Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: The Staff Gives Their Top 3 List Regarding Various Topics (Some Good, Some Bad)

The staff at Aces Casino was sittin' around the ol' water cooler the other day, when the subject of "Bad News can come in all sorts of ways" came up.  That suggestion was all it took to get this orange county casino party crew riffing on an endless supply of muse and hilarity.

And, since all conversations that take place inside these Aces Casino walls are the property of Aces Casino Entertainment, Inc., we thought that we'd be shirking our duties if we DIDN'T bring these same ramblings to the Aces Casino Blog.  (The owner of the company told me, 'It's good to be the King,' when he heard about this Blog entry.  That's his way of saying he'll compensate the staffers with his usual 'Continental Breakfast' next week -- Two rolls, and a cup of coffee.  Told you we're cheap.)

So, courtesy of the orange county casino party leader, here's what's on the mind of the Aces Casino team when it comes to the subject of "Bad News," along with other helpful hints to recognize the signs of oncoming problems in all walks of life...

--Three people you don't want knocking at your front door -- 

1.  Chris Hansen.  If HE'S at the front door, don't let your wife answer.  That "Dateline" guy's interested in your latest online date with someone that's younger than that "Big Mac" on your plate.

Uhh, yeah, this is not a good thing.

2.  The Jehovah's Witnesses.  They hit our "Bad" list when we found out they don't celebrate ANY holidays.  What's up with that?  There goes all of our events!  Uhh, no.  Get that watchtower out of here.

3.  The neighbor that's always borrowing something.  "Seinfeld's" Kramer was funny.  My cheap neighbor isn't.  My next-door neighbor can open up his own Home Depot store with all the tools he's borrowed from me.  Never seems to return them....I'll send the Jehovah's witnesses over there next time.

--Three quick ways to ruin an orange county casino night --

1.  Spill a drink at the table.  Have a great time, but be CAREFUL, people!  You knock a drink over at the Blackjack table, and it's a big mess.  Gets all over the cards, the chips, everything.  Slows down the night when you have to clean up.  And we're still surprised that some people put down their drink INSIDE the Craps table, then are truly shocked when the motion of throwing the dice knocks the drink over.  Duh!  Use the drink holders, you guys!

2.  Cheat.  They're FAKE CHIPS, people!  The raffle tickets at the end aren't worth forever tarnishing whatever is left of your dignity and reputation.  The "pit bosses" see what you're doing at the tables.  We can fix your "net worth" later with the tickets, and usually do. Any reputable los angeles casino party company knows the deal.  Don't do it, ain't worth it.

3.  Throw one of the tables overboard.  See this link.  'Nuff said.  Didn't ruin the party, and actually became Aces Casino legend, but we'd rather this not become a habit.  Most of our delivery team can't swim.

--Three signs that your favorite sports team isn't doing so well --

1.  Your favorite team's owner gives your manager the dreaded "vote of confidence."  Translation: Your baseball team's dead, and the manager has one week to clean out his desk.  Hop out of the oven, babe.  You're done.

2.  The P.A. announcer only needed six minutes to personally count all the people inside the stadium watching the game to announce the attendance.  I went to a Padres' game last month that only had about 8,000 people at Petco Park, but the announced attendance was given at something like 29,000+.   Don't you actually have to GO to be in attendance? 

3.  Your son is using your favorite team shirt to wash his car, and told you that since the team's in last place, that you wouldn't be wanting it any more.  Yeah, thanks, kid.  I'll get you back when you introduce your new girlfriend to the family, and I show up with my teeth blacked out, and talkin' like a hillbilly.   Leave my shirt alone, next time.

--Three sure-fire ways to tell you're about to be fired

1.  Your long-time cubicle has been moved somewhere else in the building over the weekend, and no one seems to know where it is now.  Bonus tip - No one wants to make eye contact with you when you ask them where your cubicle went.

2.  Do you suddenly feel uncomfortable at work?  Is the boss giving vital biz information to your co-workers instead of you?  Do you suddenly have very little to do at work?  As the Ex-Gov would say, "Asta La Vista, Bay-Bee."

3.  The man that everyone knows by the nickname "The Turk," the guy that is the one that has consistently handed out bad news for other ex-employees in the past, comes into your now-relocated cubicle and says, "Boss wants to see you.  Bring your playbook."  Nah, that's not good.

--Three things that are tougher than they look to get done

1.  Planting a new lawn in your front yard.  Hell, I thought it was just, 'throw the grass plots out there, it's just like putting in a new rug.  WRONG.  Just wait until the Home Depot guy tells you that you'll need to rent a roto-tiller and a big roller-thingie.  Jeez, I just wanted some new grass.  HARD work, my friends.  Take it from me - Pick up "mucho hombres" from outside the 'Depot' before headin' back with all the rental equipment.  You'll thank me later.

2.  Going to the DMV to take care of a simple paperwork snafu. When you look in the DMV dictionary under the word, "simple," it has a picture of a Rubix Cube.  If you belong to "Triple-A," go over THERE, first.  You'll live longer.  But, if you DO have to go into the DMV 'Black Hole,' take the time to watch the people in the written testing area.  They're cheating like CRAZY in there.  It's like playing poker in the Old West.  The only thing missing is the cards and the guns.  Oops, I take that back -- There's a guy with a gun in his back pocket taking a test in there.  I'm thinkin' he's going to pass his test.
This is the line you stand in just to get in line somewhere else.

3.  Finding those weird items on the supermarket shelves that your wife needs to fix that holiday meal for the family.  We're talking about stuff that you NEVER normally buy.  Now I know WHY the wife sends ME to the store to get this stuff - SHE doesn't know where the stuff is inside that store, either.  Knorr vegetable mix, water chestnuts, lady fingers?  I must have been at the store for three hours looking for that crap.  Then, I got chastised by this asian lady for "racial profiling" when I asked her where the water chestnuts were.  Oh, sure, Happy Easter.  Right back at'cha.

Boy, it's a good thing I know something about the orange county casino party business, because after writing THIS piece for the Aces Casino Blog, it sure looks like I don't know jack about anything else.  So, give us a call and let us help you with your next casino night party.  We do los angeles casino party events, too.  We just don't do the DMV, grocery shopping, or lawn work any more.  Now THAT'S hard work...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: The GRAD NIGHTS Are Coming!!

Here's some breaking news from Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party leaders - The GRAD NIGHTS ARE COMING!

Yeah, I know, stop the presses.... I'm sure that most of you that own a current calendar (I guess that leaves Harold Camping out) can pretty much figure out that the month of June means junior high and high school graduation parties.

Important event calendar tip #1: If you haven't already booked your 2011 "Grad Night Party" with Aces Casino, you're out of luck.  The parties start in about three weeks, and we're sold out for 2011.  Important event calendar tip #2: Book NOW for 2012.  We're not the #1 Orange County casino party leader for nothing.  We're good, and better yet, we're cheap!   We love new grad night clients.

By the way, If you've been let down by your old company that brings mere toys to your kids, dump 'em.  Get someone new.  There are three really good casino party companies in southern California, and we're one of them.  We'll even tell you who the other two are, if you ask us.  Around Aces Casino, it's all about serving the client.  We can't do ALL of the parties, but we know who's good, and who "ain't."  New clients are always surprised at what we call our "Miracle on 34th Street mindset," but frequent clients aren't.  You'll see... (Grin)

Now, since our casino night company has been around so long, people always ask us, "just what do we DO with a Grad Night?"  Funny you should ask.... If you look in the Aces Casino dictionary under "Grad Nights," here's what you might find.....

Definition: Grad Night -  The Grad Night trend was originally spurred by concerns about teens drinking and driving on graduation night. Some high schools began putting seniors on a bus and sending them to Disneyland, for example, or another amusement park to play all night in a safe, alcohol-free environment. But a little over two decades ago, parents in Orange County, CA and other areas began hosting their own Grad Night celebrations on campus.

I bet THESE centerpieces cost Disney a pretty penny.

These extremely popular parties can be as elaborate - a re-creation of Pirates of the Caribbean, ships and all, for example (shameless Disney plug there, I know.  LOVE Disney.), or a fully realized Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for Harry Potter fans - as creative parent volunteers desire. At some schools, Grad Night preparation begins the day after the previous year's celebration is taken down.  (This is important.  But, It's a labor of love.  I promise.)  Others bring in professional companies (like us) to mount an elaborate interactive event for the kids, or team up with other schools in the area to pool resources and creativity.

Grad Night Food, Fun & Games

A typical Grad Night includes buffets and breakfast, as well as casino games, dancing, and themed or dorm crafts.  There may be hair salons and a "tattoo" parlor, climbing walls and big inflatable games and bouncy houses. Live entertainment may include fortune tellers, hypnotists, hip hip dance lessons, and so on. It's a very popular graduation celebration and participation can run as high as 98% at some schools. (Low income students are usually offered free or reduced price tickets to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate.)

It's expensive and time consuming to mount one of these events, but many parents see it as a final gift to the graduating class. And more than a few parents say spending all those senior year weekends painting pirate ships with friends helps them deal with the emotions of watching their child grow up, graduate and leave for college.

Yep, there's some good advice from the event planning staff at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party giant.   Remember... If you need ANY assistance in locating a niche type of entertainment, or just have questions about putting on ANY type of event, just call your favorite orange county casino rental company at 562-943-5693, and have your pencil ready.  And for those of you that have your "Grad Night" already in place and ready to go -- Good luck, enjoy it, and have fun!  I know that WE will!  At Aces Casino, fun is mandatory.  When your company motto is, "This Beats Working," ya kinda have a tendency to go that way!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Top 5 "News" Stories That Come Straight Out Of The "Are YOU Kidding Me?" File

Aces Casino Entertainment has ALWAYS been known for it's fantastic Orange County Casino Night parties and events, and one of the main reasons for that is simple -- Aces isn't just a casino party company, It's a treasure-trove of some of the brightest, wittiest, and most entertaining personalities on the planet.  It just so happens that they're ALSO the top casino party staffers in the business, a team that loves to play casino-based games. For us, It's the PERFECT marriage, a casino party "synergy," if you will.

Now, the reason we bring up this self-serving, useless fact here in the Aces Casino Blog is ALSO simple -- Our staff is the guiding force behind this lil' drivel sheet that we "try" to post twice a week.  Someone should be recording their "B.S." sessions here in the offices, they're THAT funny.  If Conan, Jay or David need a fresh team of comedy writers, they should contact us.  We'll share, we promise.

Any time yours truly needs to end another Aces Casino Blog marathon "writers' block" session, all I need to do is wander over to the lounge, and take in the latest conversation about life in general.  BOOM.  End of writers' block.  This week, the topic at the ol' water cooler was "stories in the news that drive us crazy."  So, courtesy of the best staff in the Orange County casino party business, here are the Aces Casino "Top 5 news stories that belong in the 'Are YOU Kidding ME' file".....

#5 -- "Situation suing father in attempt to stop internet exploitation"

I suppose that there are two ways to look at the recent 'situation' between the "Jersey Shore" star and his father.  #1 -- "Come on, Dad!  I only have fifteen minutes of fame.  There's no DOUBT the money's going to dry up soon.  I already have an entourage to feed, I can't afford med insurance, too!"  Or, #2 -- Anyone surprised that "The Situation" has turned on his father over money obviously hasn't been paying attention.  It shouldn't shock anyone when you finally find out extremely shallow this guy is. 

One more thing -- The father wants his own reality show.  Oh.  Never mind.  Wow, what a family.  Thank your lucky stars, people.  Time to go and give a family member a hug..... Unless they want to be PAID for it.

Pretty much says it all.

#4 -- "Big Five Oil Companies Profits Approach $1T For Decade"

That's "T," as in "Trillion."  We're not talking "Crude Oil Pricing" any more.  It's more like "Obscene Oil Pricing."   The story linked to the headline talks about the United States government considering rolling back subsidies that we are taxed for to "assist the oil companies to find new places and ways to get oil."  Phhh... A Trillion-Dollar profit over the last ten years, and you need the taxpayers to subsidize your "explorations?"

The price of gas is strangling our industry, among many others.  The greed with these oil companies is staggering.... I was chagrined to find out that my attempt to locate Doc Brown's DeLorean that he used in the movie, "Back To The Future," had been removed from the Universal Studios back-lot recently and stored away somewhere.   It's probably sitting next to the Arc of the Covenant. 

Damn.... Just when you were hoping for a car that ran on banana peels, THIS happens.  Hey, "Big Five" -- KNOCK IT OFF.  I'll pay $2.50/gallon, that's fair.  Go and do your OWN exploring.  Last time I was in Vegas, I accidentally ran into an Exxon party at Caesar's Palace.  I THEN knew why I was paying $4/per.  Enough's enough.  Cut 'em off, Barack.

#3 -- Schwarzenegger admits to fathering 10-year-old Love Child"

Holy MOLY.  The minute that the "Terminator" leaves the Governor's mansion in California, we find out he's handing out pardons to murderous sons of political insiders.  (Ed. Note: The San Diego D.A. is attempting to nullify the pardon.)  THEN, word leaks out that Arnie has a LOVE CHILD thru one of his recently-retired staffers?  What did she retire from, the JOB, or the "Terminator?" THAT girl's going to be SWARMED by the Cali media machine. 

Sad.  Just.  SAD.  Makes me want to run for office, to try and stem the tide of smarmy, slithering political cretins.  Then, I'm told that no one else around here would write the Aces Casino Blog.  So much for my political career.  It feels good to be needed by the top orange county casino party company in SoCal.

#2 -- "Two-Headed Turtle To Predict World Hockey Championships"

You KNOW the world has a gambling problem when people asre turning to some mutant tow-headed ninja turtle to help them bet on games.   And not just GAMES -- World Championship HOCKEY games.  What the hell does a turtle know about hockey?  Now, CURLING, I could understand.  They LOOK like curling stones, turtles do.  But Hockey?

We'll keep you posted on this turtles' record in picking games.  Good thing the site's called "Free Soccer Picks Dot Com," or something like that.  I'd hate to have to think I'm buying lettuce for that dopey terrapin to feed me winners.  Hope the turtle's heads don't argue about the picks.  If one likes the USA, and one likes Canada, we're in trouble.  Rocky's manager says they make good soup.  One wrong pick, and I'm all for it. 

Interesting Side Note -- (And I am NOT kidding) -- Did you ALSO know that there used to be an octopus that people used to pick World Cup Soccer results in 2010, and that the octopus had almost a perfect record in picking winners, including the finals?  True story, I kid you not.  Epilogue -- Don't bother calling the octopus for Super Bowl predictions.  It died of old age last year.  Either that, or it was cooked by British soccer hooligans, I can't remember which.

 "We're likin' the Russians this year!"

#1 -- "Something Went Wrong In Jet Crash, Expert Says"

Gee, ya think?

This story proves that our Orange County Casino Night Party company has too much time on it's hands.  Either that, or you can easily entertain yourself by typing in requests for "stupid news stories."  Our staff was trading idiotic but true news headlines all day.   Yes, just another day at the Aces Casino offices.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Random Thoughts In Hodgepodge Form, A.K.A. Our Latest Top 3 "Love/Hate" Lists

Here at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leader, there are six words that instill total FEAR in this reporter: "Who forgot to post the Blog?"  (Sigh)  Uhh, yeah, that would be ME.  OK, I got this.....Hey, it's not so bad: While I create this bi-weekly drivel, they give me all the Diet Pepsi I can drink while I work on the Blog.  Yep, that's me, the top negotiator in the Aces Casino offices.  I drive a HARD bargain, my friends.  Corner office, here I come.... (Ed. Note: keep your day job.)

Here's a peek behind the Aces Casino curtain on just how we "create the Magic:" When it's time to decide just what goes into the blog for any particular publishing date, we use a very scientific method -- We have someone throw a dart at our "Master Blog Board."  Wherever the dart lands, that's the topic for the day. 

Today, we asked the mailman to toss the dart.  Wow, that guy should pitch for the Angels, he throws hard.  One problem, though: His 105-MPH toss landed right smack dab on the line between "Things we LOVE," and "Things we HATE."  So, without further fanfare, here's a lil' Blog-Hybrid that we'll call "The Latest from our Top 3 Love/Hate Lists." 

"Aces Casino Top 3 Movies that we can't WAIT to see this year." 

#1 -- "Super 8."  Spielberg and J. J. Abrams, two of our fave directors, collaborating on ONE film?  Gimme.   #2 -- "Captain America, First Avenger."  Marvel's got it goin' ON.  They've made so many good films lately, too many to count.  They're approaching "Pixar" status around here.  LOVED 'Thor,' and THIS movie looks spectacular.   That "Avengers" film in 2012's gonna be the bomb.  #3 -- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2."  My kids got me hooked on this franchise last year.  I've seen 'em all, and can't wait for the last one.  (Already read the book.  It's fabulous.)

"Aces Casino Top 3 Event Venues"

#1 -- Phoenix Club, Anaheim.  It's where the Orange County casino night party kingpins were born in '94.  GREAT place for events, and they don't pay us to say that.  #2 -- K. Hovnanian 'Lodge,' Beaumont / Hemet / Palm Springs / Bakersfield.  GREAT people, super staff to work with, the buildings are all immaculate, couldn't ask for anything more.  #3 --a 452-way tie for third.  We're not THAT dumb.

"Aces Casino Top 3 places we wish were still around"

#1 -- Amada, Buena Park.  Beautiful facility, but Amada's first love is their fabrication machinery.  They eliminated their catering facility in 2009, to concentrate on their cash-cow products.  We miss it.  #2 -- Sequoia Athletic Club, Buena Park.  Easiest facility to set up our Orange County casino party equipment EVER.  It's a Target, now.  Boy, we sure miss THIS one, too.  #3 -- Movieland Wax Museum, Buena Park.  When the wax figures left, so did the catering venue.  Nice place to put on events, fine staff. 

"Aces Casino 3 toughest venues to put on casino parties"

#1 -- Queen Mary, Long Beach.  70-year-old elevators and uneven floors make this venue the all-time toughest in the biz to work.  Staff is great, very professional, but that ship is TOUGH.  It's easier to set up inside the sub, than the QM.  A one-hour set-up at a normal venue takes 3.5 hours there.  #2 -- Bonaventure Hotel, L.A.  Loading dock the size of a postage stamp, and every elevator's an adventure.  #3 -- Crowne Plaza Hotel, Commerce.  A story in itself.  When the elevators broke down before the delivery team could get the equipment out after another fine Aces Casino event, the four-person extraction team had to stay the night, until the repairmen could come and fix the problem.  They'll never get to #1 with the "Queen" around, though.  Close, but no cigar. 

Well, that's all for an abbreviated Aces Casino Blog post this week.  We still owe our faithful readers that Kardashian story from an event last month, and we promise to get it in print, as soon as we determine that they won't sue us.  One way or the other, we'll be back next week with another of the blog postings that helped Aces Casino achieve what the Orange County Register labeled, "professionally irreverent"  status a few months ago.  Hey: Casino parties are our game, and entertainment is in our name.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to deal with that six-pack of Diet Pepsi's I've "rented."  Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Top 3 Things We've Known For a LONG time, That Others Never Seem to Figure Out

Ahhh, It's SO good to be back here and situated at the Blogger desk of Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party leader.  When you've been dubbed the official "propaganda minister" of the company, you MUST be in the right place.

And, as the official liaison to the Aces Casino Entertainment "Department of Useless Information," we thought that it might be time to remind our throng of some 14 subscribers of some seemingly little-known facts when it comes to the art of casino gaming.

OK, actually, the boss suggested the topic for today's entry.  Everybody's a Blog critic.  But, it IS a pretty good idea, and yours truly has never shied away from stealing someone else's good idea, so, let's do it.  Courtesy of the Orange County casino party leaders, here is Aces Casino's "Top 3 Things We've Known For a LONG time, That Others Never Seem to Figure Out."

#3 -- The "Odds" bet is the best bet on the Craps Table

I thought THIS one was a gimme, but, apparently not, if you go by the countless numbers of players that consistently skip the chance to place this bet behind their original "pass line" bet.  In 2010, the Aces Casino Blog touched on how to begin playing the game of Craps in this link, and followed up with Part Two of the series with THIS link, but didn't mention the "Odds Bet."  That's coming in Part 3 of the Craps saga, coming soon to a Blog near you.

We're ALWAYS teaching players to place the "Odds Bet," a bet that has no actual decal on the Craps layout to show it's there, but take our word for it - It's there.  Placing your Odds Bet right behind your Pass Line bet on the layout is the right place to put it.

It ends up looking like two bets, one right behind the other, and it's the best bet on the Craps table, by FAR.  Why?  Well, I'll tell you; It's the only bet on the entire table that the house has NO MATHEMATICAL ADVANTAGE over the player.

Here's an example.  On a "point" of six, the odds against a player shooting a six before a seven on the dice are 6-to-5.  But, should you SHOOT a six before a seven, the dealers will pay off any "odds bet" at what is called "true dice odds."  Therefore, any winning odds bet is paid at "true dice odds," or $6 for every $5 wagered. 

The odds against the six or eight coming up on the dice are 6/5 against; against the five and nine?  3/2.  Against the four and ten?  2/1.   ANY time you get a chance to place an odds bet, TAKE IT.  The house has no advantage.  That's a good thing.  

Say that you placed a $5 pass line bet, and the point came up four.  Then, you placed a $10 "odds bet" behind your pass line bet.  (That's called taking 'double odds,' or placing twice your original bet on the table for the odds bet.)  Should a four come up before a seven, you'd win $5 for the pass line bet, PLUS $20 for the ODDS bet (2/1 odds against the four).

I know, it sounds complicated.  You'll get it after about 30 minutes of play on a Craps table.  ome to an Aces Casino party.  We'll teach you.  We're not the Orange County casino party leaders for nuthin'.  Plus, when your company motto is "this beats working," well, you LOVE putting on casino parties.  Trust me.  (grin)  Bottom line: TAKE the ODDS BET.  We promise, it's the best bet at the table.  We're changing America's mind on this, one player at a time.

#2 -- ALWAYS split Aces at the Blackjack table

We just saw this at a table at last weekend's Rancho Niguel Little League gala over at the Aliso Viejo Golf Course.  I must have seen players avoiding the splitting of two aces time and time again.  Here is a great Blackjack trainer when it comes to practicing your skill at "21," but the linked web site from our friends over at the Wizard of Odds ALSO has GREAT techniques at teaching the strategy behind the games.   

Bottom line: Take advantage of this GREAT web site, and take advantage of the ability to split Aces at the table when you play Blackjack for keeps.  Check out the "Wiz." Look it up, splitting Aces is the play.

#1 -- Soldiers, tanks and planes have NEVER had ANY effect against Godzilla

Yeah, I know, this doesn't have much to do with casino gaming, but as far as I'M concerned, this is THE number one thing that we've known for a while now, that the Japanese army seems to constantly ignore, time after time.

The Toho Film Company has made some 28 Godzilla films since 1954... We were watching one called "Godzilla, Tokyo S.O.S," which came out some 5 years ago.  (Ed. Note: the film came out in 2003.)  We watched this film after one of the Aces Casino events last week, a film that is something like #26 in the series.  (And YOU thought "Rocky" made too many movies.) 

Yep, it's the tried and true format; Godzilla comes poppin' out of the Sea Of Japan, and who's on shore waiting for him?  That's right; It's none other than the Japanese army, armed with all kinds of guns, tanks, fighter jets, and even some magic-wand-looking laser-thingy's that shoot lightning bolts at out favorite 20-story buddy.

Does THIS guy look like planes, guns and tanks bother him?

Yep.  I kid you not.  The Japanese army is out on the front lines, AGAIN.  Twenty-Five times, they've come face-to-face with Godzilla, and twenty-five times, Godzilla has mopped the floor with them.  It's like the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals, only the Globetrotters shoot three-pointers at their opponent, instead of a nuclear blast that incinerates whatever it touches.

After 25 consecutive butt-kickings, you'd think that SOMEBODY in the Japanese Government would figure out by now that those soldiers and their lil' toys ain't gettin' the job done against Godzilla.  Heck, in ONE movie, I saw the Japanese built a Godzilla-like robot, to pull a WWE - type thing on Godzilla.  Didn't work, he just ripped the robot's head off, and rolled it down the alley for a strike. 

Bottom line: Take it from Aces Casino, the Los Angeles County casino party leader.  After 28 movies, you guys have to get the hint.  No more tanks, guns, and planes.  THey don't work, trust me.  Hey - We've got some "Raid Pest-Be-Gone" somewhere in the back offices that looks like it kills ANYTHING we spray it on.  We'll come out and spray him, if you want us to.  That oughta do the trick.

And, if it doesn't?  Someone go find that flying turtle with the flames coming out of his feetie-holes that I saw in a movie last year.  He's probably not doing anything, and he'll probably let you pay him in lettuce.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: After So Many Horrible Memories of 9/11, Finally, A Piece Of "Very Good News" Hits

The Offices here at Aces Casino seem to have been having a tough time recently.  Oh, not because the Orange County casino party leader has been having troubles with their casino events; far from it.  When it comes to the day-to-day operations here at Aces Casino, things couldn't be better.  The 2011 casino equipment has arrived and is beautiful, the Aces event calendar is packed with a slew of upcoming parties, and our 2011 events have all gone spectacularly.

No, no trouble there.  The trouble WE'RE having is OUTSIDE the offices.  It's local news, national news, what we here at Aces Casino call "The Real World."  First, we have that terrible situation with Bryan Stow, the baseball fan that was attacked at Dodger Stadium and the plight of he and his family as Mr. Stow fights for his life in a California hospital...

And then, THIS.  Word that a United States military operation has confirmed that Al-Queda's figurehead leader, Osama Bin Laden, had been killed sometime last week in a raid on his affluent living compound in Pakistan.

Welcome back to the Real World, Aces Casino.

Around here, if you mention the name, "Bin Laden," you just can't HELP but NOT think about that tragic day in 2001, when Osama Bin Laden's Al-Queda forces carried out their nefarious plan that culminated in the destruction of the World Trade Center, an attack on the Pentagon, and the foiled plans of the hijackers that had commandeered United Flight 93 but were foiled by the bravest airline passengers the world has ever known.

And now comes word that the leader of the terrorist group that carried out "9/11" has himself been murdered.

This is a tough one for this reporter.  "9/11" struck me VERY hard, just like it did so many people.  It's changed how we do things, how we travel.  It's caused us to "keep our guard up."  Here at Aces Casino, as the Orange County Register so eloquently put it during a rave review of our services, we've been branded as "professionally irreverent," something we wear as a badge of honor.  We're all about supplying fun to our many clients in the most professional manner available in the industry something we do VERY well.

Then, out of the blue, ANOTHER reminder of that tragic occurrence on 9/11.

Real life rears it's ugly head again.  Yes, I suppose it's par for the course.  This is huge world news, and I'm sure that some parts of the world will view this as a tragedy, this Al-Queda leader being murdered. 

Not THIS part of the world.

Yes, someone losing their life is sad, and there are those that will undoubtedly say that this military operation "won't bring back the lives of those killed on 9/11."

To that, I say this -- Just like every other day of my life, I am so proud of the United States Military -- ALL of them, from JSOC to the Marines, the Army, Navy, Air Force, all the servicemen of the National Guard, EVERYONE that lays down or HAS laid down their own life EVERY DAY in their service to the USA.  They are the BEST, every darned one of them, and they always HEAR that from your truly, every time I see one.

My friends sometimes think I'm nuts (Ed. Note: They don't THINK you're nuts - They KNOW it.)...One moment I'll be walking along conversing with them, and the next, I bolt off to shake the hand(s) of a serviceman I spot in a store, at a game, wherever.  The military was a job that I could NEVER have done, so I'm darned proud and fully supportive of the men and women that DO that job, without fail, day after day in this crazy world we live in.

Bottom line -- On global television almost ten years ago, The President of the United States in 2001 told me they would NEVER stop until the perpetrators of that horrible attack were brought to justice.  Today, the next POTUS stood at the podium to report to me and the rest of the world that the deed has been done.

Mission accomplished.  Yes, I know that Bin Laden, because of him being so radioactive, wasn't near as active or a big factor in the terrorism business these many years, and there are a lot of splinter terrorist groups to be concerned about, but I don't care.  Bin Laden did the deed, and now he paid for it, just like any other snot-nose that wants to sit in Bin Laden's seat, and steer the terrorism ship will down the road.  You sit in that seat, and you'll get a visit from JSOC, too, bud.  Don't EVER think you can hide from honor, truth, and justice.

Those 9/11 memories will never leave me, just like a lot of other people.  I don't know why.... I had no known relatives that perished in the attacks.  It just struck at my inner patriotism, I suppose.  I remember going out and buying a flag to hang on the flagpole that fateful day.  I wasn't the only one, either -- The first five or six stores that I went to, in order to BUY a flag, were sold out. The American people were WAY ahead of me.....

Yes, those memories WILL never leave me.  But, thanks to a group of incredibly courageous operatives given the task of carrying out this mission, I now have ANOTHER memory to place beside the horror of those towers coming down.  Justice HAS been done. God Bless our military, and God Bless America.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm guessing that the staff here in the office has the news on.  The media is probably showing what has to be massive crowds flocking to "Ground Zero."

That's what I want to see.  I'll be back doing the Orange County Casino Night Party thing for Aces Casino tomorrow, just like every Monday morning.  But Tonight, I think I'd like to spend time with some of the citizens of New York.

Flip on the tube, and join me, will you?