Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Did You Ever Wonder Out Loud, "Wow, What Are The Odds Of THAT Happening?"

It seems that people are always surprised when they find out that Aces Casino just doesn't pride itself on being the top orange county casino party company in Southern California; We also like to be the place where people go to find out the silliest, most irrelevant information available anywhere, which, over the years, has made us the proud keeper of the "useless facts file." 

We'd like to say that we don't know just HOW we were hired for this job, but, when we thought about it for about 6 seconds, it came to us -- It HAD to be when we saw that 8-year-old kid at the miniature golf course.

This slight lad, who was carrying (more like dragging) this huge putter up to the tee-box on the par-3 15th hole, one of those dreaded "windmill" holes, waited all of 2 seconds before striking his lil' green ball so hard that we thought it was going to orbit the earth.  Instead of going through the little hole at the bottom of the windmill like it was SUPPOSED to, it struck a concrete brick at the speed of light, flew straight up in the air about 50 feet or so, right over our heads, landed on the putting green behind us on the 14th hole that we had just completed, bounced twice, and fell right into the cup.


Hey...THAT'S a Hole-In-One, in MY book. 

But even MORE interesting to me was the immediate response from both the little boy's mother, as well as one of our Aces Casino office representatives, when we all witnessed this feat -- "Wow, now what are the odds of THAT happening?"

And THAT'S how it all started.  We HAD to find out.  Hey, we HAVE to find the answer.  We're the orange county casino party leaders.  It's our JOB to know the odds of a particular thing like this happening, isn't it?  I mean, we already KNOW the odds of a player betting one unit on the correct number in regards to a "00" Roulette wheel is 37-to-1.  But, what are the odds of OTHER things occurring?  Things that don't necessarily have to do with casino party happenings?

And from that point on, the team at Aces Casino was destined to be the "Keeper of the Odds."  Whenever someone would come to us during one of our orange county casino night events with that type of question, we'd take it upon ourselves to answer it.  Maybe not that night, but we always promise to fully research any type of odds-related question, and get back to whomever was interested in "finding out the odds."

Funny how all of these "odd occurrences" add up.  So, we thought, since we've been assigned the task of properly maintaining the Aces Casino Blog, what better thing to write about than what the odds are of certain anomalies occuring?  And boy, have we compiled a list over the years. 

Here are some of the more interesting "Odds" of something happening, courtesy of Aces Casino, your orange county casino party company, and "Keeper Of The Odds....."

Odds of getting struck by lightning -- 576,000 to 1  (Tell that to Doug Miller, the ex-San Diego Charger.  Look it up.)

Odds of winning the lottery (varies) -- Approximately 14 million to 1 (Which means I'll be struck by lightning about 24 times before winning the lottery.  That's something the lottery doesn't tell you.  After 3 strikes, I'm out.)

Odds of injuring yourself shaving -- 6,585 to 1  (Must include getting tripped by the dog)

Odds of being killed by fireworks -- 615,488 to 1  (I knew that the "Smoky Joe's Cabin" firework was dangerous.)

Odds of being injured by fireworks --19,556 to 1

Better make that 2-To-1.

Odds of winning an Olympic medal: 662,000 to 1 

Odds of being injured by a toilet -- 10,000 to 1  

Odds of injury from mowing the lawn -- 3,623 to 1 (I told my wife, but she doesn't care.  She'll buck the odds.)

Odds of winning an Academy Award -- 11,000 to 1  (Pauly Shore's dream lives on.)

Odds of dying from a shark attack -- 300,000,000 to 1  (Honest.)

Odds of bowling a "300" game -- 11,500 to 1  (Something I have actually done.)

Odds of dating a supermodel -- 88,000 to 1  (Something I have NOT done.)

Odds of becoming a Saint -- 20,000,000 to 1  (Does that count the New Orleans Saints?)

Odds of your house being hit by a meteor -- 182,138,880,000,000 to 1  (Which means that right after winning the lottery, the meteor will strike my home.)

And here are the most requested odds at our orange county casino party company events....

House edge vs. the players in the most popular casino games....

Craps (double odds) 0.60%
Blackjack 0.80%
Baccarat (banker) 1.17%
Baccarat (player) 1.63%
Pai Gow Poker 2.5%
Roulette (single zero) 2.7%
Three-Card Poker 3.4%
Let It Ride 3.5%
Sports Betting 4.5%
Caribbean Stud Poker 5.26%
Roulette (double zero) 5.6%
Big 6 Wheel 11.1% to 24%

Well, there you have it, my friends.  Now you know the reason why all of those casinos in the nation get so tall.  They can afford to build bigger casinos -- THEY have the EDGE!  Remember that, the next time you swim on over to Las Vegas.  Better yet, give Aces Casino a call.  We'll set up an orange county casino party for you.  And the BEST part?  When you lose your chips at OUR even, we'll just give you MORE, for NOTHING.
Let's see Las Vegas do THAT.

Oh, we almost forgot -- Just what ARE the odds of getting a Hole-In-One?  Well, it depends.... It appears that this answer depends on the type of game you're playing.....

Odds Of shooting a Hole-In-One -- 12,750-to-1

Odds of a low-handicap golfer playing 1,000 rounds of golf shooting a Hole-In-One -- 5-to-1

Odds of a low-handicap golfer playing 5,000 rounds of golf shooting a Hole-In-One --Even Money  (Yeah, tell that to my Father-In-Law.)

And HERE'S the one that got ME --

Odds of a Hole-In-One on a Miniature Golf Course (18 holes) -- 1-to-9, which means you're a 9/1 favorite to GET a Hole-In-One during a normal round of mini-golf.

Heck, if I would have known that kid was a 9/1 chalk to sink a Hole-In-One, I woul;dn't have been so surprised.

Until he stepped up to the 16th hole (one of the dreaded 'ant-hill' holes) and promptly sunk THAT one for a Hole-In-One, also.  That type of hole is normally a "Take a '6,' and move to the next hole" type of hole for me.

8-year-old show-off.

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