Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aces Casino Blog And The Academy Awards: Top 5 Films That We Think Flat-Out STOLE The "Oscar"

Yes, we admit it: We're "Academy Award" geeks.  Without question, if the gang here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party company leader, had ANY chance at attending an Academy Awards show, they would, in a HEARTBEAT.

Oh, but NOT for the "stars, glitz and glamour," mind you.  Nah, that's not as interesting to US.

We're not "Star-Struck."  What WE love about the Academy Awards is the fact that, when it comes to the Oscars, there seems to be more bad calls by the academy concerning which film of a given year is selected for the Best Picture Oscar than all of the horrible calls in the last five years of NFL games.  COMBINED.

I mean, come ON, be honest - How many times have you watched the yearly presentation of the Oscars and thought to yourself, "What in Hades are they THINKING?"  Yeah, us, too.

So, since it's "Oscar-Time" in Hollywood once again, we here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leader, thought that we'd throw OUR two cents (and that's probably all that it's worth) out there and play "Hollywood Reporter."  Hey, why not?  We COULDN'T possibly be as bad as Joan Rivers, so here they come in reverse order: The "Aces Casino Top 5 Films that WE think flat-out STOLE the Oscar from the rightful winner....

#5 -- (2005) -- "Crash" steals the statue from "King Kong"

OK, let me get this straight.  Maybe I'm an orange county casino party guy, and NOT a Hollywood "Insider," but "Crash?"  "CRASH?"  A movie about an auto accident wins over one of the most beautiful and absolutely STUNNING pictures in quite some time?  Peter Jackson poured his heart into re-making the 1933 epic that he loved so much, and got robbed by an academy that seems to LOVE "little statement movies."  Get off the race kick, people, and get back to awarding the trophy to the most deserving films.

Yeah, it "crashed," all right.  If it made $60M, I'd be shocked.

#4 -- (2008) -- "Slumdog Millionaire" ROBS "The Dark Knight"

I suppose that  the academy thought, "hey, let's give Heath Ledger the Oscar to appease the 'Dark Knight' fans, that'll cool their jets.  THEN, we can vote for another 'statement' film."  Another miscarriage of justice here, a TRAVESTY.  The two films don't even compare.  Ledger's performance in the film was spectacular, and the cast around him was incredible.  Mix in the fact that Christopher Nolan shows in this marvelous film that he is one of the greatest directors of film in the last 20 years, and the upset is complete.  Boy, academy, I sure hope you enjoy THIS decision.  AWFUL.

#3 -- (1977) -- "Annie Hall" swipes the trophy from "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"

Again, it's time for the academy to, in THEIR minds, "right the wrong they've created," and give an award to that  miscreant, Woody ALLEN, of all people, someone that the ACADEMY seemed to LOVE to rob in the PAST, and give him the Oscar for Best Picture instead of Steven Spielberg, who made yet ANOTHER fabulous film from HIS impressive resume'.  Here, Woody, take this statue and your rap sheet, and leave us alone.  Sorry, Steven, but if it costs us your Oscar to get rid of this guy, so be it.

#2 -- (1990) -- "Dances With Wolves" over "Goodfellas"

Take a sleepy western film, give the director the green-light to make a 4-hour film, mix in the guy from "Field Of Dreams,"  and there you have it.  The Academy's FAVORITE mix.  Holy moly, SNOOKI would have been a better pick for Costner's role.  "Goodfellas" was a FANTASTIC film, gripping story, perfectly directed, memorable cast.  Yep, no WAY we're picking THIS film for the win.  "Oooh, it talks about the Mafia.  We're SCARED, we can't vote for this film.  What kind of statement would THAT make?"  Uh-huh....Yeah, you've already MADE enough "statements," Academy.  By the way - Joe Pesci, you were TERRIFIC in that role.

"Am I funny to you?  Funny HOW?" Yeah, the Academy IS a CLOWN.

#1 -- (1981) -- "Chariots Of Fire" beats out "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

Om my lord, do NOT get me started HERE.   Another Spielberg snub.  For some reason, the Academy HATES popular, boffo box-office hits.  I mean, come ON - CRASH only made $54M.  I don't know how much cash "Chariots" made, but for the Academy to even THINK about suggesting that "Chariots Of Fire," the Academy's gift to those who suffer from chronic Insomnia, was a better picture than "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" is 100% laughable.  Silver medal in the "Laughable" division was my decision NOT to see the film until it came out on DVD -- Being a San Diego Charger fan, I couldn't make myself pay money to see a movie with the word "Raiders" in it.

I know, that's as stupid as anything the academy has done in the last 25 years, too.  Hey, I finally broke down and saw the film.  It was TERRIFIC, and a LOT better than ANYTHING the Oakland Raisers have done in the last 25 years.  Take it from the Aces Casino guy, the guy that knows good films just as well as he knows the orange county casino night business - Spielberg's film deserved the 1981 Oscar for Best Picture.

And BOTH of those facts, my friends, makes me smile.

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