Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday ALREADY? It MUST be Time For Our Top 3 Random "In The News" Observations 4 This Week

Here at Aces Casino, the top orange county casino party company in the southland, we take pride in putting on simply the best casino parties in the industry.  And, without question, it's no secret how we accomplish this amazing feat - It's our staff.  Someone should be using the Aces Casino team members in a reality show.  They're eclectic, hilarious, and highly professional.  In short, they're SO good at what they do.

We bring this well-known fact up here is the blog for one reason - Out staff always helps me out of a writer's block" prob.  (Just like today.)  All I need to do is ask a few of our 'crazies' what has their attention when it comes to the latest news that's making headlines here locally, or even nationally, and 'Voila!'  Instant blog column.

The following is a list of Aces Casino's "Top 5 news items making news here at the Aces Casino Entertainment facility in beautiful downtown Whittier....." - You'll soon find out why these goofballs belong HERE, and not working for CNN or Fox....

1.  ABC's "The Bachelorette" causes panic in the Aces Casino hallways

Damn...I hate it when I'm not in the loop, but this lil' ditty is causing a full-fledged ruckus in the break room.  I must admit that I haven't seen an episode of this "Bachelorette" show, but it sounds like I should.  Word is that Ashley Hebert, the 2011 "Bachelorette" herself, has had her heart broken by some dope after only 3 episodes of the show.  How is that POSSIBLE?  (Ed. note: watch it and see, you twit!)

Come to find out that some guy she really liked (A man named Bentley Williams, I'm told) told her that he was hoping for ANOTHER girl to be the Bachelorette, some chick that appeared on LAST year's show.  Which makes me pose the question, "Uhh, dude, what made you think LAST year's girl would be on THIS year?"  Anyway, this guy supposedly leads her on, comforting her when some other dope starts taking pot-shots at her, and then drops this nuke on her later.  Cue the sobbing Bachelorette.

 Shoulda slapped him right about now.

Holy smokes, I gotta check this out.  Here's the link that may explain my rambling synopsis.  I'll be checkin' it out, too, right after posting this drivel.  I'm moving this to my "Must-See" list.  Like I said, I haven't seen any of this yet, but I hope she's OK.  That guy sounds like a real low-life.  Stay tuned....

2.  Chloe Kardashian has "Nip-Slip" on Fox-TV (?)

Damn, I missed THIS one, too!  I must be watching the wrong shows.

Huge props to a friend of mine, Carter Ellis, for calling this one three weeks ago.   I'm sorry, but these Kardashian chicks are starting to get on my nerves.  They obviously will do ANYTHING to get on TV.  What next?  Whoa, hold on, I don't really care what's next.  Ellis told me that this Chloe girl and that Laker player ain't even married.  (Like I care.)  That, and she looks like a guy.  Every time I hear about this woman, that song, "Dude looks like a lady" gets into my head.  (THAT, I care about.)  Stop the madness, the 15 minutes are UP, already. 

3.  Tiger Woods to miss 2011 U. S. Open

I knew from the very first moment I picked up a golf club (and then threw it into the lake 8 minutes later) that golf was 99% mental.  From the standpoint of Woods being one of the most dominant forces in the golf world, this collapse bothers me.  It looks like not only his mental game has unraveled, but his physical game is beginning to do the same.

This is a shame, it really is.  He may never return to the great golfer that he once was.  v.  Note to all athletes-to-be: Stay on task, and keep all aspects of your game together, including your personal life.  Don't think that this can't happen to you, too.

Short blog article this Tuesday....Reason?  We have a LOT of events taking place, starting with this Thursday.  We'll get some new pictures, and maybe even some new video.  Here's a hint as just where Aces Casino, the los angeles casino party company kingpin, is going this weekend - We'll be on the 44th floor.  We're also reminded that we've never blogged about our meeting up with "Team Kardashian" last March, during an event in Calabasas.  We may just have to get that story written: it was actually pretty bizarre.  (Gee, what a surprise.)

We'll see you later in the week.  Have a good Tuesday, and call Aces Casino if you need help with your next casino party.  We're here to help!

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