Friday, January 28, 2011

Aces Casino: Behind The Scenes Of A Casino Party

It seems that, even though Aces Casino is considered one of the top orange county casino party companies in the southern California area, we still get a lot of questions that start with, "gee, how do you DO these events?"  Well, after thinking about it for a while, we figured that WAS a good question.  Let's take a look behind the curtain at three main Aces principles of prepping for an event, and see just how our casino events can move from the drawing board to reality....

Step One -  Listen to the client

Invariably, Aces Casino is all about SERVICE.  This top orange county casino night leader works tirelessly at giving each and every one of their clients the utmost in entertainment services.  Most of the Aces Casino clients are long-time members of the team, and we help them put on their annual fund raiser, private party or corporate event.  Most times, they know what they want or need to make their special event sing, but sometimes, it's the job of the corporate event planners here at Aces Casino to assist in all of the little details, additions to their particular event that give it that "special touch."  It's that special touch that makes all the difference, year in and year out.

Step Two - Know the client's venue

This is where our design team comes in.  Aces Casino has always spared no expense at painting the "big picture" for their client.  If you're going to do a fantastic job at an event site, we feel you have to KNOW that event site, from top to bottom.  After being brought on board, Aces Casino and their design team meet with not only the client, but the catering and special events teams at the proposed venue that will be used for the event.  No one knows their own venue quite like the management and staff that are consistently around it.  Paying attention to every detail is what makes Aces the top orange county casino night king.  It's our constant attention to detail that sets us apart.  Ask any of our many clients over the last 17 years.

Another Aces employee proving that NO stone is left unturned.

Step Three - Bring in the "pros"

Aces Casino prides itself on their top-notch professional staff, from the on-site casino dealers to their experienced event planners and designers.  From the casino gaming reps to the casino-quality game tables and equipment, Aces Casino puts the perfect touch on EVERY orange county casino party.  Aces takes pride in the fact that, because of all the pre-event itinerary work they do, EVERY Aces Casino client can fully picture each and every event in their mind, and watch as their event unfolds in front of them, just as planned in their itinerary meetings.  It's just another way of Aces Casino proving to all of southern California that they truly ARE the top orange county casino night party company in the industry!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: The "Team" heads to K-1 Speed for the 2011 Aces Casino Staff Company Party!!

Around the Aces Casino offices, January can mean only one thing: It's time to plan the annual Aces Casino Entertainment holiday party.  (That's right, we hold it in January.  Try holding a Christmas party for the top orange county casino night party company in December, and watch what happens.  It's like hosting a "LeBron James Appreciation Night" party in Cleveland.  Nobody shows up.)

So, January it is.  Every January, when things die down a little bit on the Aces Casino event calendar, our team of orange county casino party superstars gets together to blow off some steam, and have a little fun, themselves.  And THIS year, when it came to finding the ultimate party place to hold our annual event, one name was unanimously on the lips of every staff member.

K-1 Speed, in Anaheim.

Yeah, THAT K-1 Speed.  Fast cars, faster action, fun times, and a great place to start a new tradition here at Aces Casino, the number one orange county casino party company in the business -- "The Annual 2011 Aces Casino 500."

I know....Mixing THIS group of 'crazies' that we have here at Aces Casino with high-performance race cars DOES sound like a recipe for disaster.  "Yep, sounds like fun, let's do it" was the Aces team's response.  (Gee, what a surprise.)  So, thanks to K-1's Corporate Sales Manager Raelyn Stokes and her top-flight team over at K-1, the stage was set.  Aces Casino Entertainment was going to hit the the home of the ultimate indoor kart racing thrill-ride in California.  I just hoped that it wouldn't hit us back.  More on that, later.

By the way, K-1 Speed caught our eye a long time ago, when we first visited their incredible facility in Irvine.  (They also have locations in Carlsbad, Ontario, Torrance, and even Seattle.)  If you haven't personally taken a tour of the K-1 Speed facilities near you, go and check it out.  Unless you don't have a pulse, you'll be instantly hooked.  Fantastic staff, state-of-the-art electric indoor kart racing, very little noise, and no exhaust fumes.  Perfect for us orange county casino night crazies.

The date for the Aces Casino holiday party was set -- Sunday, January 23rd, 2011.    Everyone on the Aces Casino team was invited to the party, but only a select few Aces staff members that were acknowledged for their exemplary work in 2010 were given the chance to participate in the "Aces 500."   The inaugural "Aces 500" would end up having eight drivers - John Lopp, Rick Pawling, Yolanda Wong, Mike Ross, Rob Mullins, Scott Percifield, Larry Hanken, and the early line favorite to win the 2011 event, Darwin Valentine.  (He drives a 'Vette, baby.  That's all I need to know.  He's used to speed.)

Here's some of the footage shot at the event.  Pay close attention to how fast these things MOVE.   Yours truly did not participate in the actual racing, but it's easy to see how much fun this would be.

Our Aces Casino company party was on the same day as the two NFL Championship Games (Packers/Bears and Jets/Steelers), and although the favorites were the winners in both of THOSE games, the "Aces 500" favorite, Darwin Valentine, did not.  He did make the podium, finishing third.  The winner of the 2011 Aces 500 was our own Scott Percifield, with the silver medal and second place going to "Blue Flag" Yolanda Wong.  Why the new "nick" for Yolanda, you ask?

Well, when driving on the track at K-1, you'll get the Blue Flag when you're considered by the racing officials to be causing trouble on the track, like bumping other drivers or not allowing faster cars to pass.  Yolanda was getting blue-flagged so much during the earlier qualifying round that I KNEW that the "inquiry" sign was going to be posted on the tote board the minute that the Main Event concluded.  (One race official told me that she was bumping more people in qualifying than the crazed shoppers that go to Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving during qualifying.)  Fortunately, she survived the steward's inquiries, and kept her second-place medal.   

(Ed. Note:  All musings by the author in this blog are not necessarily the opinions of Aces Casino - Even though most of you were pretty bad drivers.  Final score - 83 total blue flags, three Main Event race stoppages, one broken axle, and the record for the longest Main Event in K-1 Speed history.) 

Oh, by the way, it just wouldn't be an Aces Casino holiday party without a poker tournament.  After the racing at K-1 was complete, the drivers retired to the "F-1 room" for our now-Annual Aces Casino Texas Hold-'Em Tournament.  (Hey, no respectable orange county casino party company can go without something like THAT.)  And, the winner of the 2011 Aces Casino Poker Tournament?  None other than Scott Percifield, who defeated quite an impressive field of poker players. We didn't get Scott's photo with the poker trophy - The rest of the players were chasing him out of the building at the time.  (grin)  Here's a pic of the three race winners....Way to dress up for the party, Scott!

It was Scott's night, friends.  He ends up winning the gold medal for the Aces 500, as well as the trophy for winning the Aces Hold-'Em tourney.  I hope he bought a lottery ticket on Sunday.  Oh, Darwin Valentine finished second in the Poker dust-up, making him another "multiple winner" in our eyes.

As you can tell, when it comes to class and professionalism in the area of orange county casino night company events, NO ONE does events quite like Aces Casino.  Our thanks again to Raelyn Stokes and her fantastic team of employees at K-1 Speed.  Aces Casino has a VERY extensive network of the top entertainment fields in the Southland, and K-1 Speed is right up there at the top of the list  We HIGHLY recommend that you visit one of the K-1 locations.  You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aces Casino and "The Big Uglies" ALWAYS deliver!

A while ago, someone asked Aces Casino one of the more interesting questions that this orange county casino party company rep had heard in a while ... "What's the toughest thing you've had to get done at one of your orange county casino night parties?"

Funny you should ask... (grin)

Whenever we hear a question like this, the first people that we ALWAYS hear from are "The Big Uglies," which here at Aces Casino means the delivery team.  Reason?  That's easy ... It's because our delivery teams have faced some of the toughest orange county casino party setups in the industry.  So, without further fanfare, we'll turn over our Aces Casino blog to our "Big Uglies," and let them list the top five "toughest delivery setups" in our orange county casino night history, in reverse order....

#5 -- The Bonaventure Hotel, downtown Los Angeles

When you normally think of the Bonaventure, you'd think "First Class" all the way, and, for the most part, it's true.  But for THIS orange county casino party leader, the Bonaventure was a nightmare.  The delivery team had to make three passes at the loading dock to actually FIND the dock (it was tricky), and THEN had to further negotiate the ability to use just ONE parking spot at the dock.  Once that was finally accomplished, it was time to take the equipment into a narrow elevator, and up 11 floors!  The delivery took four trips, sealing the Bonaventure's fate as the #5 all-time problem delivery for this orange county casino night company.

#4 -- The Copacabana (Now known as the Coco Palm)

This one surprised me, as we hadn't heard about THIS delivery situation until some years after the event, but this fine restaurant DOES have one interesting delivery trait - "The world's slipperiest ramp."  (Is that a word?)  Seems like the only way this orange county casino night leader could take equipment into their dance club was up a VERY short, NASCAR-banked, concrete ramp.  And, when it RAINS (Like it did this particular night), this same ramp turns into a bobsled track.  Enter the world's nicest orange county casino party company.  Fun ensued, from what I'm told.  The U.S. Bobsled Team wished they could slide down the track that fast.  Thank goodness no one got hurt, but water slide rides were never the same, after that night.

Here's a hint as to who's #1 on our list...

#3 -- The "MicroNet Building"

That's all you have to say to get a cringe out of the delivery team.  It was one of the very first events done by Aces Casino, and after working for MicroNet back in 1996, it was ALMOST one of the LAST.  The client had requested a 15-table casino event, but had forgotten to tell us that the building they had just moved into wasn't complete -- NO ELEVATORS.  And, no room on the first floor of the facility, which meant....Uh, what?  MicroNet's idea to fix the problem was using their massive forklifts to literally lift every stick of equipment about 40 feet in the air, and up to the second floor.  ON LARGE PALLETS.  You'd THINK that MicroNet would be #1.  Not even close.

#2 -- "The Pacific Bell Party"

Held in what is now known as the Doubletree Hotel, the PacBell event was a 25-table monster that suffered from "MicroNet Disease."  No elevators.  And unfortunately, because of the proximity of the ballroom being used for the event, the only way for the equipment to get to the right ballroom was to take it all up on the escalators.  You've never lived in this business until you try to take a 135-pound Craps table up an escalator.  Aces Casino ain't the top orange county casino party company for nothing.  Someone should have filmed THAT delivery trip.  Would have made a nice chunk-o'change from America's Funniest Home Videos.

#1 -- The Queen Mary

The all-time champion of tough deliveries is now (and always will BE) that big boat sittin' out in Long Beach.  If you show up less than five hours before an event at the Queen Mary, you're never going to get the setup in place on time.  We won't bore you with the details, except to mention that the elevators used to board the ship (for the most part) haven't been upgraded since they were installed on the docks back in 1937.  It (as in only ONE elevator, for the WHOLE SHIP) takes so long to go from point 'A' to point 'B' that you felt that you needed to shave after making just one delivery trip.  We did a thirty-table event there back in 1999.  I think that there are STILL crew members there, trying to get off the ship.

Well, there it is -- The top "rant" from the leader in orange county casino night parties, Aces Casino.  Oh, yeah -- One more thing:  No matter how hard the delivery, there's never an extra charge.

Well, ....Unless it rains again at the Copa.  That's when we bring in the Bobsled Team.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aces Casino events CAN be hard work, Honest!

Aces Casino, the orange county casino night industry leader for who-knows-how-long-now, has what we call our motto, our credo.... "This Beats Working!" Well, most times, this is VERY true to the umpteenth degree, and THEN some. (The parties/events ARE a blast, make no mistake about it.) However, there ARE times when, after a few particular events, the Aces Casino team says to themselves, "wow, we sure earned our money tonight." With that thought in mind, here's a recent story about how this particular orange county casino rental giant did just THAT.

Definitely NOT the Aces Casino official delivery motto

It's now January 2011, and, over the 17+ years that Aces has been the industry leader in orange county casino rental, we've made quite a few friends in this industry that call on us when a particular event needs that "special touch." That call came last May, when the powers-that-be needed a perfect casino event over at Downtown Disney at the Catal Restaurant, a member of the Patina Group. And, since we've worked with Patina and Catal so many times in the past, we jumped at the chance to "do our thing."

That event, like each and every Aces Casino event we do, turned out wonderfully: the guests swarming all over our casino floor with all their favorite games to play; the chance to play these games on our casino size and quality game tables, and loving the fact that the chips were valueless, meaning they could play all they wanted for free! (Let's see Vegas do THAT.) Over on that little "video sidebar" on the right of our blog is some video footage that we shot at the Catal event, as well as footage from other events done recently by the orange county casino night industry leader.  Check it out....

Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, yes, THAT'S the fun part. But, without question, the toughest part of remaining as the current titleholder of the top orange county casino night company would have to be, "Making the tough jobs look easy." The toughest part isn't THROWING the event for our high-end clients -- It's DELIVERING the event to the clients.

Someday, we'll have to shoot some video footage of our "MVP's" here at Aces Casino: The delivery team, A. K. A. "The Big Uglies." I don't know how they do it, but they can take a full-sized casino like the ones Aces Casino uses, and fit it into the smallest elevators, the most narrow of stairways, and the toughest spots imaginable, all the while avoiding even the slightest mis-step, which could damage this priceless equipment even before it's seen by the public. But here they do it, night in and night out, without making ANY mistakes of any kind. That's what makes Aces Casino the orange county casino night standard-bearer.

They are just one part of how Aces Casino Entertainment got to be the leader in orange county casino rental services. And now, after reading this, they'll be quick to remind us that, without them, there's no party. We'd best prepare a little "appreciation ceremony" for them, as well as the rest of the team.

Hey, there's an idea -- Throw a party for the party people. Guaranteed: Once we do, we'll post info about THAT party right here on our blog. Now, THAT'LL be a blog worth reading. Reason? I've seen these guys in action. They know how to have fun. That's why they work for Aces Casino!