Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: The "Team" heads to K-1 Speed for the 2011 Aces Casino Staff Company Party!!

Around the Aces Casino offices, January can mean only one thing: It's time to plan the annual Aces Casino Entertainment holiday party.  (That's right, we hold it in January.  Try holding a Christmas party for the top orange county casino night party company in December, and watch what happens.  It's like hosting a "LeBron James Appreciation Night" party in Cleveland.  Nobody shows up.)

So, January it is.  Every January, when things die down a little bit on the Aces Casino event calendar, our team of orange county casino party superstars gets together to blow off some steam, and have a little fun, themselves.  And THIS year, when it came to finding the ultimate party place to hold our annual event, one name was unanimously on the lips of every staff member.

K-1 Speed, in Anaheim.

Yeah, THAT K-1 Speed.  Fast cars, faster action, fun times, and a great place to start a new tradition here at Aces Casino, the number one orange county casino party company in the business -- "The Annual 2011 Aces Casino 500."

I know....Mixing THIS group of 'crazies' that we have here at Aces Casino with high-performance race cars DOES sound like a recipe for disaster.  "Yep, sounds like fun, let's do it" was the Aces team's response.  (Gee, what a surprise.)  So, thanks to K-1's Corporate Sales Manager Raelyn Stokes and her top-flight team over at K-1, the stage was set.  Aces Casino Entertainment was going to hit the the home of the ultimate indoor kart racing thrill-ride in California.  I just hoped that it wouldn't hit us back.  More on that, later.

By the way, K-1 Speed caught our eye a long time ago, when we first visited their incredible facility in Irvine.  (They also have locations in Carlsbad, Ontario, Torrance, and even Seattle.)  If you haven't personally taken a tour of the K-1 Speed facilities near you, go and check it out.  Unless you don't have a pulse, you'll be instantly hooked.  Fantastic staff, state-of-the-art electric indoor kart racing, very little noise, and no exhaust fumes.  Perfect for us orange county casino night crazies.

The date for the Aces Casino holiday party was set -- Sunday, January 23rd, 2011.    Everyone on the Aces Casino team was invited to the party, but only a select few Aces staff members that were acknowledged for their exemplary work in 2010 were given the chance to participate in the "Aces 500."   The inaugural "Aces 500" would end up having eight drivers - John Lopp, Rick Pawling, Yolanda Wong, Mike Ross, Rob Mullins, Scott Percifield, Larry Hanken, and the early line favorite to win the 2011 event, Darwin Valentine.  (He drives a 'Vette, baby.  That's all I need to know.  He's used to speed.)

Here's some of the footage shot at the event.  Pay close attention to how fast these things MOVE.   Yours truly did not participate in the actual racing, but it's easy to see how much fun this would be.

Our Aces Casino company party was on the same day as the two NFL Championship Games (Packers/Bears and Jets/Steelers), and although the favorites were the winners in both of THOSE games, the "Aces 500" favorite, Darwin Valentine, did not.  He did make the podium, finishing third.  The winner of the 2011 Aces 500 was our own Scott Percifield, with the silver medal and second place going to "Blue Flag" Yolanda Wong.  Why the new "nick" for Yolanda, you ask?

Well, when driving on the track at K-1, you'll get the Blue Flag when you're considered by the racing officials to be causing trouble on the track, like bumping other drivers or not allowing faster cars to pass.  Yolanda was getting blue-flagged so much during the earlier qualifying round that I KNEW that the "inquiry" sign was going to be posted on the tote board the minute that the Main Event concluded.  (One race official told me that she was bumping more people in qualifying than the crazed shoppers that go to Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving during qualifying.)  Fortunately, she survived the steward's inquiries, and kept her second-place medal.   

(Ed. Note:  All musings by the author in this blog are not necessarily the opinions of Aces Casino - Even though most of you were pretty bad drivers.  Final score - 83 total blue flags, three Main Event race stoppages, one broken axle, and the record for the longest Main Event in K-1 Speed history.) 

Oh, by the way, it just wouldn't be an Aces Casino holiday party without a poker tournament.  After the racing at K-1 was complete, the drivers retired to the "F-1 room" for our now-Annual Aces Casino Texas Hold-'Em Tournament.  (Hey, no respectable orange county casino party company can go without something like THAT.)  And, the winner of the 2011 Aces Casino Poker Tournament?  None other than Scott Percifield, who defeated quite an impressive field of poker players. We didn't get Scott's photo with the poker trophy - The rest of the players were chasing him out of the building at the time.  (grin)  Here's a pic of the three race winners....Way to dress up for the party, Scott!

It was Scott's night, friends.  He ends up winning the gold medal for the Aces 500, as well as the trophy for winning the Aces Hold-'Em tourney.  I hope he bought a lottery ticket on Sunday.  Oh, Darwin Valentine finished second in the Poker dust-up, making him another "multiple winner" in our eyes.

As you can tell, when it comes to class and professionalism in the area of orange county casino night company events, NO ONE does events quite like Aces Casino.  Our thanks again to Raelyn Stokes and her fantastic team of employees at K-1 Speed.  Aces Casino has a VERY extensive network of the top entertainment fields in the Southland, and K-1 Speed is right up there at the top of the list  We HIGHLY recommend that you visit one of the K-1 locations.  You won't be sorry.

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