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Aces Casino Blog: A VERY Quick Peek at the Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League

Aces Casino has always taken pride in their lofty ranking as the number one orange county casino party company in southern California, and, since attaining that goal, the company does allow for a little, shall we say, "frivolity" amongst it's many employees.  And, when it comes to frivolity, nothing could possibly surpass the company's desire to waste time with the love for fantasy football.  (Hey, it's a lot of fun, and It's on Sundays, when we don't work.)

Therefore, we thought it'd be nice to show off one of the Aces Casino fantasy football blogs, written once a week (Ed. Note: NOT on company time) that touches on some of the teams that have a home here.  So, without further interruption, courtesy of the orange county casino night champions of Aces Casino, here is the weekly column entitled, "What Was I Thinking?"

I don’t know about YOU guys, but, for moi, this 2011 NFL season continues to confound me.  We’re four weeks into another National Football League stanza, about 1/4th of the way thru the schedule, and there are quite a few surprises as the league hits the quarter-pole….

----- The Detroit Lions, a team that seemed to be the poster children for getting ripped off by officials during games in 2010, is now 4-and-0 on the year;

----- The Buffalo Bills, despite getting surprised in a Cincinnati ambush last week, are still 3-and-1 on the year, and tied for first in the AFC East;

----- The San Diego Chargers, who are hired by molasses companies to teach their product how to start slow out of the bottle, are 3-1 so far:

----- And in the DFFL, a full EIGHT of the twelve Dunn-Ed franchises are at either 2-2 or 1-3 after four games. 

Has parity hit the Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League?  Well, if you ask me, parity hits the league in one way or another EVERY season.  I play in more than a few fantasy football leagues on this end, and without QUESTION, there is more craziness, unpredictability and flat-out goofiness in this DFFL than in any other league that I’ve EVER participated in.  Translation?  It’s SUCH a good league..

With that in mind, my DFFL brethren, with 1/3rd of the Dunn-Ed games in the can, and everybody still more than alive in the race for the 2011 Dunn-Ed title, It’s time to look back at the wild and wacky results of Week Four of the DFFL.  It’s time to find out which of my Dunn-Ed friends were dining on steak last week and who chose Spam for their post-game meal, it’s time to discover which team owners were listening to Pavarotti on their CD players, and who chose to throw in the ol’ “Roseanne’s Greatest Hits” 8-track tape and give it a listen – It’s time to ask that age-old question, “What Was I THINKING?”

We begin our Week Four quest for greatness in the Genius Division, and, usually, when the “bye” weeks begin, we normally see some pretty good scores stand out at this point of the WWIT season.  Perfect scores are the norm when the “byes” hit our league, but, surprisingly, none THIS weekend…  So, with no perfecto’s to choose from, we find that the lowest score of the week belongs to a man that is no stranger to Genius-level play in the WWIT – That man is none other than Ron Bolton of Run&Gun, who lost a grand total or TWO bench points for the week, when his PK foiled the perfect score.  Give the Gold Medal for Week Four to the 3-1 “Gunner” of the Dunn-Ed League, and we’ll also give him one bonus point for that 144-point explosion last weekend.  Good job, Ron.

The Genius Division Silver Medal for Week Four goes to Anthony Pitassi and MGL for only coughing up 6 points to the bench.  We’ll give our resident Bills’ fan five Genius points + one Bonus Genius point for only having one miscue in the lineup selection for the weekend.  Bronze medal goes to FTP for leaving Julio Jones on the bench, and losing seven points in scoring on that one error.  3 Genius points plus one more for his attempt at a perfecto in Week Four play.

Those three teams were the only teams to score in single-digits of bench-point loss for the week, so it’s tough to award any other bonus points.  I suppose we can give Trojans’ owner Andrew Gillette a half-bonus-point for suffering yet another tough loss last weekend.  He’s lost three games by a TOTAL of SIX points this year.  That, and his only WIN was a two-point squeaker.  Change a few things, and the Trojans are the 4-and-0 team at this point in the season, instead of the Bolts.

OK …. Here are the Week 4 Standings in the 2011 WWIT Genius Division…..


1.   Run&Gun (16 points) – Well, well, look who’s back at the top of the heap!
2.   Trojans (15.5 points) – This’ll be a three-way battle for awhile.
3.   Burbank Thumpers (14 points) – Minor blip, and still just two points out.
4.   Your Name Here (8 points) – No, Ben, Aaron Rodgers’ “50” doesn’t help you here.
5.   J-Squad (7 points) – I know how you feel with that Bolts game, Jesus.
5.   Full Tilt Poker (7 points) – Even when I do well, it’s STILL bad.
7.   Mr. Go Lucky (6 points) – “Moral victory” for one of the DFFL good guys.
8.   Norsemen (3 points) – Another “Just-Win” job for the Vikes fan.
9.   The Nemesis (1 point) – Hey, one point is better than none.

Yet to score – Grim Reaper, Bolts (17 straight for the Commish), Baltimore Ravens

There you have it – Our three geniuses for the week, along with one DFFL owner that we had best put on suicide watch.  Wow… Andy’s four games have all been decided by a grand total of 8 points.  He’s the new “Cardiac Kid” of the Dunn-Ed League.  Ahh, yes, but enough of the GOOD players – It’s time to leave the field of greatness, and move to the battle-scarred sandlot of the “not-so-good,”  the place that DFFL team owners PRAY not to appear on week after week….But, eventually, we ALL do.  It’s inevitable…. So, gather around the campfire of ineptitude, kiddies, for it’s time to find out who on Monday morning was asking themselves the question, “What Was I THINKING?”

But, before we move on any further, I think that it’s time to stop and give everyone a quick peek into something we rarely do here at WWIT, and that would be to allow our members to look at our rock-solid criteria on just how we score the team owners here, week-in and week-out.  And, right at the top of the WWIT list, there it is – “Rule #1 – If your bench out-scores your starters in any given week in the DFFL, you qualify for special treatment in the WWIT.”

Hey, we just follow the rules around here.  (grin)

It IS a rare occurrence, but Burbank Thumpers team owner Jose Cano pulled off this feat when he lost his Week Four game to Rob Mielke of the Norsemen, 65-63 last week.  That’s 63 points for Jose’s TEAM, and 84 points for the Thumpers’ BENCH.  Hey, he TOLD us his bench was a beast.  Guess he was right!  So, for losing a DFFL game by two points when your bench outscores your entire team, Jose Cano hits the WWIT exacta – Gold Medal and 7 big goofy-points for the 53-point giveaway for the weekend, and an additional 3 goofy-points for that BEAST of a bench pulling off the exacta.  Don’t worry, Rob – We’ll get to you soon.  (grin)

Silver medal in Week 3 of the WWIT goes to our other Buffalo Bills’ fan, the Grim Reaper’s Alan Sullivan, who was also in the spirit of giving last week, when he left a whopping 41 points on his bench in his game against Run&Gun.  Five WWIT points for the 41 point loss, but no bonus goofy-points.  When you face a team that puts up 144, you’re safe, there.  Bronze medal for the week goes to the aforementioned Rob Mielke of the Norsemen, who TRIED to give away that game against Burbank when HE left 26 points of HIS bench, and STILL got the win.  3 WWIT points for the Viking Fan.

Let’s see….Bonus WWIT points for “Weak” Four – Oh, DEFINITELY one WWIT point for the Bolts.  He’s this year’s version of Your Name Here.  Slams the Squadron by 34, and STILL threw away an additional 23 points on his bench.  Give the Commish a point for THAT.  Also, the previously unbeaten J-Squad scores a goofy-point for their 23-point bench loss last week, as well.  An interesting note on this game – Talked to Jim Francis on Monday; he told me that Jesus could see the bomb from the Bolts coming, but didn’t care.  “I’ll still be 3-1, and playing in my division,” Jesus reportedly said.  Hey, works for me!

OK, here we go, 4 weeks into the WWIT…Standings, with the new name – I told you there was some special treatment coming.  Rule #1, baby. 


1.   Beautiful Downtown Burbank (17 points) – What are YOU doin’ up here, Jose?
2.   Mr. Not-So-Lucky (13 points) – I knew Anthony wouldn’t stay on top for long.
3.   The NEMISES (12 points) – OK, I’ll spell it your way.  STILL good for a point-a-day.
4.   J-Lo Squad (7 points) – You needed 5 Jared Cook’s last week, Jesus.
5.   Grimy Reaper (6.5 points) – No one could expect Garcon’s explosion, Alan.
6.   Dolts (6 points) – One point for stealing Decker, and one for being 4-and-0.
6.   Dirty Birdies (6 points) – I feel bad for my son.  He’s really banged up.
8.   Nameless Wonder (5 points) – He’s like the Chargers.  BIG second half coming in WWIT.
9.   Fully Tilted Poker (4 points) – Last in my division, and last here, too.  Can’t win.
9.   Worst-Men (4 point) – You’re winning games AND scoring points here?  How?

Yet to score – Trojans, Run&Gun (Four great weeks for both.)

There you have it, another crazy WWIT week in the DFFL.  Hope all of you are having a good week, and with that, good luck in your Week Five games, and may all of your players stay healthy and score big-time points for you!

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