Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Aces "Paparazzi:" Casino Party Pictures From the Aces Photo Vault - Issue #1!

Every once in a while (Editors' Note: more like once a year), the powers that be here at Aces Casino come up with an idea that seems to fit our irreverent, "witty" Aces Casino Blog perfectly.  Such a suggestion was made just last week at one of our many in-house conferences, when one of our orange county casino party team members suggested that we begin posting some of our best pictures and video taken at the various events that Aces Casino Entertainment appears at here in the southern California area.

Hmmm.....Not a bad idea.  It fits the two qualifications involved in the decision-making process when analyzing any possible suggestion used here at the Aces Casino Blog:  #1, that It's easy to do, and #2, that it doesn't involve heavy lifting.  Hey, so, OK, I'm a lazy blog-writing light-weight.  Sue me.

So, since the pictures aren't very heavy, and we're already here typing the blog for today, here is the first installment of the "Aces Casino Blog Paparazzi Division," courtesy of us lazy blog-typers here at the orange county casino night party kings, A.K.A. Aces Casino.

This shot proves that you just never know who you're going to see playing a little Texas Hold - 'Em Poker at a major charity event.  Sitting at the table, second from the left in the print dress, that's one of our favorite people from the reality TV show "Storage Wars:"  It's none other than Brandi Passante, who, along with business partner and soul-mate Jarrod Schulz, are the owners of the "Now and Again Thrift Shop" in Orange, CA.

Notice that she doesn't look very happy - I'm guessing that her lack of chips while sitting at the table has something to do with her mood at the time.  Hey, Brandi: It might be poker with play money, but the game's still tough to beat, just like how tough it is to win a bid from you and Jarrod.  Oh, by the way: We've been to their thrift shop in Orange.  It's pretty cool.  Those that might be inclined and in the area should check it out.  They've got some nice stuff in there.  My son must have bought every DVD they had.

There'll be many more candid shots of our celebs in the days, weeks and months to come, believe me.  Before we go, just a reminder to the fantasy football players out there -- The NFL season begins TONIGHT, with a big-time matchup -- The New Orleans Saints visit Lambeau to take on the Green Bay Packers.  Set your lineups early, friends.  Everyone has SOMEBODY in that game.  Take care, have fun watching the game, and call us TODAY if you're planning on that big holiday casino night event -- Our calendar is filling up fast.

OK, I'm out of here.  Gimme the camera, and watch out.  We've got a lot of events this weekend.  Do I get paid for every picture I take?  (Editor's Note: NO.)

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