Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em "The Next Great Game" Most People Haven't Even Heard Of - Yet

Let it be said that Aces Casino has NEVER been able to keep a secret.  That's right, the orange county casino party giant of SoCal pleads guilty to spilling the beans about another fantastic casino game that some of you may have SEEN in your local casino, but have not yet played, for fear of having a 'new game' take you to the cleaners.  (Been there, done that.)  Or, maybe you haven't heard of it at all.  No problem.  Either way, today is your lucky day! 

The name of the game is "Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em," a game that SOME readers might think is that game that ESPN televises from Vegas, "The World Series Of Poker."   That no-limit-thingy.  No, that's "Texas Hold-'Em," but it's not ULTIMATE Texas Hold-'Em. 

THIS is Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em.

This particular casino game is played on a blackjack-sized casino table, not one of those oblong poker tables.  Much easier to play at this type of table, in my humble opinion.  
However.....First off, let's skip to the back page of our book, and mention the most important thing to know when venturing up to a table like this, or ANY casino table, period: KNOWING how to PLAY THE GAME.   There's nothing worse than losing your entire gaming bankroll at a table where you didn't really have a firm grasp on just how to approach the game.  

So, it's time to let our readers in on a not-so-little secret.  Allow me to introduce our Aces Casino Blog fans to the man I consider the sole authority on the rules, odds and probabilities of literally EVERY casino game known to mankind: Michael Shackelford, also more commonly known in the casino gaming industry as the "Wizard Of Odds."

Michael has forgotten more about casino game odds and structure than all of us combined are EVER going to know.  You wanna study a casino game?  Check out his vast casino-sized web site.  Rumor has it that the two of us went to school together -- More like I got "schooled" by the Wiz.  But, I digress.  Go check out his site, and we'll see you back here in about three years.  (He has that much info to see, believe me.  You'll love it.)  Bottom line: Michael's web site is one of the best on the web, period, when it comes to casino gaming.  A MUST-bookmark.  You can thank me later.

"You're Off to see the Wizard!" No, that's not Michael.

Now, we here at the orange county casino party crew from Aces Casino COULD NOW attempt to bore you with some of our OWN mind-numbing stats and rules on how to play the game (no, Michael, your stats aren't boring.  I know you hate people re-printing your work, and rightly so.), but there's a MUCH better way to learn this fairly exciting addition to most people's "Casino Repertoire" than falling asleep at the "Aces 101" class = And THAT'S to use what people in our industry call a "Game Trainer."


A Game Trainer.  (Or a simulator.)  Simply stated, there are very good systems on the web that will allow people to play the many available casino games online, and play with "play money," just for the fun of playing.  We call these sites "trainers," and, because of our tireless work (about 30 seconds), we have found a FANTASTIC trainer for Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em, which you can locate right here.  This web site perfectly re-creates the feel of playing "Ultimate" at a real casino table, with the exception of that "sting."  No real money.  Just PLAY money.  It has all the tools that you'll need to get the feel of how this game actually functions, meaning that this IS the best trainer for this game on the web.

Go ahead, have a blast.  Lose all the play money you want.  (I did.)  It'll give you more, I promise.. You can try the game out, and, when using some of the suggested playing methods mentioned by the ol' "Wizard Of Odds" himself, you'll learn this game in no time.

Now, once you've taken the time to put that Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em trainer through it's paces, we here at the orange county casino night company known as Aces Casino have a GREAT idea -- Call Aces Casino and request an event that features Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em.  We're one of the few casino party companies in Southern California that HAVE the game in stock, with the pro dealers that can teach you the game.

Then, get some of your friends together and host an "Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em Party" at your home or favorite banquet hall!   We'll bring the table, the dealer, and even the play money.  It's a great way to try out this "new kid on the block" before wagering a dime of your own money in Las Vegas.  I guarantee you -- Playing THIS game on one of the Aces Casino tables makes the game seem just like the real thing. We ALWAYS provide the BEST in casino-quality tables and dealers in the industry.

OK, that's all for now.  Take it from the orange county casino party leaders in SoCal -- Enjoy this new game, and drop us a line and tell us what you think about Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em -- We think you'll like it.  (BUT...PRACTICE, first.  That's REAL money you're playing with!)

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