Friday, August 5, 2011

Aces Casino Blog Greatest Hits: Behind The Scenes of a (Not-So) Typical Casino Party Company

(Ed. Note: The team at Aces Casino will be away from the Aces offices until the 9th of August, while necessary construction and renovation work is done at the main facility in Buena Park.  We will return on Tuesday, August 9th, with new blog posts and re-charged management and staff.  In the meantime, please enjoy one of our "Greatest Hits" blog posts, this one dealing with our favorite subject -- Las Vegas Night casino parties.)

It seems that, even though Aces Casino is considered one of the top orange county casino party companies in the southern California area, we still get a lot of questions that start with, "gee, how do you DO these events?"  Well, after thinking about it for a while, we figured that WAS a good question.  Let's take a look behind the curtain at three main Aces principles of prepping for an event, and see just how our casino events can move from the drawing board to reality....

Step One -  Listen to the client

Invariably, Aces Casino is all about SERVICE.  This top orange county casino night leader works tirelessly at giving each and every one of their clients the utmost in entertainment services.  Most of the Aces Casino clients are long-time members of the team, and we help them put on their annual fund raiser, private party or corporate event.  Most times, they know what they want or need to make their special event sing, but sometimes, it's the job of the corporate event planners here at Aces Casino to assist in all of the little details, additions to their particular event that give it that "special touch."  It's that special touch that makes all the difference, year in and year out.

Step Two - Know the client's venue

This is where our design team comes in.  Aces Casino has always spared no expense at painting the "big picture" for their client.  If you're going to do a fantastic job at an event site, we feel you have to KNOW that event site, from top to bottom.  After being brought on board, Aces Casino and their design team meet with not only the client, but the catering and special events teams at the proposed venue that will be used for the event.  No one knows their own venue quite like the management and staff that are consistently around it.  Paying attention to every detail is what makes Aces the top orange county casino night king.  It's our constant attention to detail that sets us apart.  Ask any of our many clients over the last 17 years.

Another Aces employee proving that NO stone is left unturned.

Step Three - Bring in the "pros"

Aces Casino prides itself on their top-notch professional staff, from the on-site casino dealers to their experienced event planners and designers.  From the casino gaming reps to the casino-quality game tables and equipment, Aces Casino puts the perfect touch on EVERY orange county casino party.  Aces takes pride in the fact that, because of all the pre-event itinerary work they do, EVERY Aces Casino client can fully picture each and every event in their mind, and watch as their event unfolds in front of them, just as planned in their itinerary meetings.  It's just another way of Aces Casino proving to all of southern California that they truly ARE the top orange county casino night party company in the industry!

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