Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: What do an Alligator, the Fire Department, and the WSOP All Have In Common?

When we took on the job of creating and maintaining this Aces Casino Blog, we were told by our superiors a long time ago that the main thing to remember was that "we were an Orange County Casino party company - There's ALWAYS something interesting to write about!"  No lie there, my friends.  I'm here to tell ya, through all these many years here at Aces Casino, we can honestly say that "We have seen It ALL" when it comes to our most outrageous casino parties.

Until the NEXT weekend of events comes and goes, that is.

Working with the crazies around here, you find out fast - Something's ALWAYS happening here at Aces Casino, but let me state right up front that, when it comes to this Orange County casino night company discussing the craziest weekend of events in our companies' history, NOTHING can top what took place exactly one year ago today, on the weekend of June 18-19-20, 2010.

Friday, June 18, 2010 -  Graduation event, Irvine.  Multi-school event, WAY too much alcohol flowing, and LOADS of attendees, including the one that was spotted sitting in a trucked-in "kiddie pool" with a large (spiked) punch bowl sitting right next to 'it' -- A three-foot alligator (which, I was told, was the school's 'new mascot') that had what appeared to be a pretty nasty attitude.

The good news was that there was one poor sap that was assigned the task of making sure that "Rosie" (named after Rosie O'Donnell, I'm told) would stay in the kiddie pool for the evening.  The bad news was that same poor sap left the party at half-time, and the darned alligator bit thru the lining of the kiddie pool, and was spotted heading straight for the Roulette table.  You KNOW that there's too much alcohol at a party when a freaking ALLIGATOR is walking around at your event, and I'm the only one that seems to care.

True story - Some kid that HAD to be about 6-4/275 simply walked up to the alligator right in the middle of the party, told him, "You're Luggage," put some trench coat lookin' thing over it, bundled it up, dragged it right outside, LET IT LOOSE, of all things, and closed the door.  Oh, gee, thanks, NOW, I feel SO much better.  We never saw the kid or "Rosie" again, but every time we took equipment outside after the event, we watched for "Rosie," just in case.  Two days later, the O. C. Register had a story about someone finding an alligator in their pool.  Gee, I wonder where THAT came from.

 "Uhh, can I come back in, now?"

Saturday, June 19, 2010 -- Another high school graduation event held at a home in La Mirada.  Two tables inside the home, and two tables OUTSIDE, including one of the Aces Casino poker tables.  Now, I didn't actually attend this event, so we'll pick up the story from the lead operations director at the party... "Two hours into the event, a commotion of some sort becomes apparent, immediately followed by shrieks and random yelling.

"By the time I get out on the patio, I immediately see what the problem is - The poker table is on fire.  The fire's pretty high and by that time is licking at the wooden structure of the patio overhang,  and the smoke from the blaze is setting off every smoke alarm INSIDE the house.  Everybody's OK, though, no one hurt - Some quick-thinking poker savants douse the table with water from an outside hose, and when the La Mirada Fire Department arrives, they're convinced that the worst is over, as well as the party.  Poof - One Orange County casino night party goes up in smoke.

"The kicker, however, is just how the blaze got started.  Once the commotion had died down, one of the players at the poker table confided in me just what had happened - One of the players had spilled red wine all over the table after winning a pot, and some idiot player at the table exclaimed, "No worries, you guys - the best way to get that off the table is to burn off the excess alcohol."  This 'Wonderlick' then proceeds to activate his lighter, and do just that, which, in mere seconds, obliterates most of the table, the chip tray, the cards, the chips, and one or two eyebrows.  What's left of the table is on display in the Aces Casino Hall of Shame, along with all of the other "interesting moments in Aces History."

 Yeah, that pretty much says it all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 -- A poker party in Aliso Viejo.  The table that WAS to be at this event had to (obviously) be replaced, but we have a hundred or more at our disposal, so no prob there.  This event turned into the "King of the Overtime Champion."  This party was for a guy celebrating his birthday, along with nine of his buddies, and they decided to have an STT (a single table tournament).

Unfortunately for us, they used what HAD to be the slowest blind/ante system known to tourney directors, causing this event to go from a four-hour party to almost NINE hours.  The tournament finally ended around 4am, and the champion was crowned.  And, surprisingly, at 4am, there were still five players sitting around and watching the action, including the birthday guy.

Suddenly, the suggestion was made to the winner, "hey, the World Series Of Poker is currently going on out in Vegas.  Why don't you go out and play?  You're pretty good, you'd have a chance!"  And, after a few minutes of discussion, four of these players, including the tournament champion, hopped in their car and drove to Las Vegas.  Bottom line?  They arrived around 7:45am, got a room, caught 3 hours sleep, got up, when to the Rio to play poker, entered the tourney winner into a No-Limit Hold - 'Em event, and watched him play. 


When it was all said and done, the guy made final table, finished 6th, and these four good friends ended up splitting a nice payout check.  And the best part of all?  There wasn't an alligator of Fire Marshal in sight.  Now THAT'S what we call a happy ending.  Post-script: They're having another tournament this Sunday.  I'm going with them, if they do this again.  Stay tuned.  Either way, we'll have our normal Friday blog, with the answers to the pop Roulette quiz we hit you with last week.  See you then!

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