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Aces Blog: Answers to Our Top 10 Not-So-Tough Test Questions on Our Aces Casino Roulette Quiz

Welcome back to the Aces Casino infamous "College of Casino Game Knowledge," my lil' casino-game test-takers!   It's Friday, which means It's time to reveal the answers to our spectacular orange county casino party quiz on the fabulous game of Roulette.

Now, any of you that may be tuning in to our Aces Casino blog for the first time, or have been away for a while and didn't see the Roulette test questions, well, stop reading this blog  immediately (my boss just fell over when he read that, I just know it), and check out the link shown here for the 10 test questions on el-Roulette-o.

OK, everybody on the same page, now?  Good.  Pencils down, and let's grade the tests.  You're on the honor system here (but we know how good you are, if you're a regular here at the Aces Blog), so here's how the scoring works...Give yourself one point for each correct answer that you got.  Doesn't get any easier than that, my friends.  OK...Ready?  Here we go.

1. Roulette in its modern form dates back to:

B. Paris in the 1700s.

Modern roulette wheels, complete with alternate red and black slots with numbers, have been traced to Paris in 1796.  If you answered "Baden-Baden," you were reaching just a tad. deduct one point from your final score.

2. The most important difference between American and European roulette is:

C. The European wheel does not have 00.

The standard European wheel has only a 0, with no 00.  They know how tough the game is to beat already, without jacking up the odds for the house even further.

3. An American roulette wheel has:

C. 38 numbers.

The standard American wheel has numbers 1 through 36, plus 0 and 00.  THat's 38 numbers.  If you tried to say "but Aces, 0-and-00 aren't really numbers," dock yourself one point for being an "internet casino game bully."

4. The wheel has numbers arranged:

A. So that consecutive numbers are approximately opposite each other.

It's not perfect, but the attempt was made to place consecutive numbers opposite each other. Check out the numbers around 0 and 00. Zero is flanked by 2 and 28; on either side of 00 are 1 and 27.  Fascinating, yes, I know.  Hey, YOU play the game, not me.

5. English engineer Joseph Jagger is famous for:

A. Breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.

True story.  Back in 1873, Joseph Jagger found a biased wheel--a wheel on which some numbers turned up more often than by random chance. His $325,000 in winnings would be a tidy sum today, but they were astronomical in 1873.  (Somewhere around $2.6Mil.)  Now, THIS is a fascinating story.  Cliff notes: Jagger discovered that a certain Roulette wheel had nine numbers that kept repeating fairly often.  Interested in more info?  Here's the link to the man that broke Monte Carlo.  Oh, one more thing: Mr. Jagger appears to be related to the ol' Rolling Stone lead singer himself, Mick Jagger.  See?  We're not just a pretty Orange County casino party company here....  You're welcome.

6. At the roulette table, roulette chips have a value:

C. Determined when you buy them.

One color of roulette chip can have several different values over the course of a day. I might buy in for $10, and tell the dealer I want 25-cent chips. After I leave, another player might buy in for $50 and request $1 chips, and another might buy in for $500 and want $10 chips. The dealer keeps track with a marker placed atop a chip of the designated color.  Look for that placed chip somewhere on the wheel next time.  Another Aces Casino tidbit, straight from the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal.

7. At the cashier's cage, roulette chips have a value of:

A. Zero.

Since roulette chips may have several different values over the course of the day, they may not be redeemed at the cashier's cage. Redeem for regular casino chips before you leave the table.  No worries, I never have any chips left over when I play this game, anyway.

8. The house edge at American roulette:

A. Is higher than at most table games.

The house edge on most bets at American roulette is 5.26 percent. That's much higher than the 0.5 percent against a blackjack basic strategy player, 2.5 percent against an average blackjack player, 1.17 on baccarat bets on banker on 1.41 percent on the pass line at craps.  If you've played Roulette these many years, and thought that the house edge on the game was the best in the casino, dock yourself one point.

9. Bets on the numbers themselves, whether single-number bets, or two-, three-, four-, five- or six-number combinations, are called:

A. Inside bets

The numbers are inside bets. Red-black, even-odd, first 18-last 18, dozens and columns are outside bets.  There are limits to the amounts players can wager inside, compared to outside.  Another Aces Casino tidbit.

10. A player betting on red/black, first 18/last 18, even/odd, dozens or columns:

C. Must bet at least the table minimum on each of those propositions.

Little-known fact, based on the house rules at your casino of choice.  At a $5 minimum table, if you decide to bet black and the first column, you must bet at least $5 on black and at least $5 more on the first column. On inside bets, you may meet the minimum by spreading bets totaling $5 on several numbers.  If this actually makes sense to you, give yourself one extra bonus point.

OK, how did you do?  Here's where you can check your results --

11 points - You're a Roulette genius, and probably don't play the game for real money because of the house edge.  We call this "Casino Counter-Productivity."

10 points - You're still a Roulette genius, and play the game without the need for bonus points to win, which means you're not a cheater, you're a goody-two-shoes.

6-to-9 points - You're still pretty smart when it comes to Roulette.  If you think you're not, deduct one point from your final score.

2-to-5 points - You've got the basics, but the game still eats you alive in Vegas.

0-1 point - I've contacted the Nevada / California state line.  They won't let you in.

-1 to -3 points - I've contacted the people that the state line wouldn't let in.  They're authorized to flatten your tires when YOU get there.

Hope you enjoyed this lil' Aces Casino "Romp down Roulette Lane," courtesy of the top orange county casino night party company in Southern California.  Need practice on a REAL Roulette wheel and table?  Call us.  The chips are fake, and you can see how tough the game is to beat, for the price of a table rental.  If you think you'd like to call us today, give yourself one bonus point.

We'll see you next week with two more blog-blasts on our usual Tuesday and Friday......Take care...  P.S. : If you like these casino-game tests, let us know.  We'll provide one for your favorite game!

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