Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aces Blog: Tuesday's Topic - "The Rush," A. K. A. "The Single Most Incredible Feeling In The World"

Here's a statement that shouldn't surprise anyone - Here at Aces Casino, A.K.A. the Orange County casino party leader since our inception way back in the early '90's, well, there's no other way to say it -- We just LOVE parties.  All KINDS of parties -- Grad nights, holiday events, birthday celebrations, charitable fundraisers, Bat/Bar Mitzvah's, you name it.  If the client is looking for the perfect virtual casino party, Aces Casino is SoCal's one choice, period. 

Yes, I know, the Aces Casino "propaganda ministry" is already running on all cylinders today, but hold on; there's a method to our madness.  There IS one thing that this Orange County casino night party team HATES to see at their many events each year.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it just breaks our heart.

It's something we call "The Rush."

Those players that have seen one; or better yet, have been lucky enough to have participated in one, know just what we mean.  The casino game scholars here that make up the brain trust from our Los Angeles casino party team define "The Rush" as: an unspecified moment in time at a casino table when you and the players at your table can do no wrong. 

I harken back to the last "Rush" that I took part in; It was at the 2011 WSOP, just two weeks ago.  I had just arrived in Las Vegas, and before going to check into my room for what was about to turn into a four-day marathon, I decided to wander down the strip for a bit, and check out the action at the World Series Of Poker, the "nirvana" of poker tournaments, currently taking place at the Rio Suite Hotel in Sin City.  It's Aces Casino's "Poker piece of heaven,"  just made for this Orange County casino party poker-lover.

My first stop at the WSOP is always the Satellite room, where you can play 1-table "SnG's" Sit-And-Go's or MTT's (Multi-Table Tournaments) that, should you "cash," would net you tournament chips that you can use to buy into one of the many events held at the WSOP.  And, if you fancy the tourney action, but don't want to necessarily buy into the WSOP, you cn always sell the tournament chips you've won to the players that will be buying into the various events later on.  No sweat.  So, I walk up to the satellite tourney desk, pick a card for the level that I wish to play at, pay the entry fee at the cage, and play.

Then, it started.

Now, I know this reporter constantly toots the "Aces Casino" horn on these blogs.  Hey, It's my job.  But when it comes to the WSOP, well, this Orange County casino party reporter has personally done quite well over the years.  However - those past years pale in comparison to THIS year.  THIS year, "The Rush" hit.  Won my first STT for $1250.  Got in another one, got to heads-up w/the chip lead, chopped that STT for 90% of the pot.  Got in ANOTHER one right away, and won THAT STT to the tune of $1750.  Was catching cards like NEVER before.  (Ed. Note: we remember one other time, but you'll have to bring THAT one up.  I'm not going to.)

"The Rush" was on, and I knew it.  Moved to a no-limit cash-game table, played for three hours, added another $3200 to the ol' bankroll.  Then, the next day, went ahead and entered the $1500 NLHE event that started at noon, played a total of two-plus days, finished 83rd, another $4700.  Later that night, I hopped onto a NLHE cash game back at my hotel, and found "The Rush" was over.  Cards got scarce, opponents hitting three-outers to suck out on me time and time again, barely broke even at a soft table.  Yep, it was over.  But WHAT A RUSH... "Now, THAT was FUN."

Made over $16K in 72 hours.  Casino cages all over Las Vegas were throwing cash at me.  That's what It's all about, my friends - Riding out "The Rush."  I've had a few similar "rushes" in the casino over the years; I remember a Craps session that only lasted about an hour and a half, but turned into the wildest and most profitable Craps session I ever had.  I'll never forget THAT feeling, EVER.

That's our owner, in yellow. Is he smiling?  CRAPS RUSH.

So, why bring up this "Rush" thing?  What does it all mean?  Why does seeing a player on a rush at one of our Orange County casino party events just KILL us to watch it?  Simple.  We have a saying here at Aces Casino.

"The cards and the dice don't know that the game is fake."

True, we put on quite a show with our casino parties, but that's all it is - A SHOW.  The chips are valueless.  Yeah, you MIGHT get a raffle ticket or two in order to have a chance to win a nice prize, but you aren't EVER guaranteed ANYTHING when amassing that mountain of fake chips.  The good news is, at our Orange County casino party set-ups, "The Rush" is as rare HERE as it is in Las Vegas.

The BAD news?  They still happen.  Four weeks ago, at one of our Craps tables during one of our many fundraisers, I witnessed a guy and his family go one one of the most AMAZING Craps rushes I had EVER seen.  Now, we MUST state this now - When it comes to fundraisers, we deal the games STRAIGHT here at Aces Casino.  No cheating, no "getting loose with the chips."  No lie - This guy held the dice at our table for 55 minutes, and when HE finally sevened-out, the NEXT player held the dice for another 30 minutes.

INCREDIBLE rush.  Two players, almost an hour-and-a-half of pure shooting.  They made over $11,000 each playing $5/$10, while starting with a bankroll of about $400.


Without QUESTION, this just KILLS me when it happens.  It rarely does, but WHEN it does, it's a KILLER.  It's the only bad part of being a member of the Aces Casino team --  You get a 50-yard-line seat at a table, and get to watch some poor guy waste one of his "rushes" at one of OUR games, when he SHOULD be doing this at one of the tables in Las Vegas.

Wait, it gets worse.  This group of people that have just learned Craps here at our table for the very first time NOW think they can re-create this "rush" in Las Vegas, when they go on their vacation two weeks later.  THEY think the game is EASY, that they have the "system" to beat the casino.

There's no way to warn them, there's no way to try to stop it.  Half-way thru their "rush," we KNOW that they're ALREADY thinking "Vegas."  It's too late, then.  When It's over, we tell the player(s) involved, "Wow, that was one of the greatest rushes we've EVER seen!" And it's the truth, too.

We CAN'T tell them they just spent one of their "rushes" on a fake gaming table.  Unfortunately, the dice didn't know the game was fake.  Even worse, the dice they pick up in Vegas won't know the game is REAL.

At least, I don't think so.

Moral of the story: When your "Rush" hits, enjoy it, and ride it out for all that It's worth.  Oh, and come to our Aces Casino parties to have fun, but PLEASE - DON'T spend one of your precious "Rushes" at one of our tables.  Yes, they're SO much fun to watch, but believe me - They're few and far between.  BELIEVE me.

I ought to know.  I'm a San Diego Charger fan.  It's been 17 years between rushes.  Super Bowl 29 felt like we were playing with fake chips.  I hate THAT part, too.

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