Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aces Casino and "The Big Uglies" ALWAYS deliver!

A while ago, someone asked Aces Casino one of the more interesting questions that this orange county casino party company rep had heard in a while ... "What's the toughest thing you've had to get done at one of your orange county casino night parties?"

Funny you should ask... (grin)

Whenever we hear a question like this, the first people that we ALWAYS hear from are "The Big Uglies," which here at Aces Casino means the delivery team.  Reason?  That's easy ... It's because our delivery teams have faced some of the toughest orange county casino party setups in the industry.  So, without further fanfare, we'll turn over our Aces Casino blog to our "Big Uglies," and let them list the top five "toughest delivery setups" in our orange county casino night history, in reverse order....

#5 -- The Bonaventure Hotel, downtown Los Angeles

When you normally think of the Bonaventure, you'd think "First Class" all the way, and, for the most part, it's true.  But for THIS orange county casino party leader, the Bonaventure was a nightmare.  The delivery team had to make three passes at the loading dock to actually FIND the dock (it was tricky), and THEN had to further negotiate the ability to use just ONE parking spot at the dock.  Once that was finally accomplished, it was time to take the equipment into a narrow elevator, and up 11 floors!  The delivery took four trips, sealing the Bonaventure's fate as the #5 all-time problem delivery for this orange county casino night company.

#4 -- The Copacabana (Now known as the Coco Palm)

This one surprised me, as we hadn't heard about THIS delivery situation until some years after the event, but this fine restaurant DOES have one interesting delivery trait - "The world's slipperiest ramp."  (Is that a word?)  Seems like the only way this orange county casino night leader could take equipment into their dance club was up a VERY short, NASCAR-banked, concrete ramp.  And, when it RAINS (Like it did this particular night), this same ramp turns into a bobsled track.  Enter the world's nicest orange county casino party company.  Fun ensued, from what I'm told.  The U.S. Bobsled Team wished they could slide down the track that fast.  Thank goodness no one got hurt, but water slide rides were never the same, after that night.

Here's a hint as to who's #1 on our list...

#3 -- The "MicroNet Building"

That's all you have to say to get a cringe out of the delivery team.  It was one of the very first events done by Aces Casino, and after working for MicroNet back in 1996, it was ALMOST one of the LAST.  The client had requested a 15-table casino event, but had forgotten to tell us that the building they had just moved into wasn't complete -- NO ELEVATORS.  And, no room on the first floor of the facility, which meant....Uh, what?  MicroNet's idea to fix the problem was using their massive forklifts to literally lift every stick of equipment about 40 feet in the air, and up to the second floor.  ON LARGE PALLETS.  You'd THINK that MicroNet would be #1.  Not even close.

#2 -- "The Pacific Bell Party"

Held in what is now known as the Doubletree Hotel, the PacBell event was a 25-table monster that suffered from "MicroNet Disease."  No elevators.  And unfortunately, because of the proximity of the ballroom being used for the event, the only way for the equipment to get to the right ballroom was to take it all up on the escalators.  You've never lived in this business until you try to take a 135-pound Craps table up an escalator.  Aces Casino ain't the top orange county casino party company for nothing.  Someone should have filmed THAT delivery trip.  Would have made a nice chunk-o'change from America's Funniest Home Videos.

#1 -- The Queen Mary

The all-time champion of tough deliveries is now (and always will BE) that big boat sittin' out in Long Beach.  If you show up less than five hours before an event at the Queen Mary, you're never going to get the setup in place on time.  We won't bore you with the details, except to mention that the elevators used to board the ship (for the most part) haven't been upgraded since they were installed on the docks back in 1937.  It (as in only ONE elevator, for the WHOLE SHIP) takes so long to go from point 'A' to point 'B' that you felt that you needed to shave after making just one delivery trip.  We did a thirty-table event there back in 1999.  I think that there are STILL crew members there, trying to get off the ship.

Well, there it is -- The top "rant" from the leader in orange county casino night parties, Aces Casino.  Oh, yeah -- One more thing:  No matter how hard the delivery, there's never an extra charge.

Well, ....Unless it rains again at the Copa.  That's when we bring in the Bobsled Team.

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