Friday, March 4, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: NFL, NFLPA Labor Unrest? NOT Good News For the Fans of the NFL (Or, IS it?)

Anyone that really knows Aces Casino, the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, knows that the staff here lives and breathes the NFL.  And, unfortunately, most of us are ALSO old enough to remember 1987.  (Yes, dear, I said 1987, not 1887.  She thinks I'm so old that when the Lord said, "Let There Be Light," I was the one that threw the switch.)

Why bring up 1987, you say?  Well, for NFL fans, 1987 was "The Year Of The Lock-Out."  The NFLPA wanted more money (shock), and the owner's told them, "Our FRANCHISES make up the NFL, NOT the players," and promptly locked all the then-current NFL players out, and brought in the infamous "replacement players."

Returning to present day, us OLD "fans" of the NFL are beginning to hear the same rhetoric coming from the NFL owners and the NFLPA --- Specifically, the word, "Lockout."  Boiled down to the brass tacks, the NFL owners are suggesting that paying NFL salaries to the tune of 53% of the overall league profits is too much, and that it's time for a restructuring of not only the NFL's "wage scale," but also things like rookie salary caps, lengthening the regular season schedule to 18 games, and many other pretty serious negotiation points.

This isn't good.

Yes, the two sides have agreed on ONE thing -- They need to postpone the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement between the two sides.  Unfortunately, THAT'S all they've agreed on after four years of non-sense negotiating.  Extend the deadline.  Yeah, this looks bad.

Or DOES it?

That's right, my friends, here's good ol' Aces Casino, the orange county casino party "irreverence crew," suggesting that a strike / lockout (whichever you want to call it) in the NFL might not be so bad after all.  Especially if you're a fan of the San Diego Chargers, like WE are, and ESPECIALLY if the NFL's Owner-triggered 'Lockout' lasts for the entire season. 

OK, here's our thinking on this (and we use the term, "thinking," VERY loosely --

Think back, you Charger fans, all the way back to 1987.  The Chargers limped out to a 1-and-1 start in the '87 season when the NFL lockout happened around the 1st of October of that year.  And, when this lockout happened, the OWNERS showed that they'd teach the NFLPA a lesson by bringing in 32 sets of "replacement players," in effect, a whole new roster of players for each NFL franchise.

These replacement players would pick up where the REAL players left off, and the games would go on as scheduled.  As a San Diego Charger season-ticket holder, I immediately went to the team's schedule, to see where this "Re-Charger" team would be playing.  The answer?  THREE consecutive road games, a part of the sched that I thought the REAL Charger team was going to have problems facing.

Ahh, but not the RE-CHARGERS.

This rag-tag band of semi-pro players ran off an instant three-game winning streak on the road, defeating Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, and the Raiders, boosting the team's record to 4-1 on the season.  Suddenly, the Chargers weren't also-rans -- They were the TOAST of the AFC West.  And, all of these OTHER replacement-player teams looked AWFUL.  Could THIS actually be IT?  Could the Chargers actually go to the Super Bowl with this Rick Neuheisel-led "Re-Charger" team?

Uhh, no.

OF COURSE NOT.  Against my wishes, the NFL Owners and the Players' Association settled their differences once the Chargers got to 4-and-1, and the NFL player lockout ended.


What happened next?  Well, the REAL Chargers limped back in and actually stretched the Re-Chargers' record to 8-1 on the season, before ultimately collapsing into a mosh-pit of flames when they lost their last SIX regular-season games by an AVERAGE of more than 17 points, finished 8-and-7, and missed the '87 NFL Playoffs.  The Aces Casino dream was dead.


Bye-Bye Super Bowl, hello mediocrity.  It took five years more before the team returned to the NFL post-season.  FIVE MORE YEARS.

Damned contract negotiations.  So, THAT'S why we here at the orange county casino night party guys say, "Come on, lockout.  Bring back the Re-Chargers!  Lucas Oil Stadium, here we come!"

Yeah, we know that the era of the "Replacement Players" is over, and that the NFL Owners wouldn't dare make THAT mistake again.

Hey, I can DREAM, can't I?

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