Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aces Casino Dept: Of Nonsense: 5 Things You (Hopefully) Didn't Know About "Pawn Stars"

My friends, the toothpaste is out of the tube.

"What does THAT mean," you ask?  Simply this: The brass here at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party superstars of all things "virtual casino," have unwittingly opened up Pandora's Box, and given this goofy reporter "carte blance" is creating blog entries under the  heading, "Department Of Nonsense."

Tough break, Aces Casino brass.  Can't get THAT toothpaste back in the casino party tube.  If I don't have the greatest job in the world, I'd like to meet the people that do.  (Ed. Note: Great, MORE mail for me to sort through.)

So, since we're "up against the clock" in the ol' blog-posting biz, we thought it best to turn to our expertise in everything unusual, goofy and non-sensical.  Familiar territory, to be sure.

We mentioned in a prior post that our Aces Casino entourage was planning on visiting the infamous stars of the History Channel's hit TV show, "Pawn Stars"  in late July, something that we did actually do some 15 days ago.  Now, anyone that has seen the show KNOWS that the Pawn Stars (Rick Harrison, the Old Man, Hoss and especially Chumlee) can usually be counted on to come up with something fairly unusual to chat about or showcase...

 Hallowed Ground.

So, without further fanfare, here are "5 things that you (hopefully) didn't know about "Pawn Stars," brought to you by the kings of non-sense, the gang at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party entertainment team....

#1 -- If you're planning on actually going over to Las Vegas to see the Pawn Stars at their pawn shop location shown on their television show, you'll be in for a slight shock:  It's a total tourist trap.  The Gold and Silver Pawn, located at 713 N. Las Vegas Boulevard, is still a working pawn shop, but it's NOTHING like it looks on TV.  Most all day, there's a fairly long line that guests must stand in, outside, a sort of "waiting area."  Best time to come down and try to beat the lines?  Dinner time, between 5pm-to-7pm.

#2 -- We came down on Saturday, and found out (to no one's surprise) that none of the four Pawn Stars were there.  The building WAS open (it's 24 hours), but was fully manned by some of the employees that you don't see on the show.  Not even the regular bouncer was there the day we came down.  Biggest non-surprise concerning the staff that WAS there?  The employees are NOT interested in talking about the show, or any of the four stars.  One can imagine all the questions that they must field each and every day.  I understand.  Didn't wanna talk to them, anyway.

#3 -- The interior looks a little different in person than it does on TV.  On the show, there looks to be one area that Rick and the Old Man sit at quite a bit, and surprisingly, that area is not only blocked off, but no pictures of any kind are allowed to be shot in that area.  No big loss.... Important sighting in the shop:  If you're looking for souvenirs to purchase to commemorate your visit to the Pawn Stars location, you will NOT be disappointed.  They'll sell you EVERYTHING here, courtesy of the Old Man, no doubt.  T-Shirts, hats, bracelets, posters, and even their own Pawn Stars bottled water.  I kid you not.  The ol' man must be SMILING, wherever he is, right this second. 

Souvenirs, anyone?  (No, I didn't BUY anything!)

#4 -- How popular is the Gold and Silver Pawn as one of the latest tourist attractions in Glitter Gulch?  Here's how popular -- The building has a Taxi Stand, manned with quite a few taxis outside.  I don't know why this surprised me, but it did.  Ahh, the fame of television.  Interesting note: While we were there, a taxi was either arriving or departing from the Pawn Stars location every three or four minutes.  I kid you not.  On Saturday night.  At 7pm.

#5 -- From the "Division of Alpha Males:"  The interior is incredibly filthy.  Remember the chair that Rick Harrison bought from the gentleman that brought in Senator Pat McCarren's official Senate seat?  Two things....1) There's a price tag on the chair, for $60,000.  SIXTY GRAND.  2) The chair, this piece of furniture that's selling for a cool sixty grand, is dustier than the Ark of the Covenant in the movie, "Raiders Of The Lost Ark."  As a matter of fact, EVERYTHING'S dusty in there.  One of our team members brought up the fact that everything has a price tag on it, including rare antiquities.  Sticky, goofy-looking price tags.  Upon noticing this, she wondered out loud, "Wouldn't those sticky tags be tough to get off, and lower the values of the items?"  Good question, Teresa.....

Well, folks, there you have it.  Five quick, unflattering blurbs (hey, we still loved seeing all of it) about our official visit to the Pawn Stars.  But, for those of you that are loyal blog followers of the Aces Casino Blog, and love to read this Orange County casino party company's goofy, irreverent blog twice a week, we have a special treat for you - A picture of our favorite item seen during our visit to the Pawn Stars location: In one of their many jewelry cases, we spotted it --

"Chumlee on toast."

First, the Runaway Bride, and now, THIS.

There it is, folks, something that you won't see ANYWHERE else.  That's right, the Los Angeles casino party kingpin has done it again, bringing our readers the best in nonsense.  Remember, you saw it here, first.  Thanks for you time, we'll see you again on Friday with another scintillating blog entry.  Have a good week!

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