Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: After So Many Horrible Memories of 9/11, Finally, A Piece Of "Very Good News" Hits

The Offices here at Aces Casino seem to have been having a tough time recently.  Oh, not because the Orange County casino party leader has been having troubles with their casino events; far from it.  When it comes to the day-to-day operations here at Aces Casino, things couldn't be better.  The 2011 casino equipment has arrived and is beautiful, the Aces event calendar is packed with a slew of upcoming parties, and our 2011 events have all gone spectacularly.

No, no trouble there.  The trouble WE'RE having is OUTSIDE the offices.  It's local news, national news, what we here at Aces Casino call "The Real World."  First, we have that terrible situation with Bryan Stow, the baseball fan that was attacked at Dodger Stadium and the plight of he and his family as Mr. Stow fights for his life in a California hospital...

And then, THIS.  Word that a United States military operation has confirmed that Al-Queda's figurehead leader, Osama Bin Laden, had been killed sometime last week in a raid on his affluent living compound in Pakistan.

Welcome back to the Real World, Aces Casino.

Around here, if you mention the name, "Bin Laden," you just can't HELP but NOT think about that tragic day in 2001, when Osama Bin Laden's Al-Queda forces carried out their nefarious plan that culminated in the destruction of the World Trade Center, an attack on the Pentagon, and the foiled plans of the hijackers that had commandeered United Flight 93 but were foiled by the bravest airline passengers the world has ever known.

And now comes word that the leader of the terrorist group that carried out "9/11" has himself been murdered.

This is a tough one for this reporter.  "9/11" struck me VERY hard, just like it did so many people.  It's changed how we do things, how we travel.  It's caused us to "keep our guard up."  Here at Aces Casino, as the Orange County Register so eloquently put it during a rave review of our services, we've been branded as "professionally irreverent," something we wear as a badge of honor.  We're all about supplying fun to our many clients in the most professional manner available in the industry something we do VERY well.

Then, out of the blue, ANOTHER reminder of that tragic occurrence on 9/11.

Real life rears it's ugly head again.  Yes, I suppose it's par for the course.  This is huge world news, and I'm sure that some parts of the world will view this as a tragedy, this Al-Queda leader being murdered. 

Not THIS part of the world.

Yes, someone losing their life is sad, and there are those that will undoubtedly say that this military operation "won't bring back the lives of those killed on 9/11."

To that, I say this -- Just like every other day of my life, I am so proud of the United States Military -- ALL of them, from JSOC to the Marines, the Army, Navy, Air Force, all the servicemen of the National Guard, EVERYONE that lays down or HAS laid down their own life EVERY DAY in their service to the USA.  They are the BEST, every darned one of them, and they always HEAR that from your truly, every time I see one.

My friends sometimes think I'm nuts (Ed. Note: They don't THINK you're nuts - They KNOW it.)...One moment I'll be walking along conversing with them, and the next, I bolt off to shake the hand(s) of a serviceman I spot in a store, at a game, wherever.  The military was a job that I could NEVER have done, so I'm darned proud and fully supportive of the men and women that DO that job, without fail, day after day in this crazy world we live in.

Bottom line -- On global television almost ten years ago, The President of the United States in 2001 told me they would NEVER stop until the perpetrators of that horrible attack were brought to justice.  Today, the next POTUS stood at the podium to report to me and the rest of the world that the deed has been done.

Mission accomplished.  Yes, I know that Bin Laden, because of him being so radioactive, wasn't near as active or a big factor in the terrorism business these many years, and there are a lot of splinter terrorist groups to be concerned about, but I don't care.  Bin Laden did the deed, and now he paid for it, just like any other snot-nose that wants to sit in Bin Laden's seat, and steer the terrorism ship will down the road.  You sit in that seat, and you'll get a visit from JSOC, too, bud.  Don't EVER think you can hide from honor, truth, and justice.

Those 9/11 memories will never leave me, just like a lot of other people.  I don't know why.... I had no known relatives that perished in the attacks.  It just struck at my inner patriotism, I suppose.  I remember going out and buying a flag to hang on the flagpole that fateful day.  I wasn't the only one, either -- The first five or six stores that I went to, in order to BUY a flag, were sold out. The American people were WAY ahead of me.....

Yes, those memories WILL never leave me.  But, thanks to a group of incredibly courageous operatives given the task of carrying out this mission, I now have ANOTHER memory to place beside the horror of those towers coming down.  Justice HAS been done. God Bless our military, and God Bless America.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm guessing that the staff here in the office has the news on.  The media is probably showing what has to be massive crowds flocking to "Ground Zero."

That's what I want to see.  I'll be back doing the Orange County Casino Night Party thing for Aces Casino tomorrow, just like every Monday morning.  But Tonight, I think I'd like to spend time with some of the citizens of New York.

Flip on the tube, and join me, will you?

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