Friday, June 24, 2011

Aces Blog: Answers to Our Top 10 Not-So-Tough Test Questions on Our Aces Casino Roulette Quiz

Welcome back to the Aces Casino infamous "College of Casino Game Knowledge," my lil' casino-game test-takers!   It's Friday, which means It's time to reveal the answers to our spectacular orange county casino party quiz on the fabulous game of Roulette.

Now, any of you that may be tuning in to our Aces Casino blog for the first time, or have been away for a while and didn't see the Roulette test questions, well, stop reading this blog  immediately (my boss just fell over when he read that, I just know it), and check out the link shown here for the 10 test questions on el-Roulette-o.

OK, everybody on the same page, now?  Good.  Pencils down, and let's grade the tests.  You're on the honor system here (but we know how good you are, if you're a regular here at the Aces Blog), so here's how the scoring works...Give yourself one point for each correct answer that you got.  Doesn't get any easier than that, my friends.  OK...Ready?  Here we go.

1. Roulette in its modern form dates back to:

B. Paris in the 1700s.

Modern roulette wheels, complete with alternate red and black slots with numbers, have been traced to Paris in 1796.  If you answered "Baden-Baden," you were reaching just a tad. deduct one point from your final score.

2. The most important difference between American and European roulette is:

C. The European wheel does not have 00.

The standard European wheel has only a 0, with no 00.  They know how tough the game is to beat already, without jacking up the odds for the house even further.

3. An American roulette wheel has:

C. 38 numbers.

The standard American wheel has numbers 1 through 36, plus 0 and 00.  THat's 38 numbers.  If you tried to say "but Aces, 0-and-00 aren't really numbers," dock yourself one point for being an "internet casino game bully."

4. The wheel has numbers arranged:

A. So that consecutive numbers are approximately opposite each other.

It's not perfect, but the attempt was made to place consecutive numbers opposite each other. Check out the numbers around 0 and 00. Zero is flanked by 2 and 28; on either side of 00 are 1 and 27.  Fascinating, yes, I know.  Hey, YOU play the game, not me.

5. English engineer Joseph Jagger is famous for:

A. Breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.

True story.  Back in 1873, Joseph Jagger found a biased wheel--a wheel on which some numbers turned up more often than by random chance. His $325,000 in winnings would be a tidy sum today, but they were astronomical in 1873.  (Somewhere around $2.6Mil.)  Now, THIS is a fascinating story.  Cliff notes: Jagger discovered that a certain Roulette wheel had nine numbers that kept repeating fairly often.  Interested in more info?  Here's the link to the man that broke Monte Carlo.  Oh, one more thing: Mr. Jagger appears to be related to the ol' Rolling Stone lead singer himself, Mick Jagger.  See?  We're not just a pretty Orange County casino party company here....  You're welcome.

6. At the roulette table, roulette chips have a value:

C. Determined when you buy them.

One color of roulette chip can have several different values over the course of a day. I might buy in for $10, and tell the dealer I want 25-cent chips. After I leave, another player might buy in for $50 and request $1 chips, and another might buy in for $500 and want $10 chips. The dealer keeps track with a marker placed atop a chip of the designated color.  Look for that placed chip somewhere on the wheel next time.  Another Aces Casino tidbit, straight from the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal.

7. At the cashier's cage, roulette chips have a value of:

A. Zero.

Since roulette chips may have several different values over the course of the day, they may not be redeemed at the cashier's cage. Redeem for regular casino chips before you leave the table.  No worries, I never have any chips left over when I play this game, anyway.

8. The house edge at American roulette:

A. Is higher than at most table games.

The house edge on most bets at American roulette is 5.26 percent. That's much higher than the 0.5 percent against a blackjack basic strategy player, 2.5 percent against an average blackjack player, 1.17 on baccarat bets on banker on 1.41 percent on the pass line at craps.  If you've played Roulette these many years, and thought that the house edge on the game was the best in the casino, dock yourself one point.

9. Bets on the numbers themselves, whether single-number bets, or two-, three-, four-, five- or six-number combinations, are called:

A. Inside bets

The numbers are inside bets. Red-black, even-odd, first 18-last 18, dozens and columns are outside bets.  There are limits to the amounts players can wager inside, compared to outside.  Another Aces Casino tidbit.

10. A player betting on red/black, first 18/last 18, even/odd, dozens or columns:

C. Must bet at least the table minimum on each of those propositions.

Little-known fact, based on the house rules at your casino of choice.  At a $5 minimum table, if you decide to bet black and the first column, you must bet at least $5 on black and at least $5 more on the first column. On inside bets, you may meet the minimum by spreading bets totaling $5 on several numbers.  If this actually makes sense to you, give yourself one extra bonus point.

OK, how did you do?  Here's where you can check your results --

11 points - You're a Roulette genius, and probably don't play the game for real money because of the house edge.  We call this "Casino Counter-Productivity."

10 points - You're still a Roulette genius, and play the game without the need for bonus points to win, which means you're not a cheater, you're a goody-two-shoes.

6-to-9 points - You're still pretty smart when it comes to Roulette.  If you think you're not, deduct one point from your final score.

2-to-5 points - You've got the basics, but the game still eats you alive in Vegas.

0-1 point - I've contacted the Nevada / California state line.  They won't let you in.

-1 to -3 points - I've contacted the people that the state line wouldn't let in.  They're authorized to flatten your tires when YOU get there.

Hope you enjoyed this lil' Aces Casino "Romp down Roulette Lane," courtesy of the top orange county casino night party company in Southern California.  Need practice on a REAL Roulette wheel and table?  Call us.  The chips are fake, and you can see how tough the game is to beat, for the price of a table rental.  If you think you'd like to call us today, give yourself one bonus point.

We'll see you next week with two more blog-blasts on our usual Tuesday and Friday......Take care...  P.S. : If you like these casino-game tests, let us know.  We'll provide one for your favorite game!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: What do an Alligator, the Fire Department, and the WSOP All Have In Common?

When we took on the job of creating and maintaining this Aces Casino Blog, we were told by our superiors a long time ago that the main thing to remember was that "we were an Orange County Casino party company - There's ALWAYS something interesting to write about!"  No lie there, my friends.  I'm here to tell ya, through all these many years here at Aces Casino, we can honestly say that "We have seen It ALL" when it comes to our most outrageous casino parties.

Until the NEXT weekend of events comes and goes, that is.

Working with the crazies around here, you find out fast - Something's ALWAYS happening here at Aces Casino, but let me state right up front that, when it comes to this Orange County casino night company discussing the craziest weekend of events in our companies' history, NOTHING can top what took place exactly one year ago today, on the weekend of June 18-19-20, 2010.

Friday, June 18, 2010 -  Graduation event, Irvine.  Multi-school event, WAY too much alcohol flowing, and LOADS of attendees, including the one that was spotted sitting in a trucked-in "kiddie pool" with a large (spiked) punch bowl sitting right next to 'it' -- A three-foot alligator (which, I was told, was the school's 'new mascot') that had what appeared to be a pretty nasty attitude.

The good news was that there was one poor sap that was assigned the task of making sure that "Rosie" (named after Rosie O'Donnell, I'm told) would stay in the kiddie pool for the evening.  The bad news was that same poor sap left the party at half-time, and the darned alligator bit thru the lining of the kiddie pool, and was spotted heading straight for the Roulette table.  You KNOW that there's too much alcohol at a party when a freaking ALLIGATOR is walking around at your event, and I'm the only one that seems to care.

True story - Some kid that HAD to be about 6-4/275 simply walked up to the alligator right in the middle of the party, told him, "You're Luggage," put some trench coat lookin' thing over it, bundled it up, dragged it right outside, LET IT LOOSE, of all things, and closed the door.  Oh, gee, thanks, NOW, I feel SO much better.  We never saw the kid or "Rosie" again, but every time we took equipment outside after the event, we watched for "Rosie," just in case.  Two days later, the O. C. Register had a story about someone finding an alligator in their pool.  Gee, I wonder where THAT came from.

 "Uhh, can I come back in, now?"

Saturday, June 19, 2010 -- Another high school graduation event held at a home in La Mirada.  Two tables inside the home, and two tables OUTSIDE, including one of the Aces Casino poker tables.  Now, I didn't actually attend this event, so we'll pick up the story from the lead operations director at the party... "Two hours into the event, a commotion of some sort becomes apparent, immediately followed by shrieks and random yelling.

"By the time I get out on the patio, I immediately see what the problem is - The poker table is on fire.  The fire's pretty high and by that time is licking at the wooden structure of the patio overhang,  and the smoke from the blaze is setting off every smoke alarm INSIDE the house.  Everybody's OK, though, no one hurt - Some quick-thinking poker savants douse the table with water from an outside hose, and when the La Mirada Fire Department arrives, they're convinced that the worst is over, as well as the party.  Poof - One Orange County casino night party goes up in smoke.

"The kicker, however, is just how the blaze got started.  Once the commotion had died down, one of the players at the poker table confided in me just what had happened - One of the players had spilled red wine all over the table after winning a pot, and some idiot player at the table exclaimed, "No worries, you guys - the best way to get that off the table is to burn off the excess alcohol."  This 'Wonderlick' then proceeds to activate his lighter, and do just that, which, in mere seconds, obliterates most of the table, the chip tray, the cards, the chips, and one or two eyebrows.  What's left of the table is on display in the Aces Casino Hall of Shame, along with all of the other "interesting moments in Aces History."

 Yeah, that pretty much says it all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 -- A poker party in Aliso Viejo.  The table that WAS to be at this event had to (obviously) be replaced, but we have a hundred or more at our disposal, so no prob there.  This event turned into the "King of the Overtime Champion."  This party was for a guy celebrating his birthday, along with nine of his buddies, and they decided to have an STT (a single table tournament).

Unfortunately for us, they used what HAD to be the slowest blind/ante system known to tourney directors, causing this event to go from a four-hour party to almost NINE hours.  The tournament finally ended around 4am, and the champion was crowned.  And, surprisingly, at 4am, there were still five players sitting around and watching the action, including the birthday guy.

Suddenly, the suggestion was made to the winner, "hey, the World Series Of Poker is currently going on out in Vegas.  Why don't you go out and play?  You're pretty good, you'd have a chance!"  And, after a few minutes of discussion, four of these players, including the tournament champion, hopped in their car and drove to Las Vegas.  Bottom line?  They arrived around 7:45am, got a room, caught 3 hours sleep, got up, when to the Rio to play poker, entered the tourney winner into a No-Limit Hold - 'Em event, and watched him play. 


When it was all said and done, the guy made final table, finished 6th, and these four good friends ended up splitting a nice payout check.  And the best part of all?  There wasn't an alligator of Fire Marshal in sight.  Now THAT'S what we call a happy ending.  Post-script: They're having another tournament this Sunday.  I'm going with them, if they do this again.  Stay tuned.  Either way, we'll have our normal Friday blog, with the answers to the pop Roulette quiz we hit you with last week.  See you then!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Aces "College Of Casino Game Knowledge:" Ten Not-So-Tough Mid-Term Questions About Roulette

Aces Casino has always taken pride in being the number one Orange County casino party company, a fact we don't take for granted.  Besides putting on fabulous casino parties in the Southern California area for over 17 years, Aces Casino Entertainment has also taken on the task of training would-be casino gaming enthusiasts in the area of what we call, "The How-To's" of the games themselves.  Hey, when you're playing with fake chips, you better have a fall-back option.

Yes, It's true - We LOVE teaching players these casino games we love so much.  It's so much easier giving classes on just how the games work when you can give your students "Hands-On Experience" at casino-quality tables with phony, valueless chips.  They get the real "feel" of the game's play and speed, without feeling the "pinch" of losing their hard-earned cash.  "Win-Win."

However - Once we started the Aces Casino Blog, we discovered one interesting factoid:  Our faithful Blog-readers normally can't attend our Orange County casino party happenings here in SoCal.   Solution?  Why, It's the Aces Casino Blog's own "Mid-Term College of Casino Game Knowledge,"  of course!  Last year we published our blog's Mid-Term on Blackjack in true/false form (the link can be found here), and THIS year, It's Roulette's turn.

OK, here's the only hint we'll give you.

OK, students.  Sharpen those #2 pencils, and open the Roulette test booklet.  Inside, you'll find ten questions concerning the fun, yet frustrating game of Roulette.  Each question will have three possible answers - Mark your paper from 1-to-10, and answer each question with an "A," a "B," or "C."  We'll give the quiz today, and the answers next Friday, one week from today, in this same Aces Casino Orange County casino party blog.  Ready?  Begin.

1.  Roulette in its modern form dates back to:
  1. Baden-Baden in the 1500s.
  2. Paris in the 1700s.
  3. Las Vegas in the 1900s.
2.  The most important difference between American and European roulette is:
  1. There are more bets available in Europe.
  2. The U.S. wheel is more finely balanced.
  3. The European wheel does not have 00.
3.  An American roulette wheel has:
  1. 36 numbers.
  2. 37 numbers.
  3. 38 numbers.
4.  The wheel has numbers arranged:
  1. So that consecutive numbers are approximately opposite each other.
  2. In numerical order.
  3. In numerical order, except that 0 and 00 are opposite each other.
5.  English engineer Joseph Jaggers is famous for:
  1. Breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.
  2. Inventing the roulette wheel.
  3. Introducing roulette to the United States.
6.  At the roulette table, roulette chips have a value:
  1. Of $1 each.
  2. Of $5 each.
  3. Determined when you buy them.
7.  At the cashier's cage, roulette chips have a value of:
  1. Zero.
  2. $1 each.
  3. $5 each.
8.  The house edge at American roulette:
  1. Is higher than at most table games.
  2. Is lower than at most table games
  3. Is about the same as at most table games.
9.  Bets on the numbers themselves, whether single-number bets, or two-, three-, four-, five- or six-number combinations, are called"
  1. Inside bets
  2. Outside bets
  3. Number bets.
10.  A player betting on red/back, first 18/last 18, even/odd, dozens or columns:
  1. May satisfy the minimum bet requirement by spreading smaller bets among several of those options.
  2. May make several bets smaller than the table minimum provided they add up to at least twice the posted minimum.
  3. Must bet at least the table minimum on each of those propositions.
 All right, students.  Put your pencils down.  We here at Aces Casino, the Los Angeles Casino Party Kingpins, wish you good luck on your test.  We'll see you back here next Friday with the answers!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Aces Blog: 3 Places in Vegas that you Didn't Know Existed, but Should be on Your "Must-See" List

It's true that Aces Casino, being the "virtual" orange county casino party company that we are, gets a lot of questions at each and every event we host that have something to do with the REAL casinos, specifically, the ones in Las Vegas, Nevada.  After all, what better time is there to ask questions about "Vegas" than playing the games they PLAY in the city they call "Glitter Gulch" than actually being AROUND the casino games themselves?  It kinda gets one in the "Vegas" mood, especially when the games WE provide are played with fake chips.  (All the fun, without the "sting.")

Yes, questions abound about Las Vegas, but sometimes, those questions from our clients and their guests don't have anything to do with Aces Casino, SoCal's top orange county casino night company, OR the games that Aces Casino OR the Las Vegas casinos have to offer.  Sometimes, people just ask questions like, "Hey, Aces, tell us about some of the places in Las Vegas that we don't know about, places that aren't necessarily gambling spots, but might be fun to visit."

Your wish is my command, my friends.  Here's a list of three out-of-the-way, inexpensive (or free) places that we'd put on anyone's "Must-See" list when heading out to Las Vegas on your next visit.  For most of these, you'll need a sense of 'nostalgia interest,' or else, you're in the wrong place...

#1 -- The Neon Museum (A.K.A. "The Neon Boneyard")

The Neon Museum, located at 821 Las Vegas Blvd. North (Downtown Las Vegas), but, as you can tell by giving their web site linked here a quick perusal, they're NOT big on what we'd call, "surprise appearances."  Translation:  contact the working office at the museum as far in advance as possible (they recommend a two-week notice, most times) at 702-387-6366, and schedule an appointment.  You WON'T be sorry.

 Look, they even have Rosie O'Donnell's Shoes on display.

The staff over at the Neon Museum gives guided tours and provides mucho info on the history of some of the old neon signs that most of you might recognize from the past of Vegas.  Not a lot of people even know the museum exists, but it's out there, and it's a must-see for ANYONE with interest in the past of this great city.  Extra info -Ask about the locations of some of the other individual sites that the museum has used to display other pieces of the neon/sign history of Las Vegas.  They're all OVER the city.

#2 -- The Sci-Fi Center

Located in the eclectic and low rent Commercial Center (large strip mall on the 900 block of East Sahara), The "Sci Fi Center" is run on the cheap, But they've done a lot with a little.  They converted the spacious back room of a comic book shop into a small theater, complete with old theater chairs.  And in the evenings on weekend days, they sell cheap tickets ($5 when I went) to watch classic science fiction television shows and movies, as well as the best and worst horror films ever made.  It's fun, it's cheap and usually filled with welcoming staff and theatergoers.

If this type of film is your thing (and who DOESN'T like a campy horror classic every once in a while), the Sci-Fi Center is another of tyhe Aces Casino "Must-See" spots.  You can link up to these guys and gals here, which is their Facebook page.  Love Sci-Fi classics and comic books?  This is the place for you, my friends.  Don't miss it, courtesy of the top Orange County casino party company in SoCal.  (We love being the Los Angeles casino party giant, too.)

#3 -- The Las Vegas Pinball Hall Of Fame

Now, I KNOW you haven't heard of THIS place.  Come on, now...Who HASN'T played a few games of pinball, or better yet -- Who'd like to take another shot at one of the older pinball games that you USED to play, but can't find that particular game anywhere?  I bet you thought that you were out of luck, that time had passed you by... Well, the staff here at Aces Casino is here to tell you that you're WRONG.

Not only is there a "Pinball Hall Of Fame," but ALL, and I mean ALL of the games in this pinball Mecca are operational, and available to play for pennies on the dollar.  The PHOF is located at 1610 Tropicana Avenue in Vegas, right across from the Liberace Museum, and is a total throw-back to the past, and a blast for pinball addicts from ages 8 to 108.  ALL of your old faves are there, it's "Pinball Nirvana."

 Gimme a roll of quarters, and get out of my way.

You can find the Pinball Hall Of Fame website here, and don't worry about bringing enough quarters - They'll gladly make change for you on site.  Last time I was there, the hours were 11am-to-11pm, 7 days a week.  Full-blown nostalgia is inside this 10,000 square foot homage to flipper-itis.  Does this look like fun, or what?  You're welcome, just another way that our orange county casino party company can give back to the masses.  

As you can probably tell, we're all about games here at Aces Casino, as you can tell with this entry.  That last one's our favorite, the Pinball museum.  I've always wanted a place where I could go and touch the "artifacts."  Try touching those mummies over at Bowers Museum and watch what happens.  (I did.  Long story, for some other blog.)    Great Blog suggestion by the staff here to kick off the week -- We'll be back on Friday with another entry in the Aces Casino Blog, A.K.A. "The Parakeet Page."  Have a good week, and we'll see you on Friday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday ALREADY? It MUST be Time For Our Top 3 Random "In The News" Observations 4 This Week

Here at Aces Casino, the top orange county casino party company in the southland, we take pride in putting on simply the best casino parties in the industry.  And, without question, it's no secret how we accomplish this amazing feat - It's our staff.  Someone should be using the Aces Casino team members in a reality show.  They're eclectic, hilarious, and highly professional.  In short, they're SO good at what they do.

We bring this well-known fact up here is the blog for one reason - Out staff always helps me out of a writer's block" prob.  (Just like today.)  All I need to do is ask a few of our 'crazies' what has their attention when it comes to the latest news that's making headlines here locally, or even nationally, and 'Voila!'  Instant blog column.

The following is a list of Aces Casino's "Top 5 news items making news here at the Aces Casino Entertainment facility in beautiful downtown Whittier....." - You'll soon find out why these goofballs belong HERE, and not working for CNN or Fox....

1.  ABC's "The Bachelorette" causes panic in the Aces Casino hallways

Damn...I hate it when I'm not in the loop, but this lil' ditty is causing a full-fledged ruckus in the break room.  I must admit that I haven't seen an episode of this "Bachelorette" show, but it sounds like I should.  Word is that Ashley Hebert, the 2011 "Bachelorette" herself, has had her heart broken by some dope after only 3 episodes of the show.  How is that POSSIBLE?  (Ed. note: watch it and see, you twit!)

Come to find out that some guy she really liked (A man named Bentley Williams, I'm told) told her that he was hoping for ANOTHER girl to be the Bachelorette, some chick that appeared on LAST year's show.  Which makes me pose the question, "Uhh, dude, what made you think LAST year's girl would be on THIS year?"  Anyway, this guy supposedly leads her on, comforting her when some other dope starts taking pot-shots at her, and then drops this nuke on her later.  Cue the sobbing Bachelorette.

 Shoulda slapped him right about now.

Holy smokes, I gotta check this out.  Here's the link that may explain my rambling synopsis.  I'll be checkin' it out, too, right after posting this drivel.  I'm moving this to my "Must-See" list.  Like I said, I haven't seen any of this yet, but I hope she's OK.  That guy sounds like a real low-life.  Stay tuned....

2.  Chloe Kardashian has "Nip-Slip" on Fox-TV (?)

Damn, I missed THIS one, too!  I must be watching the wrong shows.

Huge props to a friend of mine, Carter Ellis, for calling this one three weeks ago.   I'm sorry, but these Kardashian chicks are starting to get on my nerves.  They obviously will do ANYTHING to get on TV.  What next?  Whoa, hold on, I don't really care what's next.  Ellis told me that this Chloe girl and that Laker player ain't even married.  (Like I care.)  That, and she looks like a guy.  Every time I hear about this woman, that song, "Dude looks like a lady" gets into my head.  (THAT, I care about.)  Stop the madness, the 15 minutes are UP, already. 

3.  Tiger Woods to miss 2011 U. S. Open

I knew from the very first moment I picked up a golf club (and then threw it into the lake 8 minutes later) that golf was 99% mental.  From the standpoint of Woods being one of the most dominant forces in the golf world, this collapse bothers me.  It looks like not only his mental game has unraveled, but his physical game is beginning to do the same.

This is a shame, it really is.  He may never return to the great golfer that he once was.  v.  Note to all athletes-to-be: Stay on task, and keep all aspects of your game together, including your personal life.  Don't think that this can't happen to you, too.

Short blog article this Tuesday....Reason?  We have a LOT of events taking place, starting with this Thursday.  We'll get some new pictures, and maybe even some new video.  Here's a hint as just where Aces Casino, the los angeles casino party company kingpin, is going this weekend - We'll be on the 44th floor.  We're also reminded that we've never blogged about our meeting up with "Team Kardashian" last March, during an event in Calabasas.  We may just have to get that story written: it was actually pretty bizarre.  (Gee, what a surprise.)

We'll see you later in the week.  Have a good Tuesday, and call Aces Casino if you need help with your next casino party.  We're here to help!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: All The News That's Fit To Print, Straight From Our Own Aces Casino "News" Desk

You just HAVE to love the entertainment business.

It seems like every time you open up the newspaper or check the latest "celebrity gossip magazines" on the internet like TMZ or The Smoking Gun (yes, we love those, too), there's ALWAYS something happening.  "Who's turn is it to goof up in Hollywood," it seems....

Here at Aces Casino, I think It's some sort of rule that you DO have to love the entertainment biz (and we do).  When it comes to one of the Orange County casino party leaders, well, we're BIG on entertainment - And fortunately, we're SMALL on goof-ups.  (Hopefully, someone at our main office has finally forgotten about my moment of amnesia last month, when I forgot to tie down one of our free-play slot machines last weekend.  Oops.  Sorry about that.)

Thank goodness that the world of entertainment has this never-ending list of dopey people and celebs that can't wait to show off their ability to screw up and get "busted" while doing the stupidest things imaginable.  And because of this unending supply of zingers, we've decided that today's "Aces News" segment should be dedicated to the latest goof-ups, malaprops and current events happening in the "entertainment" industry, courtesy of the Orange County casino party leaders, Aces Casino Entertainment.  (That, and we couldn't think of anything else.)

-- "Snooki Crashes into Italian Police Car" -- I'm guessing that the Polizzi probably avoided "The Snook's" first five attempts at this pub-stunt before she finally succeeded and rammed into the vehicle.  You could throw the Italian book at her, I suppose, but she can't read it, anyway.  I bet the country can't WAIT until those "Jersey Snores" get the el-deport-o.

"American Grenade detained in Italy."

-- "Couple hiding baby's gender from media" -- I must be missing something here.  Who CARES?  The kid's four months old.  I'm sure that this "breaking news story" from Canada will hit us someday, when the gender of this couple's baby is finally known.  "Gosh, I can't WAIT."  I mean, seriously -- Who in Hades CARES about this?  How did this become a story?  It's like all of those Hollywood-types that make it their habit to let you know that they're gay.  I mean, come ON, now.  Do I go around telling everyone that I'm straight?  No.  Reason?  NOBODY CARES.  Keep all of this to yourself, people.  Puh-LEEEASE..

-- "Father at Dodgers' Game Drops his own KID to get a Foul Ball" -- Nice goin', Dad.  That reminds me -- Father's Day is what, June 19th?  I know a father that'll get super-glue for a present.  Notice he dropped the BALL, too.  One rule that we have at Aces Casino -- If you're going to throw your own child under the bud for a foul ball, at least CATCH it.  Our orange county casino night dealers have sure hands, they never drop ANYTHING (except one-liners).

-- "California Medical Board revokes license of OctoMom doctor" -- Gee, THERE'S a surprise.  This lady lives about six blocks from me.  There USED to be a stream of traffic going over to her place.  Not any more.  Must be another circus in town.  I know there's a lot of animosity in regards to what she's done, but I can't help but wish her well.  She has a tough road ahead, now that the looky-lo's and the social media are tired of the tale.  She's running out of stuff to sell to get by, unless she starts having garage sales to sell off the extra kids.  (Gawd, I hope I'm wrong.)

PLEASE don't sell this tape, Nadya.  PLEASE don't.

That's all for now, ladies and germs.  Remember, Aces Casino is handing out SERIOUS deals ALL SUMMER LONG thru August of 2011, so anyone planning that fantastic casino night in-home party or organizational fundraiser should immediately call the top orange county casino party leaders, Aces Casino, for a low, LOW quote, and let's have some casino party FUN!