Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: All The News That's Fit To Print, Straight From Our Own Aces Casino "News" Desk

You just HAVE to love the entertainment business.

It seems like every time you open up the newspaper or check the latest "celebrity gossip magazines" on the internet like TMZ or The Smoking Gun (yes, we love those, too), there's ALWAYS something happening.  "Who's turn is it to goof up in Hollywood," it seems....

Here at Aces Casino, I think It's some sort of rule that you DO have to love the entertainment biz (and we do).  When it comes to one of the Orange County casino party leaders, well, we're BIG on entertainment - And fortunately, we're SMALL on goof-ups.  (Hopefully, someone at our main office has finally forgotten about my moment of amnesia last month, when I forgot to tie down one of our free-play slot machines last weekend.  Oops.  Sorry about that.)

Thank goodness that the world of entertainment has this never-ending list of dopey people and celebs that can't wait to show off their ability to screw up and get "busted" while doing the stupidest things imaginable.  And because of this unending supply of zingers, we've decided that today's "Aces News" segment should be dedicated to the latest goof-ups, malaprops and current events happening in the "entertainment" industry, courtesy of the Orange County casino party leaders, Aces Casino Entertainment.  (That, and we couldn't think of anything else.)

-- "Snooki Crashes into Italian Police Car" -- I'm guessing that the Polizzi probably avoided "The Snook's" first five attempts at this pub-stunt before she finally succeeded and rammed into the vehicle.  You could throw the Italian book at her, I suppose, but she can't read it, anyway.  I bet the country can't WAIT until those "Jersey Snores" get the el-deport-o.

"American Grenade detained in Italy."

-- "Couple hiding baby's gender from media" -- I must be missing something here.  Who CARES?  The kid's four months old.  I'm sure that this "breaking news story" from Canada will hit us someday, when the gender of this couple's baby is finally known.  "Gosh, I can't WAIT."  I mean, seriously -- Who in Hades CARES about this?  How did this become a story?  It's like all of those Hollywood-types that make it their habit to let you know that they're gay.  I mean, come ON, now.  Do I go around telling everyone that I'm straight?  No.  Reason?  NOBODY CARES.  Keep all of this to yourself, people.  Puh-LEEEASE..

-- "Father at Dodgers' Game Drops his own KID to get a Foul Ball" -- Nice goin', Dad.  That reminds me -- Father's Day is what, June 19th?  I know a father that'll get super-glue for a present.  Notice he dropped the BALL, too.  One rule that we have at Aces Casino -- If you're going to throw your own child under the bud for a foul ball, at least CATCH it.  Our orange county casino night dealers have sure hands, they never drop ANYTHING (except one-liners).

-- "California Medical Board revokes license of OctoMom doctor" -- Gee, THERE'S a surprise.  This lady lives about six blocks from me.  There USED to be a stream of traffic going over to her place.  Not any more.  Must be another circus in town.  I know there's a lot of animosity in regards to what she's done, but I can't help but wish her well.  She has a tough road ahead, now that the looky-lo's and the social media are tired of the tale.  She's running out of stuff to sell to get by, unless she starts having garage sales to sell off the extra kids.  (Gawd, I hope I'm wrong.)

PLEASE don't sell this tape, Nadya.  PLEASE don't.

That's all for now, ladies and germs.  Remember, Aces Casino is handing out SERIOUS deals ALL SUMMER LONG thru August of 2011, so anyone planning that fantastic casino night in-home party or organizational fundraiser should immediately call the top orange county casino party leaders, Aces Casino, for a low, LOW quote, and let's have some casino party FUN!

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