Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: The GRAD NIGHTS Are Coming!!

Here's some breaking news from Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party leaders - The GRAD NIGHTS ARE COMING!

Yeah, I know, stop the presses.... I'm sure that most of you that own a current calendar (I guess that leaves Harold Camping out) can pretty much figure out that the month of June means junior high and high school graduation parties.

Important event calendar tip #1: If you haven't already booked your 2011 "Grad Night Party" with Aces Casino, you're out of luck.  The parties start in about three weeks, and we're sold out for 2011.  Important event calendar tip #2: Book NOW for 2012.  We're not the #1 Orange County casino party leader for nothing.  We're good, and better yet, we're cheap!   We love new grad night clients.

By the way, If you've been let down by your old company that brings mere toys to your kids, dump 'em.  Get someone new.  There are three really good casino party companies in southern California, and we're one of them.  We'll even tell you who the other two are, if you ask us.  Around Aces Casino, it's all about serving the client.  We can't do ALL of the parties, but we know who's good, and who "ain't."  New clients are always surprised at what we call our "Miracle on 34th Street mindset," but frequent clients aren't.  You'll see... (Grin)

Now, since our casino night company has been around so long, people always ask us, "just what do we DO with a Grad Night?"  Funny you should ask.... If you look in the Aces Casino dictionary under "Grad Nights," here's what you might find.....

Definition: Grad Night -  The Grad Night trend was originally spurred by concerns about teens drinking and driving on graduation night. Some high schools began putting seniors on a bus and sending them to Disneyland, for example, or another amusement park to play all night in a safe, alcohol-free environment. But a little over two decades ago, parents in Orange County, CA and other areas began hosting their own Grad Night celebrations on campus.

I bet THESE centerpieces cost Disney a pretty penny.

These extremely popular parties can be as elaborate - a re-creation of Pirates of the Caribbean, ships and all, for example (shameless Disney plug there, I know.  LOVE Disney.), or a fully realized Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for Harry Potter fans - as creative parent volunteers desire. At some schools, Grad Night preparation begins the day after the previous year's celebration is taken down.  (This is important.  But, It's a labor of love.  I promise.)  Others bring in professional companies (like us) to mount an elaborate interactive event for the kids, or team up with other schools in the area to pool resources and creativity.

Grad Night Food, Fun & Games

A typical Grad Night includes buffets and breakfast, as well as casino games, dancing, and themed or dorm crafts.  There may be hair salons and a "tattoo" parlor, climbing walls and big inflatable games and bouncy houses. Live entertainment may include fortune tellers, hypnotists, hip hip dance lessons, and so on. It's a very popular graduation celebration and participation can run as high as 98% at some schools. (Low income students are usually offered free or reduced price tickets to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate.)

It's expensive and time consuming to mount one of these events, but many parents see it as a final gift to the graduating class. And more than a few parents say spending all those senior year weekends painting pirate ships with friends helps them deal with the emotions of watching their child grow up, graduate and leave for college.

Yep, there's some good advice from the event planning staff at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party giant.   Remember... If you need ANY assistance in locating a niche type of entertainment, or just have questions about putting on ANY type of event, just call your favorite orange county casino rental company at 562-943-5693, and have your pencil ready.  And for those of you that have your "Grad Night" already in place and ready to go -- Good luck, enjoy it, and have fun!  I know that WE will!  At Aces Casino, fun is mandatory.  When your company motto is, "This Beats Working," ya kinda have a tendency to go that way!

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