Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: December Is Coming - Is YOUR Casino Party Company in the "TOY" Business?

It happens EVERY December, like CLOCKWORK.

Every weekend in December, without fail, Aces Casino Entertainment, A.K.A. the top Orange County casino party company in Southern California, will get a call from a VERY unhappy client.

No, not one of OUR clients.  Rather, one of our "Ex-Clients."

Now, make no mistake about it; We LOVE all of our clients here at Aces Casino.  They're the ones that we LOVE to show off for, the ones we put on a spectacular casino party for.  But, unfortunately, every year, we see it happen..... A long-time client has a change of personnel at the top of the event coordination chain, and someone new takes control of the creation of the next December Holiday casino event for their corporation.  Then, we find out this "new" event coordinator is considering the possibility of saving a buck or two, and considering hiring some fly-by-night discount casino company to do their most pretigious event.

It's the Aces Casino "worst nightmare scenario," all over again.

Worse yet, every once in a while, we find out that the corporation's event coordinator, who's really interested in putting on a good face with the boss by saving $50, HIRES the fly-by-night casino company, and gives them the key to their prestigious 550-guest Christmas Holiday event.  Fortunately, this rarely happens.  It happens maybe once every five years, but it invariably DOES happen to our orange county casino night party company.

I HATE when this happens, because I ALWAYS know what comes next.  

Fortunately, we're so incredibly busy every December that after a period of time, the thought of the party that was lost to the $50 underbid fades from memory.... Until we're reminded about it when "the dreaded call"  comes in.  And make no mistake about it -- It ALWAYS comes in.  It's the WORST.  We HATE that call.

Here's a sample of what that dreaded call feels like, from a call back in 2010.... It's the night of the big holiday Christmas event, and the event coordinator calls us, in a PANIC.  It's two hours before the event is about to begin, and the woman is literally CRYING.  She tells us that the casino party company she hired instead of Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party LEADER in Southern California, has brought TOY EQUIPMENT to her prestigious event.

Yep.  TOYS.  It's the same call we get every time, once every four years.  It's like the Olympics, only with awful-looking casino equipment.

THIS is a TOY.

Like I said, she's panicking.  "You have to help me," she says.  "The Roulette wheel this cheap company brought is a cheap toy about the size of a pie plate, the chips they're giving us to hand out to my guests are like tiddly winks, the blackjack tables are just cheap fuzzy layouts on plywood, and everything's so rickety.  I'm afraid it's going to fall over on someone.  I want to fire them NOW.  Can you come down and do our event???  PLEASE...I can't have this ruin our Christmas party!"

I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS.  Like I said, we LOVE all of our clients.  We always have.  We LOVE putting on spectacular events.  We're ACES CASINO, for goodness sakes.  We've been doing this FOREVER.

That's when we have to relay the bad news.  We're already sold out, our teams of staff members are already assigned to other events, there's no itinerary info to work off of.  There are no more tables, and no more staff members available.

She starts to sob, uncontrollably.  It was the worst telephone call I've EVER had to deal with.

Until the NEXT one happens, that is.

THIS is a casino-size and quality wheel.  32", and gorgeous.

It's true, Aces Casino got to be SoCal's best orange county casino night party company by doing what we've done for 17 years --  Putting on GREAT events.  Unfortunately, we're NOT the "cheapest."  Our prices are INCREDIBLY competitive, though.  We're normally the second least expensive casino night party company in SoCal.  It's probably because we're the #2 casino party company in southern California.  We're big, and have the ability to do ANYTHING, when given the task ahead of time.

But unfortunately for our very distraught woman on the phone, It's too late.

There IS good news, though.  This year, this same nice lady brought us back on board to do their 2011 December holiday event, an event taking place about one month from now.  The bottom line?  We never hold a grudge.  Our event calendar ALWAYS fills up in December.  And, We know that it's tempting to save a buck or two, but the reality is, there are a lot of mom-and-pop-type casino party companies out there that use toy tables and equipment to host casino parties.

Yes, I suppose that they're "entitled."  There's no tried and true rule that states ALL casino equipment should look like it came from a casino.  That pie-plate plastic roulette wheel is good enough to hold a roulette game.

But...That's not the point.  Here at Aces Casino, we KNOW which of these unscrupulous companies are currently sending out sub-standard "equipment," and toy wheels.  We understand that it's not EVERY company that can shell out $4400 for a true casino size and quality Roulette wheel.

That's why WE'RE not just "any company."

Oh, yes, just for reference, there are actually three VERY good casino party companies that DO use full-blown casino size and quality casino equipment, accessories for those games, and pro casino staff members.  We're one, and the two other ones are really good, too.  (A little pricey, but I digress.)

Hey, you want to know who the other two companies are?  Call us, we'll tell you.  I remember when one of the two companies called us to thank us for the reference.  They didn't fully comprehend the assistance at the time, but they do, now.  We're not info hoarders here.  Funny thing is, people don't realize that we're in the business of making everyone's event a success.  We really don't care which of the three companies you choose.  Here at Aces Casino, it's all about the commitment to casino party excellence.  Simple as that.  It's never about the money -- It's all about the event.

Oh, we have one small side note to this bloated blog entry this week.... We currently have a client on our calendar, a VERY good and prestigious corporation, one of the top guns in their field of expertise, that feels like they're about to "jump the shark," and possibly lean to bringing aboard a "toy company" to do their event this December, even though the quotes between our company and the toy-maker are almost exactly the same. 

Toys.  I used to LOVE toys.

Well, as of this writing, the decision is yet to be made.  Hopefully, our client will feel and find out the difference between Aces Casino and the Toy-Maker, and continue their affiliation with one of the best casino party companies in the business.

I sure hope so.  I really like this event coordinator that's making this decision a LOT.  She's VERY nice.  But - she's considering bringing a Ford Pinto to a NASCAR event, and running it in the race.  She's spending SO much money on all of the other peripherals for the event.  It must be costing a FORTUNE for the event, it's totally a high-class event, in every other way.  You should SEE the facility that she chose for the event.  Beautiful place.  If those guests get toy equipment, they're going to be TICKED.  I would be.  It'll be a DISASTER.

I hope she chooses to bring back Aces Casino.  If not, I'll brace for "the dreaded call."  It ALWAYS comes.  We'll update this blog later on, in two months.  We'll let you know what happened.  In the meantime, just a piece of advice, for those of you working on putting together a casino night event -- ASK the company that you're considering for your event if they supply ACTUAL casino size and quality equipment and dealers.  If they say "yes," you've found one of the three companies.

If they "hem and haw," or chamge the subject, just call us.  I KNOW that WE'RE one of the 3 companies.  Either way, call Aces Casino any time you have any questions about an upcoming event that you're planning, we'd be happy to help out.  Oh, and have a happy and entertaining holiday season!

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