Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aces Casino events CAN be hard work, Honest!

Aces Casino, the orange county casino night industry leader for who-knows-how-long-now, has what we call our motto, our credo.... "This Beats Working!" Well, most times, this is VERY true to the umpteenth degree, and THEN some. (The parties/events ARE a blast, make no mistake about it.) However, there ARE times when, after a few particular events, the Aces Casino team says to themselves, "wow, we sure earned our money tonight." With that thought in mind, here's a recent story about how this particular orange county casino rental giant did just THAT.

Definitely NOT the Aces Casino official delivery motto

It's now January 2011, and, over the 17+ years that Aces has been the industry leader in orange county casino rental, we've made quite a few friends in this industry that call on us when a particular event needs that "special touch." That call came last May, when the powers-that-be needed a perfect casino event over at Downtown Disney at the Catal Restaurant, a member of the Patina Group. And, since we've worked with Patina and Catal so many times in the past, we jumped at the chance to "do our thing."

That event, like each and every Aces Casino event we do, turned out wonderfully: the guests swarming all over our casino floor with all their favorite games to play; the chance to play these games on our casino size and quality game tables, and loving the fact that the chips were valueless, meaning they could play all they wanted for free! (Let's see Vegas do THAT.) Over on that little "video sidebar" on the right of our blog is some video footage that we shot at the Catal event, as well as footage from other events done recently by the orange county casino night industry leader.  Check it out....

Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, yes, THAT'S the fun part. But, without question, the toughest part of remaining as the current titleholder of the top orange county casino night company would have to be, "Making the tough jobs look easy." The toughest part isn't THROWING the event for our high-end clients -- It's DELIVERING the event to the clients.

Someday, we'll have to shoot some video footage of our "MVP's" here at Aces Casino: The delivery team, A. K. A. "The Big Uglies." I don't know how they do it, but they can take a full-sized casino like the ones Aces Casino uses, and fit it into the smallest elevators, the most narrow of stairways, and the toughest spots imaginable, all the while avoiding even the slightest mis-step, which could damage this priceless equipment even before it's seen by the public. But here they do it, night in and night out, without making ANY mistakes of any kind. That's what makes Aces Casino the orange county casino night standard-bearer.

They are just one part of how Aces Casino Entertainment got to be the leader in orange county casino rental services. And now, after reading this, they'll be quick to remind us that, without them, there's no party. We'd best prepare a little "appreciation ceremony" for them, as well as the rest of the team.

Hey, there's an idea -- Throw a party for the party people. Guaranteed: Once we do, we'll post info about THAT party right here on our blog. Now, THAT'LL be a blog worth reading. Reason? I've seen these guys in action. They know how to have fun. That's why they work for Aces Casino!

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