrives at the table, It's too late to attack the late Mr. Wagner, so now, it's time to harass the old "pit boss," yours truly, "Ol' Stan."

Hey, it's better than Ol' "frozen face" getting into it with Alexander Mundy. THAT could have been REALLY ugly.

Wow....THAT was a night to remember. Or forget. I haven't decided which. What did I learn from all of our experience at what turned out to be a really fun event? Easy.

Next time we do a celeb event, i'm bringing ED-209 with me.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Aces Casino Blog "Greatest Hits:" In The End, Officer McClane Really Didn't Say a Whole Heck of a Lot......

(Ed. Note: The team at Aces Casino will be away from the Aces offices for two weeks while necessary construction and renovation work is done at the main facility in Buena Park.  We will return on Tuesday, August 9th, with new blog posts and re-charged management and staff.  In the meantime, please enjoy one of our "Greatest Hits" blog posts, this one dealing with what turned out to be a very interesting celebrity encounter.)

It IS true.

Without QUESTION, we have the greatest job in the world.

I tell that to anyone that'll listen, and, after seeing the top los angeles casino rental company in the industry at work, 99.99 people wholeheartedly agree. (My wife's the lone dissenter, but there's a story for another blog....Grin)

Because of the industry we toil in, we here at Aces Casino get the chance on many occasions to mingle with the hoi-polloi of Hollywood, at one of the gazillion fund raising opportunities that the SoCal movie studios, actors, and directors put together every year. Great fun for a great cause, and NO ONE does it like Tinseltown.

So, when we do our thing at one of the many Vegas Night casino events each year, invariably, one of our attendees at the party always seems to ask the same question, when it comes to our many brushes with stardom: "Hey, Aces Casino, what's your favorite celebrity-driven story?" And my answer is always the same -- Hands down, it's the story of "The Wrap Party at the Queen."

 The Scene of the Crime.

Back in the mid-90's, we were contracted by Cinergi Pictures to put on a casino night on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, to celebrate the wrapping up of the soon-to-be-released flick, "Die Hard With A Vengeance," the third film of a series of pictures starring Bruce Willis as tough-guy-cop John McClane. Wow...Bruce WILLIS? Heck, it's a good thing that Cinergi Pics didn't know how big a fan I was of the "Die Hard" series: I would have done the event for nothing. Just let us know the date, I said, and we're there.

And, when you're the number one los angeles casino rental company in the biz, the studios know that sometimes, these events get, shall we say, "a little kooky." Hey, the more, the merrier. That's what we live for. Bring it on, and sure enough, Cinergi did.

Beautiful night, we've got about 30 tables on the ship for the event, some inside, some outside on the North deck of the ship. I'm the Pit Boss for the event (Gawd, I hate that title. I much rather prefer 'glorified chip caddy.') so I oversee all that is necessary to make the event run as smooth as our los angeles casino rental company can make it.

With events as big as this there are actually more than one "pit" for the evening, and i'm working the inside setup for Cinergi. Suddenly, in my communications headset, I hear the following request: "Uhh, Aces, you'd best come out to Pit Two."

No prob, it's only about 30 yards away, on the outside deck. Out the door I go, and as I near "Pit Two," I notice something that I didn't remember being there when the event began.

Or, should I say something NOT being there.

For, as I walk up to one of our dealers in our outside BJ team (I'll have to clear it with her to make sure she's cool with the re-telling of the tale), I notice that she's holding her chip tray in both hands. She HAS to do this, because the Blackjack table that she was assigned to work at ISN'T THERE ANY LONGER.

"Uhh, excuse me, "I ask her, calmly. "Umm, girl, what happened to your table?"

And, with a tear in her eye, she said those immortal words that made history at Aces Casino. "Bruce Willis threw it overboard!"

That's him, officer.  He's the one.

She points to an area over the side of the ship, as when I look over, yep, there it is. One of our gorgeous black gaming cloth beauties, floating to the bottom of Long Beach harbor. Well now, I say to myself....There's something you don't see every day.

My mind races with numerous thoughts, most dealing with what has to be the first question i'd dare to ask, like, "How did it happen." But, before I could turn and ask our table-less dealer about the flying BJ table, I receive a tap on the shoulder.

I turn around, and "Voila." I'm face to face with Officer John McClane himself, Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, this story doesn't need to elaborate much from this point, because, when I DID turn around from his tap, all he did was slowly slide what turned out to be seven $100 bills into my front shirt pocket, pat me on the shoulder with a grin on his face, turn around, and walk off.

Turns out, Willis had been having a horrible streak of luck at the table he was playing at (A.K.A. the "flying table"), and had warned our dealer that if she drew to 21 on him one more hand, he was going to take the blackjack table, and throw it overboard. She did, so HE did. Sploooosh.

Well, needless to say, Mr. Willis turned out to be a gracious loser (especially because the chips are fake), but, as fate would have it, I never got to ask HIM the one question that i've had for all these years.

"How did you get talked into making 'Hudson Hawk'?"

Well, now that it's all said and done, i'm actually pretty happy that I DIDN'T get my fifteen seconds of fame with Bruce Willis. He might have thrown ME overboard as well. Oh, and we actually DID try to to retrieve the most famous Blackjack table in Hollywood the next day, but the QM security team informed us that retrieval of our table would be impossible, because of the "Moat Monsters."

I kid you not. True story, but when it comes to the Moat Monsters, we'll have to tell THAT part another time. Suddenly, I have a hankering for a "Die Hard DVD Marathon." So says the owner of the wettest BJ table in the los angeles casino rental industry.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: If It's 102 Degrees Outside, It MUST Be Time To Book Those Special Christmas Events!

Here at Aces Casino, Southern California's Orange County casino party leader, we strive to achieve stardom when it comes to customer service, "even when it hurts."  One good example of this is what we call our "Miracle On 34th Street Mentality."  Simply stated, if Aces Casino can't help you with your event, for whatever reason, we know of two other casino party companies in our service area that can also do a fine job, when a client we love is in a real bind.  (Ed. Note: Not as good as Aces Casino when it comes to Orange County casino night parties, of course, but the author digresses.  AGAIN.)

We bring this lil' factoid up for one specific reason.  The month of December. 

At Aces Casino, our December is usually something like taking a $500 steak dinner, placing it in a blender, and turning it on to the Frappe' setting for about three minutes.  It's CRAZY.  When you're the best Orange County casino party company in Southern California, and HAVE been for the last 18 years, you tend to build up a VERY large and exclusive client base.  And we HAVE.  The good news is, we're ALSO the second-LARGEST Orange County casino night party crew in the southland, so we can "handle the load."

We can take on this daunting "crazy" December task because WE'RE crazy, as well.  Kinda works hand in hand.  But -- Even though our official company motto is and always will be  "this beats working," there's ALWAYS one thing that makes our job SOOOO much easier.

And that is.... Having our valued client base plan ahead.

Every December, the same thing happens.  A client comes to us with a request for a Mid-December Holiday casino night party in late November, "just a small affair, mind you, only about 100 people.  Can you help us?"

GAWD, we HATE to say "No."

But sometimes, we must, especially when it comes to our December holiday event calendar.  As you can imagine, when you're the top Orange County casino party crew in the "biz," you tend to be in great demand during the holidays.  And, consequently, when we reach our capacity on any date in December, we have to put up the "sold out" sign.   There are only so many top-flight staff members in our industry, and we have them ALL here at Aces Casino.

That's why we're making our annual "Christmas in July" speech.

What the Aces Casino offices feel like in December.

We do this for one specific reason -- We LOVE all of our clients, ESPECIALLY NEW CLIENTS.  We love showing off our talents for new clients that had no idea that holiday casino night parties can be so much fun.  (Small note: They're fun for US, too.) 

So, starting this weekend, and going thru most of August, Aces Casino will be contacting every one of our holiday casino night clients, and finding out what date they've selected for their event, so we may place it on OUR event calendar, and hold the date for them. 
Here's a small tidbit of info for those of you that are thinking about joining the Aces Casino party bandwagon -- When you've had a holiday party with Aces Casino, you're guaranteed availability for your next years' event date, whatever date that might be.  If you're part of our family, you NEVER get the "sold out" sign.   It's just another way that Aces Casino has ALWAYS gone the extra mile for our many satisfied clients over the years.  You clients know who you are.  You're SO special and we treasure your business, each and every season.  You are what has made us what we are today, and we'll never forget it.

OK, so much for the soapbox speech-making.  It's Christmas in July, my friends.  For all of our prospective new clients, the time is now.  Currently, we only have two dates in December that are already sold out, but I guarantee you that will change in the next 30 days, so PLEASE, give us a call and let us know you're thinking about jumping on the Aces Casino bandwagon on this upcoming holiday season.  We would LOVE to have you!  We'll prepare a quote that won't break your budget bank, and put on another of the events that has made us the top Orange County casino party company around.

Also, just a reminder: This infamous blog post will be our last live blog entry for about 10 days as a result of our annual equipment renovation work at our main storage facility, as well as handing out some well-deserved summer vacations for all of our valued team members.  We'll run some of the Aces Casino Blog's "greatest Blog hits" during our down-time, then we'll return on Monday, August 6th, with a brand new blog entry. Thanks for looking in, and we'll see you next week with one of the best-ever "Aces Casino (kinda-sorta) Greatest Blog Hits -- Aces Casino vs. Officer John McClane!"  (Ed. Note: Hint: We lose.)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Time To Post Our List of the "Top 3 New TV Shows That We Just Can't Wait To See"

When you work for a company whose company motto is "This Beats Working," you know you're in the right place when it comes to employment.  Two such companies that look to follow this particular motto to a "T" are Pixar / Disney, the makers of such movies as "Brave" and "Toy Story 3," and Aces Casino Entertainment (AKA 'Pixar West'), the makers of the best orange county casino night party events in southern California.

Now, we don't want to make it sound like we sit around all day playing "Words With Friends" all day.  (Ed. Note: No, just SOME of the day.)  Quite frankly, there isn't ANY other casino party company that goes the extra mile anywhere NEAR Aces Casino.  From their tireless itinerary work, to providing top-flight dealers and gaming equipment, there IS no one better, believe me.  They don't have to pay me to say that, because it's true, but I digress.  If you've never brought Aces Casino to one of your events, you should.  You'll be hooked, we promise.)

But, after all the exhaustive work our Aces crew puts in each day here at the Aces Offices, there's always time for a little fun after work, and this crew simply LOVES goofy TV shows.  But not just ANY TV shows - We love GOOFY TV shows.  Reality shows tend to be our faves, but we can adapt.  The goofier, the better.  Maybe that should be the new Aces Casino motto!  (Ed. Note: Uhhh, no.  We like 'This Beats Working,' thank you very much.)

So, in true Aces Casino / orange county casino party company fashion, here, in reverse order, are our latest entries into the Aces Casino Entertainment "Top 3 New (or just New To Us) TV Shows That We Just Can't Wait To See!"

First: "The Also-Rans" (Almost made the cut)

"The Great Escape" (Do ALL of the contestants bicker?), "America's Got Talent" (I'm still ticked that Jackie Evancho didn't win that other time), "Celebrity Apprentice" (It's already OVER, and the reruns just don't work), and "Tanked" (Almost made the top 3.  Maybe next time, they're VERY creative with their fish tank-artwork)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Obama Says "You Didn't Build That." Our Response? "Think Again, Mr. President."

(Ed. Note:The following blog entry from Aces Casino Entertainment is a response from the three people most responsible for making Aces Casino the top orange county casino party company in southern California, and, as this was posted, the #3 casino party corporation in the western United States.  These thoughts and opinions are from the owners of Aces Casino Entertainment, and not necessarily the opinions of the management and staff of Aces Casino Entertainment.  But, they probably are.)

We'd like to ask all of the readers of the ol' Aces Casino Blog to pardon us for this incredibly unscheduled blog entry this morning, but this is something that had to be addressed by the ownership of this fine orange county casino party company.

We're not into politics here at Aces Casino, and normally, when the leaders of our country have something to say to our great nation, it usually hasn't got one thing to do with our irreverent, politically incorrect but highly-skilled Aces Casino party crew. Unfortunately, this is not this case any longer.

Our President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, had recently mentioned something he truly must have thought was the right thing to say to a group of followers from Roanoke, Virginia, who were there to listen to the President speak.

Here's the speech that we're referring to.....

Exhibit "A" for the jury....

The piece that most got our attention here at the Aces Casino offices was this part..."If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build thatSomebody else made that happen.  The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet."

Now, here's the good news -- We're not here for any political gain, we ARE American citizens and registered voters, but not EVER running for political office.  Fortunately, here in the USA, we have the right to elect the people we want to represent us in all of the local, regional, and national jurisdictions.  That's what makes America the greatest country in the world.

However, there appears to be a point when something has to be said, and we're going to say it.  President Obama, you're DEAD WRONG when you tell us here at Aces Casino that we "didn't build that, that we needed help, somebody else made that happen."

This particular small business was built back in 1994, by three incredibly bright, hard-working individuals.  Yes, they WERE smart people.  People that saw a need for a company that could take what had been done before them, and make it even better.  You may feel that there are "a LOT of smart people out there," but you seem to forget that these other "smart people" weren't thinking about building another casino party company.  No, they were probably smart enough to BUILD those roads and bridges that you brought up in your speech.

Funny thing about roads and bridges - They wouldn't have been so desperately needed, if some smart people hadn't invented the CAR, the TRAIN, the BUS, the BICYCLE.  Now, we can't speak for THOSE inventors, but we sure as heck can speak for THIS company's inventors.  Back in 1993, we tried to get a small business loan from the government, but failed, miserably.  So, to raise the capital that was necessary to START what would end up being called Aces Casino Entertainment, we had to beg and plead for friends to lend us a few dollars here and there, whatever they could afford.  We had to sell some of our most prized possessions, family heirlooms.  We had to do without for a VERY long time.

Now, please rest assuredly, we certainly did appreciate those that bought our priceless possessions and lent us the small sums of money that they could afford to give us, but quite frankly, Mr., President, THEY weren't the ones that BUILT Aces Casino.  WE BUILT ACES CASINO, NOT YOU.  WE paid back our loans of some $1400, and bought some NEW "prized possessions" since then.  And, along the way, we've employed about 387 OTHER "smart people" in our history, with MOST of them still affiliated with the company in one way or another.  

We've also networked with a lot of great companies long the way, companies that have taken our designs and specifications that we've provided them and built some of the finest casino party company equipment in our industry.  Yes, these were also great companies that were ALSO built from the ground up, with their own two hands, companies that have thrived thanks to their own ingenuity, business savvy and creativity. 

So. Mr. President, with all due respect, we'd like to ask you to think again when you believe you have the gall to tell US that we "didn't build that."  Mr. President, we DID "build that."  WE BUILT ALL OF IT, we designed every piece of equipment that we'd need, we brought in some of the top casino equipment companies in the world that could make our rudimentary designs come to life, and brought a HECK of a lot of VERY "smart people" on board to make Aces Casino what is is today, "smart people" that, thanks to US, now pay taxes to these United States so YOU can afford to go around this great land of ours and take credit for what we, and countless other fine companies, have done over the years.

So please, Mr. President, PLEASE don't sit there in your big government model and tell US that "you didn't build that."  WE BUILT this, Mr. President.  Not you, not your big government, and not any of your cronies in Congress.  How DARE you take credit for our success, and the successes of so many fine companies that worked so hard to get where they are today because of their hard work and insight?

That's right, Mr. President.  Make no mistake about it.  You're wrong.


And we're darned well proud of it.  And YOU should be, too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and the Dept. Of Justice - Will We EVER See Online Poker?

When you work for the top orange county casino party company in southern California like we do, you find that almost everyone has a favorite game that they like to play when visiting their favorite Las Vegas casino.  And, here at Aces Casino, it seems that almost everyone employed here either considers the game of No Limit Texas Hold-'Em to be their favorite game, or darned near the top of their list.  (Ed. Note: That's no surprise.  Some of the top poker dealers that frequent the storied World Series Of Poker in Vegas come from Aces Casino.  We're LOADED with top gaming talent here.)

We had an intern join us late last December, one that was partaking of a conversation amongst the Aces crew before an event at the Pelican Hill Hotel and Golf Club.  When the subject of "Black Friday" came up, she thought the crew was talking about the day after Thanksgiving, that wild and crazy shopping day that signals the holiday rush.  She soon found out that the crew wasn't discussing shopping.

They were discussing the Department of Justice's shut-down of all online poker in the United States.

Now, before we go any farther, this is a subject that we could EASILY blog about for the next six months, but, in the interest of irreverence, we will not be going there.  But, in a way, there HAS been some news hitting the poker blogs and news desks recently concerning the possibility of this 15-month cloud over online poker play in the United States finally dissipating --

Word is that our friends at Poker Stars, the U.S.A's #1 online poker site (that is, before the April 10, 2011 crash), is possibly in discussions with the United States Department of Justice and the "owners" of Full Tilt Poker (re: Ray Bitar and his co-horts), discussions that might culminate in PS gaining ownership of the troubled FTP franchise, paying off the debts to the many players (including us) that have money on the Full Tilt site, and re-launching online poker play in the USA.

If a bottle washed up on shore in front of me, and a magic genie popped out and granted me three wishes, I'd immediately use one of them to request that the United States Department of Justice, Poker Stars, and all the other players involved in the current stalemate holding up online poker play in the U.S. get together, hash this out, figure out how to tax it, and let us get back to playing online.  We need another fix of videos from Party Poker's ace, Mr. "Tuff Fish!"  If you're not privy to who this gentleman is, here's a lil' "Instant Reminder," courtesy of our friends over at YouTube....

I miss seeing this guy.  Tuff Fish, where are you?

Fortunately for the poker world, two of the best online poker periodicals on earth that are currently discussing this VERY hot Online poker dispute can be found right here, with Bluff Magazine, and Card Player.com(Ed. Note: Yes, there are many more, but we're on a tight schedule here, and cannot list them all.)  Anyone interested in staying up on the latest in regards to the PS / FTP / DOJ nightmare can easily find the latest info on the subject with them.  In the meantime, we'll be back next week with another edition of the Aces Casino "Top 3 TV New TV shows that we just CAN'T stop watching."  That's us here at Aces Casino -- We always take on the "hard-hitting new stories here."  That's all from the orange county casino night blog desk - Take care, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: We Answer the Question, "What ARE Those 3 Towers Being Built Near State Line?"

Anyone that knows the crew from Aces Casino, A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, knows this -- We are a CURIOUS bunch.  Any time we see something out of the ordinary, we always ask ourselves that burning question, "OK, what IS that, and why is it there?"  Sometimes, our investigations can end up getting us in hot water, so we now quench our curiosity thirst more carefully than in the past.  (Ed. Note: Someday, we'll tell the story of the filming of that TV miniseries in Las Vegas a while back.  Fortunately, THIS is not THAT day.)

As we've mentioned before, the Aces Casino team decided to send a few reps out to Sin City to pick up some gaming equipment for our biz recently (Yeah, like we need a reason to travel to Vegas).  So, a few of us hopped in the ol' car, and off we drove last week.  In our many travels by car to Glitter Gulch, we've seen just about everything that could possibly be seen on the I-15 North, heading towards Las Vegas....

Then, we approached State Line.

Just before reaching the California / Nevada border, on the left side of the road as we drove in, there they were; Three huge, tall, thin towers that looked like 3 elevator shafts, with nothing else around them.  These three leviathans looked like they were each about a half-mile apart from each other in a fairly straight line, and seemed incredibly out of place out in the middle of nowhere, out in the desert.

We figured they weren't part of some hotel development, because of their location (where it's about 130 degrees in the shade, and on the California side of the border), but the question remained -- What in Hades ARE those things?

We got a small hint at state line, at about 10pm on a Tuesday night, when we wandered into Whiskey Pete's Casino and Hotel.  The parking lot was jam-packed full, but inside the casino, it was just me, my Craps dealer-buddy, John, and about 10 more visiting guests.  From the looks of the parking lot, you would have thought that Garth Brooks must have been putting on a concert in the Whiskey Pete Showroom, but, no, nothing like that.

Then, we wandered into the barren coffee shop, and when the waiter (Leo, I believe) came over to us, we asked him, "Hey, Leo - Why all the cars outside, and no one in the casino INSIDE?"  His answer was a clue to the three towers down the road in California... "Well, I think most of those cars belong to the people working on the Project."

OK, I'm hooked, now.  What project?  Unfortunately, nobody knew what "the Project" was, except "a lot of people are working out there.  We came home the next day with all of the necessary casino equipment we were looking for, but no answer as to what the mysterious "project" is.

Then, we got a lucky break.  By chance (which is just the way we roll here at Aces Casino, the number one orange county casino night party company, and expert in games of chance), we just happen to have a very good friend that works in the construction industry.  Mark definitely knows his stuff, and I thought I once heard him tell me that he was getting involved in some work near the California / Nevada border..... Could it be?

We did the Facebook thing, caught up with him, and sure enough, he IS working on the very same "project" that we were so curious about.  He calls it "Ivanpah," which (I think) is the name of the city / indian reservation that is currently under construction.  Surprisingly, Mark and his construction co-horts are in the process of building the world's largest solar plant.

Boy, it sure sounds interesting to me.  But, of course, what usually sounds like a very good idea turns out to be ruffling some VERY big environmental feathers.  Here are a few pics of the new digs out at Ivanpah....

Looks like the Trop's sun pool to me, without the pool.

"The middle tower," where my buddy Mark is currently workin'.

From what I've read about it, this monster solar plant has been considered by some (of what I call the "Green People") to be a menace to the environment, because of the impact on the desert tortoise population.  (Don't get me started.)  Here's my take -- The last time that I held a desert tortoise was at a turtle race in Garden Grove, California.  He won, I gave him strawberries, so we're even.  Move over, turtles, and make way for the world's largest solar plant.  Not a green guy here, unless my kids plaster me with more green silly string.

You can find two links to what Mark's up to out in the desert at Ivanpah here and here.  I'm glad my friend is working out there.  He's a good worker, takes pride in what he does.  I'm sure we'll have solar-powered stuff sometime next year, because of him.

And the best part?  We actually found the answer to our leviathan riddle.  Good thing, too -- We were hoping it wasn't a relocation of some Area 51-type facility.  I didn't even like "E. T.," so this is much better.  

(Ed. Note: Please send all anti-turtle hate mail to Mr. Stephens, C/O Aces Casino, P. O. Box 11206, Whittier, CA., 90603.  I'm not dealing with his mess.)

That's all for today.  We'll see you on Thursday with another scintillating, yet irreverent blog from the Aces Casino useless facts file.  This time, the subject will be a touchy one -- Just what's going on in the world on USA online poker, specifically, the latest on the "Poker Stars" possible purchase of our old poker engine, Full Tilt Poker, and what that might mean to the re-launching of online poker in this great country of ours.  Take care, we'll see you then!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge:" The Ten Commandments of Real Casino Gaming

I just love Michael Shackelford, the man better known as "The Wizard of Odds."   He is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable authorities on the odds that make all of the casino games tick in Las Vegas, and all points beyond.  Any time we're trying out new games here at Aces Casino, the top orange county casino party company in southern California, we first go to the bible of gaming odds, A. K. A. "The Wizard."   He is THE best, without question.  I'd love to get Michael out here to chat with our team.  That'd be a kick.

But, now the reason for the outpouring of love for the very famous Mr. Shackelford -- We thought It's be nice if we created a 10-step guide to gaming when playing for real, something we could teach our many clients after they've tasted how fun playing these casino games can be when the chips are fake; sort of a "wake-up call" that reminds players that when they play for REAL, you should follow some strict guidelines to keep that edge in your favor.  Unfortunately, Mr. Shackelford beat us to it by 3000 miles.  (Ed. Note: No surprise.  He IS the best, you said so, yourself.)

Hence, without further fanfare, Aces Casino brings you the ultimate guide to gaming safety...

The Ten Commandments of Casino Gaming

  1. Thou shalt not cheat.

    No explanation necessary.
  2. Thou shalt honor thy gambling debts.

    A true gentleman honors his debts, especially gambling debts. When making a bet with another person you are putting your honor on the line. If you lose, you pay. No excuses!
  3. Thou shalt expect to lose.

    The Las Vegas Strip was not built by winners. Even with good rules and strategy the odds are still usually in the casino’s favor. So don’t get mad if you lose. Think of it as the price you pay for entertainment.
  4. Thou shalt trust the odds, not hunches.

    If you want to maximize your odds then believe in mathematically proven strategies, not hunches. If hunches are so great why are there so many psychics working the Boardwalk in Atlantic City as opposed to playing?
  5. Thou shalt not overbet thy bankroll.

    Before you gamble determine what you can safely afford to gamble with - as entertainment money. Stick to your limits and don’t gamble with money you need for necessities.
  6. Thou shalt not believe in betting systems.

    For every one legitimate gambling writer there are a hundred charlatans trying to sell worthless betting systems promising an easy way to beat the casinos. I know it sounds like a cliché, but if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  7. Thou shalt not hedge thy bets.

    Hedge bets usually carry a high house edge. For example, never take insurance in blackjack and never bet the any craps or any seven in craps. Exceptions can be made for insuring life changing amounts of money.
  8. Thou shalt covet good rules.

    Rules vary from casino to casino. To improve your odds know good rules from bad and then seek out the best rules possible.
  9. Thou shalt not make side bets.

    Side bets are sucker bets. Period.
  10. Thou shalt have good gambling etiquette.

    Gambling is a lot more fun when people are polite and respect each other. It is also good etiquette to tip for good service.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: How to Explain that Our Favorite Part of The Universal Studios' Tour Is "Bates Motel"

It seems that when you work for Aces Casino, one of the greatest orange county casino party companies in SoCal, you tend to be tough to impress.  You see, when you WORK in the field of entertainment, and you're VERY good at what you do, your threshold of what entertains you tends to be very difficult to find.

Enter Universal Studios Hollywood.  OK, OK, we admit it.  We're big saps.  We love "touristy" Hollywood stuff.  We don't know why this is, but this place always does the trick for the Aces Casino team.  So, when the Fourth of July holiday rolled around and our crazy casino party crew wanted to go out and see some sort of "show" together, we picked "The House that Jaws Built," none other than Universal Studios.

We left the facilities VERY early in the morning to try to get out there by the time the park opened, so we could do it up right and not have to wait in line for too long to be able to take in all of the parts of the park we wanted to see.  (Traffic was light, that was nice.)

So... We suppose that It's time to give our awards for our field trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, and list our top 5 favorite things that we saw on our July 4th visit.....

#5 -- Jurassic Park Ride

If for nothing more than that 90-foot drop into the water below, this ride may have fallen off the Aces Casino charts.  It's fun, if not a little dated.  Some of the attraction wasn't even operating correctly (Dinosaur head our of water with mechanism showing, plastic bag over where a T-Rex is supposed to be right before you drop into the drink), but it was hot, and we needed that cool-off at the end of the ride.

The star of JP3 was in fine form.

#4 -- Jaws exhibit

Talk about DATED.  Whew.... This "Amity Island comes to Life" area where the shark attacks take place is in need of a tune-up.  The fake attack in the harbor looks dopey, and even the park employee hosting the tour didn't even acknowledge the shark when he popped out of the water next to the tram.  I didn't think THIS exhibit would make our top 5 list, until yours truly almost fell out of the tram trying to get a picture of "Bruce, the Shark."  Whew... Probably the closest call the park has ever seen.  I didn't know sharks could do wheelies.

Yes, it was THAT close.  He almost ate my camera.

#3 -- Terminator 2 3-D

This turned out to be a great lil' show.  Funny stuff early, and a nice little 3-D show at the end, with live action actors playing John Connor and the ex-Governor himself.  Suggestion -- Sit up front, like we did.  The action and actors come right up to you, but look out for the fog machines.  They got us.  3 stars on this one.

#2 -- Transformers Ride

Wow...THIS was INCREDIBLE.  The first thing I liked about this new attraction at Universal Studios was, even though you have to wait 30 minutes or more to get ON this thing, the entire wait for the ride is INSIDE the building.  No sunstroke here, my friends.  It seems like the wait is very quick, because there is so much to see while you're waiting and walking towards the loading platform.  I won't ruin it for the readers, no spoilers here. FANTASTIC 3-D effects, well worth any wait to get on this ride.  Experience it, it's worth it.  But there's a reason that this didn't make #1 on our list, which ended up being......

#1 -- Bates Motel

I know, I know...There's a good reason.  I call it the element of surprise.  The tram we were on comes rolling thru this mock-up of the old Bates Motel from the 1960 movie, "Psycho."  The tram stops in front for a moment, and the tour guide starts talking about the classic Hitchcock thriller, when we spot this guy coming out of the motel facade, and putting something in the trunk of a car sitting in front of the set.

I thought it was a glitch, just some stage hand putting something in his car, to transport to somewhere else in the park, when the tour guide utters something like "that guy looks like Norman Bates."  Well, as soon as he says this, the guy next to the car pulls out this knife, and starts walking VERY quickly towards our tram, and right towards US, as we're in the last car of the tram, AND on the side of the tram car that faces the motel.  

This guy starts walking REALLY fast, right towards us!  The tram driver throws it in gear, but to me, it looks like it's too late.  he's REALLY close, I could reach out and almost TOUCH this guy, and here's the proof....

He's closer than the SHARK.  STEP on it, WILL YA?

He's looking right at the guy sitting behind me, but, as things worked out, the tram sped away before ol' Norman could get us.  Whew...(Laugh)  Universal should give that guy a job in front of the camera.  He had Me fooled.  Usually, my pictures that I take are ALWAYS horrible, because the subject I'm shooting is too far away to be able to tell who it is.  Thanks to Bruce and Norman, I'm suddenly a cameraman.  

We had a great time out there... Our sincere thanks to all of the many people over at Universal Studios Hollywood that put on a great show for all of us.  They did a great job taking care of a bunch of orange county casino night crew members, and we won't forget it.  Call on Aces Casino any time, you movie-makers.  We'll try to entertain you like you did us.  Two things we insist on, though -- No sharks, and no knives. 

That's all from Tinseltown.  We'll be back on Thursday with more from the "College of Casino Game Knowledge."  See you then!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: We Had No Idea That Our Crazy, Irreverent Spin Had Such An "International" Flavor

Now, believe me when I tell you that we had no idea that we'd post a quick "Blog-Ette" today.  We weren't going to come in to the office today, for, shall we say, "over-partying reasons," but we HAD to.  Hey- When you're the top orange county casino party company in the biz, you go the extra mile.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, that, and they could earn a full day's pay while working only one hour on this dumb blog.  Smart move.)

So, here is the official Aces Casino "Blog-Ette" that we had to write.... Reason?  Well, when scouring our Blogger in Draft stat board, we saw something very unusual on the 4th of July stat sheet - For some reason, we're not only a 'hit' here in the United States for our irreverent spin on life in the casino night party company fast lane, but for some reason, we're also a big hit internationally!  

We checked out our audience stat line on July 4th, and found out that in just the last week of visitors to our goofy Aces Casino Blog, we've had large groups of visitors from the following countries -- Israel, Russia, Germany, Canada (we're big in Canada), the Ukraine, China (?), France, India and South Korea.  (Ed. Note: What, no North Korea?  And you call yourself an international hit.)

 I wonder if they're reading us in there...

And, we find all of this out on, of ALL days, July 4th, 2012!  Here we are waving our countries' flag, and find out at the same time that we are GLOBAL.  And, to that, I say, Welcome to all of our many readers, wherever you may be!  Thanks for checking in with us, and please, to all of our subscribers, send us pictures, questions, comments, anything you want us to blog about!  We'd love to hear from ALL of you!

OK, that's all for now...My hour's up, pay me!  (Laugh)  We'll be back on Monday with a Blog about our infamous visit to Universal Studios Hollywood during our July 4th vacation time.  It's typical orange county casino night drivel, you'll love it.  We'll chronicle it all for you on Monday's blog - Take care, and we'll see you then!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: The July 4th Holiday Has Always Been One Of Our Favorites, For a Very Special Reason

I know what you're thinking -- "Everybody knows while Aces Casino considers the July 4th holiday to be their favorite holiday of the year... They all get the day off."  Well, that IS very nice of the top orange county casino party company in SoCal to pay us for the well-deserved day off, but that's not the real reason that we love the 4th of July holiday.

We love it because we love America, and we love to pay our respects to the founding fathers of this great country that we call home.  It's as simple as that.

Think about it...... What other country in this great big world of ours would even allow their brethren to post a twice-weekly blog about (to steal a line from 'Seinfeld') nothing, let alone have a forum to take pot-shots at everything that we consider irreverent in our industry, at our fellow Aces Casino-ers, and even at our own country? Without getting too heavy on the subject, there seems to be a whole lot of oppression in the world today.  

Thank goodness we live in America, my USA friends.  We are SOOO lucky to have the opportunity to live in this great nation, to say what we want to say, to pursue the American dream, to live in a country that believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  

Frankly, we here at Aces Casino NEVER forget this pledge made for all of us by the founding fathers, and we NEVER forget the tireless service of so many dedicated servicemen from the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the National Guard, and so many other servicemen and women that literally risk their lives on a daily basis to protect all of us from harm.    We are SOOO lucky, and we here at this crazy orange county casino night crew will NEVER forget it.

So, we wish all of our many (4?) readers a very happy fourth of July holiday week.  Enjoy.  And to all of those many brave Americans that serve in the armed forces both here and abroad, we simply say this -- Thank you.  This is for you.

For all Americans.  Happy Fourth of July!

We'll see all of you on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend!

(Ed. Note: As a result of the special Fourth of July post that appeared today, the Thursday edition of the Aces Casino Blog has been canceled, and the next 'parakeet paper' won't appear until the following Monday, July 9, 2012.  Forget it, we're not paying those bloggers OT.) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aces Casino Blog: "Super Fun 21" Proved To Be Neither, But The Ultimate Hold-'Em Table Was Both

When you work for the top orange county casino party company in SoCal (or Aces Casino for short), you find out that there are a few nice lil' "perks" that go with the job.  Right off the top, there's "perk #1" -- Sometimes, you have to travel to Las Vegas for something we'll liberally call a "business trip."  (Ed. Note: Translation - The company needed new playing cards.  Yeah, BIG purchase, we sure needed to send out two reps to pick up those.  Slackers.)

So, after spending all of 20 minutes arranging for our new casino equipment to be paid for and delivered, we set out to find out what to do with the other 3 days of the trip.  Usually, this means finding games out in Sin City that we're not too familiar with, and giving them a test-run.  On this particular trip, that "test-run" turned out to be on a game called "Super Fun 21."  We found it right at state line at the one-and-only "Whiskey Pete's Saloon and Casino," a building that I hadn't visited since the first Bush was president.

First impressions of "Whiskey Pete's" since the last time I visited --

1.  The "Bonnie and Clyde Death Car" is still there, sitting right next to a car that is reported to have been driven by "Dutch" Schultz.  Pretty soon, "Pete's" is going to be a parking lot of infamous vehicles.

 No wonder the law found 'em.  Their name was on the hood.

2.  The parking lot was JAMMED on a Tuesday night at about 10pm, but there were literally 40 people in TOTAL floating around in this casino and coffee shop.  I mean, we had to park farther away from this hole-in-the-wall than EVER, but the place was BARREN of visitors.  The answer to this riddle was supplied to us by Leo (the Waiter in the coffee shop/restaurant) who told us that all of the construction crew members working on "the Solar Plant" were staying there while they were out here working on this job.  We'll have more on that in a later blog, we promise.

3.  The Craps table was empty, with nary a dealer, floorman or boxman in sight.

And THAT'S why we ended up sauntering over to the table marked, "Super Fun 21."

Here's a rundown on what makes "Super Fun 21" so super-fun.  The first thing we should mention is that a natural blackjack (except for a two-card 21 in diamonds?) pays even money.  The diamond blackjack pays 2-to-1.  Here's the rest of the rules....

Rules of "Super Fun 21"
  1. The game is with one, two, or six decks.
  2. Dealer usually hits a soft 17.
  3. Player may double after a split.
  4. Player may resplit to up to four hands, including aces.
  5. Player may hit and double down to split aces.
  6. Player may double on any number of cards.
  7. Player may take late surrender on any number of cards.
  8. Player may surrender half of total bet after doubling, what is called "Double Down Rescue" in Spanish 21.  (Ahh, si'.)
  9. A player hand totaling 20 or less, consisting of 6 cards or more, except after doubling, automatically wins.  (Oooh, a six-card Charlie!)
  10. A player hand of 21 points, consisting of 5 cards or more, except after doubling, pays 2 to 1 instantly.  (OK, THAT'S fun.)
  11. A player blackjack always wins (I like THAT.)
I'm guessing the house edge is in the 1.2% range when you factor in all of this "Super Fun" stuff, but don't hold me to that.  We ended up losing a grand total of $5 for our session of play, so 1.2 looks about right.  Bottom line -- It's not a lethal game, and the liberal splitting / doubling rules might fit some players' game just fine.  Take it from this orange county casino night party propagandist - Super Fun 21 is worth a look.

Aces Casino official rating for Super Fun 21 -- 3 1/2 stars (out of 5)

It may LOOK regular, but it's really "Super Fun."

Oh, and the Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em tease in the heading of our blog this morning?  Well, for that, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Our "casino equipment" just arrived, and I'll have to sign for it.  (Ed. Note: Oh, brother.  That means it's lunch time, you're not fooling anybody.)  We'll be back on Wednesday with a special "Fourth of July" edition of the ACB (Aces Casino Blog for short), then, next week, we'll have more from our Vegas visit, including that Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em story.  From all of us here at Aces Casino, southern California's top orange county casino party company, we'll see you then!