Friday, August 19, 2011

Aces Casino Dept. Of Nonsense: Top 5 Useless Pieces of Las Vegas Trivia to Stimulate The Mind

When you're a member of the Aces Casino Entertainment team, A.K.A. the top Orange County casino party company in Southern California, you find that you're never at a loss when it comes to mindless trivia.  I think that's why this Aces Casino Blog was created in the first place; it was management's way of channeling the world's largest supplier of goofy Las Vegas history and casino gaming information.  Trust me when I say that there's goofy trivia hiding in every nook and cranny of these offices.

You have to be careful around here when you go around asking the Aces team about some of their favorite Las Vegas trivia.  I think we started this quest some two weeks ago, and the submissions for this edition of the Aces Casino Blog are STILL coming in.  We probably should change the company motto from "Top Orange County casino night party company in SoCal" to "This Beats Working."  (Ed. Note: Actually, that IS the company motto.  It was a slogan given to us during an event in Anaheim by one of our long-time clients, who told us that "It's never working if you're doing what you love, and are good at doing it."  So true.)

Anyway, you want to talk about a tough job -- We had to pare the list of about 56 suggestions from our team down to five.  So, without further adieu (Now, I KNOW that's not a word), here are the top 5 pieces of useless yet interesting pieces of Las Vegas trivia, brought to you by Aces Casino, southern California's top orange county casino night party company....

#5 -- In 18th-Century British gaming parlors that featured an earlier version of the game of Craps, there was always one employee hired to do just one specific job -- If the gaming establishment was raided, his job was to swallow the dice, therefore hiding the evidence.  Now I know why the game's called 'Craps.'  I've been in games where it seemed that I had been waiting for a 'hard eight' for a long time, but that's ridiculous.

#4 -- You know about those lights on the top of those old slot machine that signal when a player needs to call an attendant?  That light on top is called a "candle," and that's not it's only function.  It also alerts players as to how much the minimum bet is at that particular machine.  The color 'red' means 5-cent minimums, 'yellow' signifies quarters, and 'blue' signifies a dollar minimum coin slot.

#3 -- (My Favorite) -- The U. S. Postal Service decided, in a moment of patriotism, that a Statue Of Liberty "forever" stamp should be commissioned.  The USPS asked for photo submissions to decide which image would be used for the special stamp, and the winning entry, submitted by a man named Raimund Linke, was declared the winner.  The stamp went to press to be printed and circulated late last year, to the tune of about 3 billion units.  His submission appears below...

  Lady Liberty.

Only one problem with the photo, however -- It ain't the Statue Of Liberty.  It's a picture of "Lady Liberty," the statue that appears out in front of the New York, New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Here's the link to the story that appeared in the L. A. Times back on "tax day," April 15th.  Oops.  Heck, if I knew the USPS was using Faux-pics of her, I'd have submitted my wife's Halloween pic of her, dressed as the Ellis Island icon.  And, no, I won't show THAT pic here.  I have to live with her, my friends.

#2 -- In Nevada, you can be hanged for shooting a neighbor's dog, when the dog is in his own yard.  Seriously.  Here's a link to some of the craziest laws in America, courtesy of one of our fellow blogspot bloggers.  Good thing Michael Vick hung up his "hobby."  Reminder: If there's a way for this Los Angeles casino party company to insert a fantasy football link, they'll do it.

Looks like laws regarding dogs are different in Vegas.

And the #1 piece of Las Vegas trivia from Aces Casino??  Did you know that there are 3 Las Vegas casino party companies that do business in the city of Las Vegas?  I remember long ago, one of our southern California clients hired us to do a convention for them in Las Vegas.. We thought it was so incredibly strange to take our team out to where the games were so plentiful, but we soon found out why they did it.   Simply for the same reason that our many clients hire us for their special events in California- They want the FUN of Las Vegas, without the chance of losing a lot of REAL money.

Sounds good to us.

Hey, before we depart, just a note: When we return on Tuesday, we'll be about one week away from our annual Fantasy Football draft.  That means it's time to dust off our computer, and talk some serious fantasy football.  (Ed. Note: Which means more time for the author to brag about his titles.  Oh, JOY...) 

Also, Tomorrow night (Aug. 20), The Buena Park High School Football boosters, "The Coyote Club," are throwing their very first casino night party over at the Buena Park Women's Club building, at 6711 Beach Blvd. in BP.  Dinner at 7pm, casino-style games at 8pm.  I'll be there, along with a lot of the crazies from the Aces Casino staff.  Come on down and join coach Anthony White, Coyote Club Prez Tom Chavez and V.P. Glen Stephens and a lot of great staff members and guests and help support a great cause.  Hope to see you there! 

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